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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $284.27 Delivered @ Amazon AU


With the $10 voucher. It becomes the one of the cheapest deals for this processor. ($272.91 delivered)

A powerful 6-core processor with 12 threads
With Zen 2 architecture
Features 32MB of L3 cache, 24 PCIe Gen 4 lanes
Support for dual-channel 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM
Designed for socket AM4 motherboards

Should be able to combine with $10 off $39 Spend for additional discount

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Could this price drop be due to the recent 3600xt benchmark leak?

    Also, Similarly priced @ scorptec for $299

    • AMD has officially cut prices, this should be permanent (ish)
      the new models will not be at this price, but at the original rrp most likely. This is probably still the better buy

    • it's probably due to AUDUSD rising recently


      amazon are just quicker to adjust prices, our retailers are always lagging

    • Amazon AU price further decreased today, $282.91 delivered now.

  • +1

    Better than the 10400.

        • +1

          You're expecting a 25% drop in price, when even at $290 - $300 its one of the best value CPU's on the market?

          Your opinion on what this CPU should be makes no sense other than a price that suits you to buy it at.

          I'd like a RTX super for about 25% less than they are going for at the moment too, but it aint happening anytime soon

  • +3

    Normal price.

  • +13

    Terrible time to buy a CPU at average prices with new models on way.

    Large discount I can understand but if not wait for new models.

    • Ye but stimulus money go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    Don't forget your free game pass


    • -1

      its expired lol

      • +1

        is it?
        *Offer available through participating retailers only for eligible purchases made July 1, 2019 through May 30, 2020 or when supply of coupon codes is exhausted

        • Bought this processor last week from Amazon. No coupon code was provided.

          • @crikey: Not all retailers are part of it, quite sure Amazon is out as I have never seen any communication in their website about it, I used my code yesterday from a different local retailer so I know it is still going.

    • as mentioned above, only participating retailers are eligible, which include the following for the APJ (Asia Pacific?) region:

      APJ: ARK, Blue It, Capital, Centrecom, Centralfield, Com 1, Compulounge, Computer Alliance, Compuzone,
      Compuworld, Comzip, Computer Korea, CoolPC, Dreamcore, EPC ZONE, EX Korea (SM Networks), For You
      Computer, Green PC, Guidecom, Hansung Computer, I-HICOM, icoda.co, Inversenet, It Enjoy, joyzen.co.k, JW
      Computers, KS Computers, Mind PC, Mouse Computer, MSY, Mwave, ONE’S, OmyPC, Origin PC, PB
      Technologies LTD, PB Tech, PC Case Gear, PCCG, Playtech, PLE, PC4ALL, Preflow, Pops for You, Rare PC,
      Scorpion Tech Computers, Scorptec, Sinya, Shop DANAWA, Superstore.co.kr, SX Solutions, Sycom, Syzom,
      SYSGear, TechFast, The IT Depot, Teko, Third Wave, Tsukumo, UCC, Umart, Unitcom, Vedant Computers,
      Youngjae Computer, YANGCOM, Vinagame, Wangga PC, Wellmade Computer, Antpc.com, expc.co.kr,
      guidecom.co, icomplay.com, mdcomputers.in, pc4all.co.kr, preflow.co.kr, primeabgb.com, theitdepot.com

      Source: https://s3.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com/amdrewards/terms/Terms... (ie the T&Cs)

  • wow! 1% off!

  • -1

    Can I just wack this into a 10 year old laptop and expect it to work?

    • +4

      Being 10 years old, you'll need to whack it really hard.
      8 years old, not that hard.
      6 years even less so.

    • A 10 year old laptop would not have an AM4 socket..so no.

    • Yes, but you'll need to cut a hole in the base of your laptop to fit it in.

    • It's nice to have a laugh in the morning

      • +1

        I prefer a wank but sometimes a laugh does it too.

        • you should try what i call wanf(wanky laugh). works for me.

          • @slackerman: Sounds messy but funny I'll have to give it a go sometime.

            Got any handy tips?

    • The first part of your sentence: Yes. Second: no

  • +2

    Might need to update the price, it’s now $291

    • +1

      *$291.86 now

      • +3

        *$282.91 now

  • currently sitting on a i5 7600k + 1060 6gb.

    Do you think its worth upgrading CPU/Mobo or GPU first? Im thinking of this CPU or even a 7 series and pairing it with a 5700XT…

    • What kind of games do you play?

      What resolution do you run?

      • right now 1080p but I want to hit 144fps consistently or get at least 90 @ 1440p

        Really all I play right now is warzone

        • GPU would get you closer to your goal then.

          I also have a machine with a 7600k and have no issues getting 100+ fps in games with a 1080 Ti @ 1440p (equivalent to a 2070 Super). CPU gains are very incremental at 1440p until you get to the upper tier of GPUs, and the 7600k single core performance is still very strong for a lot of games which use up to 4 cores.

