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9W Smart Wi-Fi Downlight White Ambiance $25.46 (was $29.95) + Free Shipping @ Lectory.com.au



  • Remotely control from anywhere under internet coverage

  • Add and control multiple devices at once with one App

  • Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home

  • Interworking of multiple smart devices

  • Devices automatically start/stop working based on temperature, location and time

  • Easily share devices among family members

  • Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety

  • Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices

  • 90mm Cutout

  • No Hub is required

  • 2 Years Replacement Warranty


  • Same day dispatch from Sydney

  • Free shipping by applying coupon code "OZBARGAIN15" to active at the checkout page

  • Second-day delivery for metro cities

  • 3-4 days delivery for regional areas

  • There will be no express postage, all shipping will be carried by registered couriers service with tracking.

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  • Do you have any deals on the "Philips Hue 90mm Cutout Garnea Downlight | White Ambiance | Zigbee & Blue Tooth | 5110131H5"?

    Nice to see they are the right cut-out size this time. I wasn't overly happy with the Zigbee ones i was given as a replacement, they don't produce the same tone as other Hue bulbs in the house so they're always slightly off. Would be nice to get real phillips ones instead. Jb hifi are doing a package deal on them for 4 x for $239

  • How much of a reduction in brightness is it on the maximum dim?
    I find a lot of variation between brands. Some offer about 50% others I can reduce to around 15%

    • 15% is usually the capability of LED Rotary Dimmer, this smart downlights can bring down the total wattage to 1w which is slightly more than 10% of Max brightness.

      The Specific of this downlight said it can be dimmed down to 1% that we don't think it is correct.

  • Hi Rep, I am looking for something similar to what I'm currently have: 10W, 6000k, 1000lm ( which is what states on the packaging)

    I have picked 3 from your website
    10W Epistar LED Downlight Kit 5500K 933lm

    13W Dimmable Downlight Kit 6000k 1100lm

    12W Epistar LED Downlight Kit | 5500k up to 1120lm

    which one will be closer to what I am looking for? Why is the second one much expensive the the other two?


    • Hi David,

      The 12W Epistar LED Downlight Kit | 5500k up to 1120lm just updated their Specification, the new lumens output is 1000lm.

      So the 12W Epistar LED Downlight Kit | 5500k up to 1120lm is more close to the one you currently have.

      The 13W Dimmable Downlight Kit 6000k 1100lm one comes with an external light driver and a full-size Aluminum heatsink, so it is more expensive than the in-build
      driver downlights.

  • Hi product rep,

    If I am replacing my old 100mm this 90mm wont fit hey, since the cut out on the ceiling is bigger? Can you confirm this please.

    Or the measurement is the led and not the surrounding metalframe?

    • +2 votes

      Hi, the dimension for the trim cover is 115mm, it will cover a 100mm ceiling hole.

      The 90mm cutout means the minimum diameter required for the ceiling hole is 90mm.

  • Hi

    It's state here that it's come with 2 year replacement warranty but on a official website state 5 years replacement warranty


    Which is true and valid ?

    Thanks in advance….

  • Any additional discount on multiple bulbs?

  • I sent you a message on your website regarding these lights and never heard back… 😟

    1. So these are software dimmable via whatever app is pictured?
    2. What step increments can they adjust colour temperature by?
    3. Is this a plastic body or aluminium?
    4. Are they only white light? No colour?
    • Sorry for the delay, our support team will go through your message within 24 hours.

      Yes, the downlight is dimmable and colour changeable via the app pictured.

      The colour temperature change is step-less from 2700-5500K.

      The body is plastic, there is an aluminium heat sink in between the light panel and driver chamber.

      It is warm white to a cool white only downlight, does not offer RGB colours.

    • Item picture shows 5700k but 5000k on the spec. Either way, not going to be pure white light.

  • sorry are these branded at all? Origin is from?