This was posted 1 year 6 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$15 off Your Order (Pick up / Delivery) @ Menulog (Min $16 Spend - Including Delivery Fee)


Menulog has partnered up with ESL Australia. As part of ESL's Counter-Strike's ANZ Champs starting today, they've given out a code just for tonight.

Minimum spend is $16 (includes delivery, so $12 order + $5 delivery is fine).

Mod: Pick up is also available.
Can schedule order for tomorrow (Wednesday). Add voucher at payment screen (I have a voucher code).

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      Never had to study ESL as English was the main language in the country I am from. Appreciate the code though.

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    Large coconut rice
    Pad Thai
    Chicken red curry



  • Cheers got stir fried chicken for tomorrow for $1.80 pickup

  • You are a legend thanks OP

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    Fark forgot to use commbank $15 off $30 menulog order

    • you can always create a new account and place another order

      • -4

        True exactly what I'm doing now… onto 3rd account lol

  • Amazing!
    Dinner for tomorrow sorted, thanks OP!

  • Pretty lucrative deal if this works for orders tomorrow. Thanks OP.

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    Mmm, Beef n Lamb Kebab, Meatlovers Pizza Slice and a can of Sunkist for $2 delivered from Ozi Kebabs in Surfers Paradise.

  • Cheers 1.70 burrito booked for tomorrow night

  • Ordered Red rooster for Mum for 6pm tomorrow as they already had dinner but they delivered it 20 minutes later LMAO. They got the family meal for $10 and it came with free buttermilk chicken pops.

  • Legend OP!
    Placed 2 orders separately and paid $1 each.

  • +12

    As part of ESL's Counter-Strike's ANZ Champs starting today

    Menulog must be thinking that they had no idea how popular Counter Strike was in Aus.

    • +2

      MenuLog marketing team: …and as you can see from this chart, they seem to skew much older than we thought with a surprisingly high purchase intent for the Eneloop brand.

  • Thanks for the post. preordered for tom. Sushi :)

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    Placed a 2nd order with another a/c hamburger with lot , Egg and bacon Cheese Muffin for tomorrow delivered at $3.17 :)

  • Thanks OP! Ordered some churros for dessert for the missus! Collect some brownie points tonight! Waiting whilst I watch John Wick!

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    Mine came to $15.85 and the code still worked. Maybe it rounds it up or something? Great deal.

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    thank you, while enjoying my $2.79 wings, can someone tell me who and what is ESL Australia?

    • ESL australia is an esports broadcasting company basically. It's like sports broadcasting, they have high production value commentating and streaming of video games with tournaments with prize pools

      • +4

        Phew, read this as “escorts” broadcasting company…

        • +2

          As a (almost) lifelong gamer,

          I'd be a lot more interested in the escorts thing tbh.

      • +1

        Thought ESL stands for English as Second Language!

  • Thanks OP
    I ordered for the first time so got 10% discount stacked with this code.
    Paid $2.50

  • +5

    Needed milk for the morning. 2L, Tim tams and Oreos from the night owl. $2. Happy.

  • Thanks KFC tom night

  • Paid via PayPal so I'm assuming they can't just cancel? Maybe they'll refund. But gotta be in it to win it!

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    can't check out properly, keeps going to the bank auth thing but it never loads

    • use paypal, problem solved

  • +1

    Thanks OP. MIL cooked dinner tonight, so ordered sneaky sushi!

    • That’s hilarious 😂
      Did your partner approve?

  • +2

    Wow, still not expired… I'm wondering if this is happening according to Menulog's plan…

    • +2

      7000+ clicks, around $105,000 worth of subsidy from Menulog!

    • They will cancel orders for sure or else they're at risk of bankruptcy

  • Thanks OP. Worked perfectly.

  • My order says “delivered” but I didn’t get it, what a load of bull. Anyway trying to contact Menulog is a impossible , no one is on the online chat and can’t get to anyone on the phone. They better give me a voucher !!!

    • Yikes.

      • +1

        Oh guess what… my order is back to active and a driver has been assigned … wtf I’m already sleeping now , 2 hours to receive a milkshake fml

        • You paid $1 ($16 really) for a milkshake?

