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[Pre Order] 2x Amazon eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - $299 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Stacking both the '2 router for $299' and the 'Free Echo Dot Preorder' Promotion

This item will be released on June 24, 2020.

When purchasing:

  1. From the Product Page Side Bar, Update Quantity to 2
  2. Select 'Echo Dot 3rd Gen: Charcoal Fabric $49.00' under Claim your FREE Echo Dot
  3. Click Pre-order now
  4. Update Echo Dot (3rd Gen) quantity to 1
  5. Place your order.


Purchase the 3-Pack for $429 ($143 each) and receive a Free Echo Show 5

Credits to Togsy

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  • 2 for $299 = approx $150ea.

    The 3 for $429 deal is better IMO @ $143ea plus you get a free Echo Show 5 (value $99). That's $629 worth for $429 spend.
    Could possibly get for $399 with 7% cash back but not 100% sure as I haven't read the T's & C's.

    • Depending on your circumstances, you can claim depreciation of computer equipment under $300 as a tax decision in the same year. So the $299 price tag and late June arrive would work well for those people looking at claiming working from home tax deductions this financial year.

    • Thanks, added to the bottom of the description.

  • There is eero pro (2nd gen) too ? Seems we are getting good old tech, still new but not that latest

  • Are they good? I mean compare to Google ones?

  • I'd also like to know how does this compare to Google Wifi. And do I need to plug one eero physically into the router for the other eero to connect, like how he powerplug works? Or it can be installed anywhere in the house and connect to the modem provided by the ISP? Just want to know how many do I need to purchase to start with. Thanks guys

  • $150 each jeez. This money just buy a single Ubiquiti AP will crap all over any of these bodgy mesh rubbish

    • but those need to be wired don't they?

    • Ubiquiti are a different product - they can’t create a virtual mesh - each individual AP needs to be connected via Ethernet - no good for the average home user.

      • 1 AP needs to be connected with ethernet. Extra APs do not need to be connected with ethernet. Ubiquiti call it wireless uplink.

      • Not sure what kind of mansion you have but one Ubiquiti AP will cover very well any average house.

    • Will a single Ubiquiti AP cover 450m2?

      • How many levels is your house/unit?

        • House, 1 level. My question was about 450m2 as this is the coverage provided by the 3 pack.

          • @Togsy: 1 AP in the middle of your house should cover that. For example the Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LR has a range of up to 183m.

            • @Twix: The problem is that most devices won't be able to connect to an AP 183m away!

              • @timmyd: No one said they were trying to. The AP still has more range than the eero.

                • @Twix: Not useable range - you are able to connect a phone (for example) to a mesh point that is 20m away, but if you have a single AP 60m away you won't be able to conenct - even if the AP signal reaches you, your phone won't be able to send anything back to it

                  • @timmyd: I have changed from a Ubiquiti AC LR to a mesh system, and have way, way more usable coverage now despite the theoretical coverage being about the same

                    • @timmyd: How many LRs did you use?

                      What mesh system did you change to?

                      • @Twix: Had one LR, moved to Nest Wifi.

                        Within the house it doesn't make much difference (except for easier placement of acess points), but we have way better coverage in our yard (use an OpenSprinkler so need coverage for that amongst other things)

                        • @timmyd: Good outcome for your lawn :-)

                          I'm not against these wifi mesh systems. They have their place in the market.

  • I have a solid concrete, 3 level house, so ethernet is a no go, and a solitary unit just won't have enough signal strength. Am hoping this does. I have pre-ordered the 3 pack with a free Echo show 5. Cashrewards is partially tracking the order.

    • recently moved to a 3 level house.
      I'm thinking to buy netgear, orbi or this eero.

      Wish they already had some reviews

      • There are heaps of overseas Eeero reviews. Eero doesn't support PPPoE NBN connections.

  • Is that true above won't allow vlan tagging ? I read on Whirlpool