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Alphacool 11472 Alphacool Eissturm Water Cooler DIY $239 Shipped @ AquaTuning Amazon AU


Version 120mm is $199


Good price. Nothing cheaper than it locally.

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  • 360mm seems more worth while for an extra $100 - whos gonna do a custom loop with only a 120mm rad?

  • (I already have a custom loop)

    The part of these kits that usually keeps me from suggesting them are the pumps, I'm unsure of how good/bad this one is but it's not listed?

    Does anyone know what it is - for the sake of anyone else considering this. Looks like a very good deal other then that!

  • Oh it's for gaming

  • i'll stick with air cooling, electric doesn't go with water

  • After 2 AIOs I'm now back to the NH-D15S for ~$100. Nothing really beats it in terms of price/performance, noise/performance. And even raw performance only top-end AIOs can. Not to mention the simplicity, the 6yr warranty, and possibly free mounting kit for future gen chips. Worst case you just have to change the fan but I doubt it, those Noctua fans have ridiculous MTTF. Clearance is an issue for the D15 but it's really not for the D15S (not for my Dominator Plat, plenty of room for first PCIe slot too thanks to offset design).

    That said, this is a competitive price for a AIO with full res/pump + the option to expand/replace if needed. EKWB kits are much pricier for the same configuration for reference. If you insist on water cooling then this isn't too bad price wise. I'd definitely try to find reviews and specs of the pump. Alphacool Eisbaer series has been generally well received, not sure about this series though.

    • +1 Noctua

    • I agree that AIOs suck, because they do and i agree that a dual tower air cooler is great and reliable, etc. Especially with Noctua providing upgrades for their coolers for the inevitable future.

      However a NH-D15 is no longer $100, it's almost $200 which is ridiculous.

      This also isn't an AIO, its a custom loop (hence why i asked what pump). This is something that will last for a long time if it does have a D5 and the radiator is much like the actual heatsink on the Noctua. It just doesn't really wear out.

      This is why for most people i suggest a nice single tower or a dual tower cooler if they want/need it (but not for $200 that's just way too much) or a custom loop if they want better. AIOs have very limited use cases, such as ITX or systems where a tower cooler won't fit or a test bench (but a small tower cooler will be just as easy).

      The only other benefit of an AIO is ram clearance.

      • Umm, D15S is another thing entirely, if you re-read my post you'd see I talked about D15S exclusively. It can be had for $136 now, I got it for ~$100 ish a year ago. It performs almost as well as the D15, with zero problem for RAM or PCIe slot clearance. It can fit in some ITX cases that D15 has no hope to. Noctua has always been sold at a premium of sort. Some be quiet, Thermalright and Scythe coolers can be had for less and perform almost as well.

        My bad, I referred to AIO as anything sold as a package. But if you read the whole sentence

        That said, this is a competitive price for a AIO with full res/pump + the option to expand/replace if needed. EKWB kits are much pricier for the same configuration for reference.

        You'd know what I meant. AIO/kit are interchangeable to me really. I generally referred to the Asetek design as closed loop cooler (CLC), and yes I know some have fill-port/expandable now so not that closed but still, old habit dies hard. That said, calling this a custom loop is stretching it though. I know some hard-core WC enthusiasts will be offended if I refer to this as such.

        • I mean it is a pre packaged kit, but its not an all in one. Its a custom loop because it can be expanded (at least that's what i think/feel).

          Obviously choosing the parts you want is better. But you won't get this kind of deal.

          I didn't realise the D15s was so much cheaper. Wow.

          But yes, a good air cooler or a loop is what i still suggest.

          • @Matt86: No worry, I suppose kit is a better term for it, I just lump them together. Calling it an AIO then saying EKWB kits was inconsistent in my part. This and EKWB kits belong in the same category, bit better and more replaceable/expandable than CLC but very much entry components.

            Yeah man the D15S is a hidden gem, single fan dual tower performance but Noctua did a very fine job of redesigning the heatsink so that clearance is very good. I had to return a D15 a while ago because it pushed on my fat 1080 Ti, not with this guy. Performance isn't missing much either.

            • @rookie317: Ill definetly keep the D15s in mind for builds for people i know! Cheers

              Amazon or Newegg had it for $113 recently too which is a steal for the performance you get.

              I'm on an EK Monoblock with an 8700k and i had a 3570k and then a 3770k on water so it's been a long time since I've actually had a very hard look at air coolers (probably back to when the D15 was new and somewhat disappointing compared to the D14).

  • If I could fit a thick rad in the case I'm about to upgrade to (with my gpu) I'd have bough this in a heartbeat.
    Great deal!
    Although most would need to swap out the Bay reservoir for a tube one for ~$50-100.

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