          • +1

            @Koipanda: 50 cents to be Precise… my milkshake is on its way now 2 hours later after ordering fml and I wonder how freah the milkshake will be since it’s been sitting in the shop for say 1.5 hours at least? Gosh

        • +3

          Menulog pranked you

    • Maybe the assigned driver ate or drank it.

      Or rodents at your doorstep.

  • Booked for pickup tomorrow. Thanks OP!

  • Once per acc, or multiple use allowed?

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      Once, but you could try multiple accounts as others have commented here

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    Omg love you long time OP!

  • Just ordered 2x family pizzas for $10.72!

    2nd dinner sorted.

  • Thanks mate, just ordered

  • +13

    Here are some $5 voucher codes if anyone needs em, (i had some orders cancelled lmao)


    • What's the conditions

      • min $5 , expires in a month

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    Lunch delivered tomorrow for $5.20, plus 10% cashback in crypto because I paid with my MCO Visa card.

    • Im just going through the verification process for the MCO Visa Card. How did you get 10% back?

      • +2

        #3for3 promo - it's a COVID-19 thing. Until the end of June there's no 3.5% cc fees for buying crypto plus you get 10% cashback in MCO at Woolies/Aldi/Maccas/Dominos/Menulog and possibly UberEats. The 10% is capped at 50 USD per month. The best part is buying Woolies gc's via Cashrewards for an extra 5% discount on top.

        • Interesting - however from your link to the forum post - looks like you'd be lucky to get your card before the end of June?

          • +1

            @danyool: Yeah it took couple of months to get to the verification process for me.

            • +1

              @DrLobster: To get to it, or get through it?
              Once you submit your ID, they generally ask for proof of citizenship, then proof of address. Takes 15 minutes or so to upload and be approved 99% of the time.

        • Thanks for the info dude!

  • Thank you, ready to enjoy my $2 burrito and corn chips for tomorrow's lunch!

  • $0.50 lunch (pickup) tomorrow. Cheers!

  • +2

    My order for tomorrow got cancelled

    • Oh really. I hope it doesn't happen with all orders

    • Wait no way … I'm actually looking forward to lunch tomorrow :/

    • did it get cancelled immediately after u placed it?

      • No after a couple of hours by the restaurant I think. Might be just the restaurant I ordered from.

  • Lunch and dinner sorted for tomorrow :)

  • When will this expire?

    • +1

      Any time

  • Great deal, thanks :)

  • Dinner and dessert for less than $2!

  • Hopefully this doesnt turn out like the free crust pizza coupon with cancelled orders once they catch on.

  • +1

    Thanks mate got a roast dinner for tomorrow for 90 cents. Not bad

    • +2

      Coming over your place for roast dinner tomorrow then.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Double whopper.with cheese.delivered for 3 bucks. Not really hungry, but that's hardly the point.

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    Got some sashimi for $2 delivered! Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Nando’s burger for $0.95. Nice. Thanks OP.

    • Store accepted order and delivered. Thanks again OP!

  • my order showed the car arriving at the driveway then said it was delivered but nothing was out there, or anywhere else, been on chat support now for over an hour and finally got onto someone who has gone silent and only says "thanks for waiting" - i want to know what happened to the meal!?

    • +3

      You sure it wasn't "Thank-you come again."

    • In the letter box perhaps?

    • +5

      That food's in your driver's stomach now

  • finally the menulog support answered and told me it says its was "delivered" (which i told them 40 minutes ago it said but nothing arrived!) the best they could do was forward my complain tto the customer solutions team, so no food tonight, and the shops closed, the meal i ordered was for my partner who has never ordered in a meal before - and now due to this mess up they think i made the whole thing up as a prank!!

    • +6

      lol, latest reply from live support regarding where the food ended up: "It seems like the courier is having some personal issues"

      • +2

        Bowel issues after eating your partner's meal

  • My first Menulog order. Dinner sorted. Thanks, OP.

  • +1

    Party over it seems

    • +1

      Code worked for me a minute ago. Not expired yet

  • The op has made my night. Now who or what is ESL counterstrike ;)

    • +6

      Terrorists win.

  • $2.77 for foot long sub 3 cookies and a drink

  • +1

    1 dollar pizza 4 me

  • Thanks, got subway with vegetables

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