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Pepsi Max Creaming Soda Cola Soft Drink, 12x 1.25L $13.00 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


To me this tastes like raspberry and vanilla mixed…

With a delicious creamy twist
Max Taste, No Sugar
Real thrill for the taste buds
Enjoy it at home, Ideal for parties and all social occasions

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  • Omg 12 of them…. I will be 10 kgs more next year

    • It’s zero sugar.

        • No sugar soft drinks are ok on a keto diet.
          Everything in moderation though…

        • Check the references / links to that article. None are appropriate, and they could not link the "several studies have proved conclusively that drinking diet soda is associated with weight gain".

          The only fact is "It makes our bodies produce insulin." and despite that, insulin spikes are associated with (initial) weight loss until it becomes pathogenic for the body and it stops responding.

          The other two are highly subjective, and would be marked as a confounding factor, and accounted for when they're performing thier statistical analyses. Your article reaks bs, and that's as nicely as I can say it… Happy to be proven but the problem with science is that for every article you find, I'll be able to find the same quality counter reference.

          Here is a recent systematic analysis / meta-analysis (which is the highest level of evidence for scientific papers): https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.k4718. Here's the conclusion for you:

          Most health outcomes did not seem to have differences between the NSS exposed and unexposed groups. Of the few studies identified for each outcome, most had few participants, were of short duration, and their methodological and reporting quality was limited; therefore, confidence in the reported results is limited. Future studies should assess the effects of NSSs with an appropriate intervention duration. Detailed descriptions of interventions, comparators, and outcomes should be included in all reports.

        • But since drinking the diet soda has fooled your body into expecting sugar, it's changed the way you metabolize those other calories—you may store more of them as fat and use fewer of them as energy—which could leave you hungry and wanting even more food.

          That is 100% pure bullshit. There is nothing in diet soft drink that makes your body metabolize kcal differently.

          • @philmarcracken: Thanks for the great summary!

            Edit: Sorry, that was meant for @diazepam!

          • @philmarcracken: Yes. Sick of reading people's bullshit pseudo science garbage with 0 evidence and not backing up their argument.

          • @philmarcracken: Either way, you can't possibly argue that drinking it is good for you in general.

          • @philmarcracken: The results above seem to indicate it's unknown rather than bullshit.

            There is a massive disinformation campaign carried out by the food processing industry to convince people that their processed food is healthy or at least not harmful. It involves owning think tanks, research institutions and press outlets to create the illusion of independent science and a free press reporting on it.

            • @Diji1: I get that. I'm just tired of hearing processed foods are harmful, carbs are bad etc from the same people drinking ethanol and calling themselves 'cool wine aunts'.

    • Wow….

    • You Gonna hold in your urine for a whole year?

  • listing via link actually says 12 x 1.5L ? which one is it?

  • Thanks. I'll give it a go.

  • These taste great.

  • Buy it & then claim that 1.5L is false advertising… and get your money back…

    Before someone actually does this i'm being sarcastic but this looks like a good price for something I don't reduced on Amazon often

  • If you don't want to wait or don't have prime, Woolworths have them for $1.10 each starting tomorrow. $13.2 for 12 if you feel like loading the trolley.

  • +2 votes

    I liked this when it first came out but have kind of gone off it. The Raspberry version is gross.

    Still enjoying Pepsi Max Vanilla though.

  • I really want to have some, but I have to press down the urge!!!

    • Get out.
      Your kind don't belong on OzBargain, what with your fancy schmancy self discipline.

  • This stuff is gross. It taste like chemicals.

    • What chemicals? that's like saying it tastes like food… There's so many chemicals with different tastes. Water is a chemical…

      • Jeez, really? I mean I said it taste gross. Obviously I don’t think it taste like good things such as food or water. Each to their own, but for me it has a chemical aftertaste. Which chemical specifically? Couldn’t tell you. One that doesn’t taste good.

  • While I like Pepsi Max over Coke no sugar in general
    Last time Melbourne central station has free give away of this and the cherry flavour

    I know it’s really personal
    But It taste a bit like medicine for me
    So I will pass

  • Anyone know where I could buy syrups for diet stuff like this? I don't mind if it comes from china(alibaba) etc

  • Not available to Perth. 😔

  • Your all so lucky, even tho you all missed out on this deal, look on the bright side you didn't get diabetes.

  • Available again

    P.S. For those in VIC: 12 for $6 @ NQR

  • If only it was raspberry! :(

  • I didn't like this flavour, reminds me of Dimetapp.