          That said, I'm not sure right now is the best time to invest in either a new GPU or CPU, but it's probably a slightly better time to get a CPU, as the next major CPU cycle from AMD is still a while away, the Ryzen 3000 series will remain sufficient for a long time, and GPUs have suffered worse from price inflation recently.

    • The Radeon 5700XT does not have Ray Tracing so will not be any good with the new Unreal Engine 5.

      This video here shows why Ray Tacing matters:

      Better going with an Geforce 2060 or the same peice of a 5700XT.

      Better even is to wait a bit for the Geforce 3000 series hit the shops then buy a 2080 on the cheap…

      in regards to Intel Series 7 CPUs are so far behind the AMD Ryzen that is like htey don't even care anymore.
      Intel is all about corporate sales these days…


      • I don't think I would use ray tracing very often though - its not worth the performance hit.

        • I would agree with you but this video proved me wrong.
          The difference in the overal experience for VR is fantastic.


        • +1

          With the RTX cards, the key selling point for me is probably the DLSS rather than ray tracing. DLSS boost FPS by a tons (double in some cases) with a slight cost to image quality. DLSS 2.0 improved image quality a lot as well. With more and more games adopting this, I think this is a very good reason to stick to NVidia this gen.

          • @Kingduytan: What's the difference between DLSS and Radeon Image Sharpening? I'm not shitting on NVIDIA I just want to know the difference.

            • @Void: They are very different fundamentally. RIS is an advanced sharpening filter/algorithm whereas DLSS use deep learning to allow the tensor core to upscale image while imitating the quality of the target resolution, in theory.

              The thing is, a post-processing sharpening filter can only do so much without introducing noise, halos etc. DLSS pre 2.0 is a bit disappointing, but with deep learning the possibility is endless and can only improve with time. DLSS 2.0 has received positive feedback from reviews in the handful of supported games, 2x fps while making image looks better than native? I'm sold!

              Oh and, you can use RIS with Nvidia cards too! Well, not RIS, but the CAS part in RIS

              • @Kingduytan: Damn DLSS 2.0 is really good. It just turned ray tracing from a slideshow to an actual game on RTX xx60 cards. I have a 5700, AMD better make RIS 2.0, it'll allow me to get so many more years out of my card.

    • 3600 should be plenty for the next few years of happy gaming. Even more so if you want to try overclocking, otherwise still fine without.

      Apart from wanting to support AMD and all, I don't know why anyone would buy an AMD graphics card when Nvidia clearly has the edge, especially with their drivers, and RTX cards with ray-tracing support and all the other optimisations and new functionality that games will no doubt start to leverage in future games in bigger ways. It's Nvidia's game to lose right now, and while we can hope that AMD gives Nvidia some serious competition, you can't be held responsible for supporting AMD if it means getting lesser performance in the meantime. Do what's right for you, which is most likely buying an Nvidia RTX card. ;)

    • GPU. That 1060 is so far down the stack now compared to an overclocked 7600k.

    • +1

      You could overclock the 7600K, it most likely can handle much more powerful GPUs. If you're tight on budget, upgrade your GPU first, preferably at least 2060 Super or 2070 Super (you will be bottleneck slightly in some games with 2070 Super).

      Swapping CPU/Mobo/Ram now will set you back at ~$600 with little to no improvement in games.

  • Thinking of building a Premiere Pro PC that does h.264 1080p video encoding (no 4K). Should I jump on the AMD bandwagon now or wait for Core i5 10400 which has Intel Quick sync for h.264 optimizations?

  • If you got a sandy bridge 3930k or 4930k ivey bridge or hell anything in this specified area then stay with what you got.

    • amazing that chips from 2013 can still relatively hold up against chips in 2020

      • The big improvements are in the GPUs these days not in the CPUs…

  • Unable to apply the promo code

  • Price is $282 now it seems :)

  • Hmmmm .. to get this or wait for Ryzen 3 3300X, which should come in about $200. Benchmarks suggest not a big difference for gaming.

    • I think for the extra 60-80 bucks, it's worth getting the extra 2 cores as insurance. That's 50% more compute power. Seems worth it?

    • Ryzen 3300x is available in many stores for $205

      • +1

        Went for 3600 as it's a better all rounder, eg. Adobe applications

        • And you get the gamepass that worths $30 if you buy from the right place

  • This or wait for zen3 ?

    • I'm waiting for the impending T refresh at the very least. See what extra few 100Mhz they can give us.

      • sweet f/a but it should mean the existing X chips sans 3700, should see a drop in price as they clear out that stock. nom nom

    • Zen 3 has a rumoured 15% IPC bump, though if that doesn't happen then Matisse refresh will offer better gaming performance due to higher clock speeds.

      • Zen 3 will be a lot better for gaming because of the move to 8 cores per CCX, as evidenced by the 3300X's gaming performance.

    • Depends on your current CPU

  • it's cheaper report report

  • is this from amazon autralia cse it says US anyone?

    • They send it from US buddy boy. Doesn't take that long.