Davis & Waddell 8 Person Electric Party Grill and Raclette (Black) $79.95 + $10 Postage ($0 w/ $100+ Spend) @ Kitchen Warehouse


I've been wanting one of these for a while as my family had one when I was a kid in house of seven. Great for a communal at-the-table cooking experience.

Note there is also a $15 VIP welcome gift if you sign up to mailing list with a throwaway email, so you may be able to get away with this for $74.95 (I haven't tried).

Here's the description from the site:

Why do all the cooking for your barbecue party when you can let your guests help out using the Davis & Waddell 8 Person Electric Party Grill? Turn this two-tiered cooker on, fill your table with sliced meat and vegetables, then enjoy grilling your food to perfection. With its compact design and non-stick plates, even your cleanup will be over in a flash.

Key Features:

  • Electric tabletop grip equipped with a handy thermostat for controlling cooking temperatures
  • Versatile cooker with natural stone and plate grill tops to suit your menu or party smorgasbord
  • Reversible grill plate has a ribbed side and four shallow moulds on the other for cooking perfectly round pancakes or eggs
  • Includes eight mini non-stick pans for keeping grilled food warm or melting cheese for dipping
  • Comes with an instruction manual with party theme and recipe suggestions
  • Perfect for hosting brunch get-togethers, barbecues, and raclette parties

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  • but is this grill any good?

  • Scroll down….Reviews say doesn’t get hot enough.

    • Saw a video on YouTube of people using it. Yep, looks like it's not capable of charring food.

      How did this product even get passed their QA testing.

  • On Amazon with free shipping for prime members

  • Im sure this is cheaper in Costco?

  • LOL I paid this same D&W unit for $75 from Home Depot Castle Hill some 6 yrs ago.

    Great party raclette cheese griller, just don't grill any thick meats on it.
    Not great for social distancing lol. Luckily for me I also own candle powered personal raclette griller.

    Thanks OP for reminding me. Gotta hunt for those raclette cheese again.

    For the newbies, welcome to yummy world of swiss raclette

  • I read 8 person electric party girl and for a brief moment I was excited how far our civilisation has gone in such a right direction. Then got disappointed at third re-read. Just a stupid bbq…

  • I use mine regularly over winter and love it if anyone has any questions (used it the last two fridays). Great novelty factor for when you have guests over :)

    Cheese wise the raclette cheese can be expensive (generally ~$60 from specialty shops), but you can use other cheaper cheeses that melt well (swiss, mozzarella, jarlesburg, halloumi (on top)). Don't use normal tasty or cheddar as they seperate and become oily!

    We have it with:
    on plate = sliced potato (steamed), pickles, olives, salami, ham, proccuto
    in frying pan = mix of cheeses + optional salami, ham, proccuto
    cooked on top = mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, halloumi, small pieces of steak etc.

  • I have a Bos & Sarino raclette grill that looks similar to this and works a charm! Plenty of stock on eBay.

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