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Brewdog Punk IPA Cans 330mL 4pk $12, Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Cans 355mL 6pk $18 (+ Free Delivery) @ My Dan Murphy's

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  • Not good reviews on that sierra!

    • Big fan of Sierra Nevada but that's not my style of beer so I'll give it a miss. Punk IPA I'm all over, though

    • By people who don't know the style. They probably don't even know there are different styles.

      • Gose style is quite salty and sour, right?

      • I know the style, I still don't like it… It's too sour, too salty. Honestly tastes like someone took a beer and mixed it with salt water from Bondi, from back when the treatment plant was still operational.

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    Brewdog “unavailable for delivery” to Perth 😔

  • Showing up "unavailable for delivery" in Metro Melbourne too.

  • Seems broken, can't get the brewdog to deliver anywhere successfully.

    • I think I got it to work, make sure you select a store with stock first.

      edit: No, still doesn't work at checkout.

  • look at this first choice …

    • First Choice/Dans have become a bit lax on the active price matching lately. They still seem to have their price beat policies in place but its almost as if the team who was responsible for seeking out competitors deals has been laid off. I'm a Sav Blanc person and i've noticed some of theirs of late have been more expensive than even the BWS/Liquorlands of the world so i've stopped buying there out of protest.

  • Got the Punk IPA last week along with some of the Ghost Ship. The Punk is good but note the cans are very small.

    Ghost Ship not really my style, more citrusy than I expected.

  • I haven't had Brewdog's IPA (I've had their Elvis Juice, not bad, if a little sweet), but 5.6% is a bit light on for an IPA so I'm not expecting much. The price is great though.

  • No stock of the Brewdog IPA left at Forest Hill, VIC.

  • The Brewdogs I got last week are fairly close to their best before date. Not as fresh as one would like for an IPA.

    On the other hand, I quite like the Otra Vez.

  • Otra Vez is light tasting. It is a mindless summer backyard beer for me.

  • Wasn't a huge fan of the Punk IPA. Not sure why they call it an IPA lacks the hoppy bitterness that you typically find. There's also a very strong earthy/floral smell and taste. Maybe some would say pine, a bit like freshly mowed grass, not bad but different.

    • Blame Dan Murphys.

      They keep the cases out back in the carpark in the sun / in the sea container in rediculous heat. Then they sit on the shelves for FK knows how long.

      IPAs are supposed to be drunk fresh, and kept cold.

      You're never going to get a proper taste reference when you buy IPAs or Hoppy beers in general from Dan's

      Unfortunately most people aren't aware of this.

      • Maybe that’s the case for modern IPAs. Back in the day it was brewed to last a long hot journey from England to India. Hence IPA

        • Where are you buying IPAs from the 1800s?

        • Yes so true! I guess back then the alcohol helped preserve the beer hence why IPAs usually have a higher ABV. But as sloppyjoe commented before the Punk IPA is a pretty light IPA at 5.6% so may not keep as long as the usual 7%-8% IPAs

      • I know about this - I just don't think the flavour profile was that great. Will be interested to know other peoples thoughts.

  • as much as I try to support our local craft beers…Sierra Nevada is one of my all time favorites

  • The delivery system online doesn't seem to work.
    Can't schedule a delivery and it's not very helpful to let me know what the problem is i.e. out of stock? no drivers?

  • unable to deliver or pickup for me.