Noctua NH-U14S CPU Cooler with NF-A15 140mm Fan, $106.77 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


The Amazon US tech deal keep coming.
These are $139 to $149 plus postage locally.

Not sure what non-prime postage would cost, probably better off spending the $7 monthly subscription or free trial

They were cheaper in USA earlier in the year but still good price for a premium, well rated and fairly quiet cooler. (Not speaking from personal experience)

Can also try Newegg for $102.49.

I expect the $10 off App code will work (got entered to my post automatically)

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  • These are $139 to $149 plus postage locally.

    Probably only because no one buys this model, as it's now 7 years old. At that price, just get the NH-D15 or NH-D15S if your tower can fit it.

    • That's good to know. I though it was more recent as it's still on Tom's HW top 3 Best Coolers of 2020 list:,4181.h...

      • Tom's Hardware is mostly a referral revenue scheme these days. Pay almost zero attention to it.

    • You can't get a NH-D15 for anywhere close to $106 can you?

      • The D15S is around $159 locally, and $134 via Amazon

        • bought Noctua NH-D15 in 2018 for $129*80%=103.2. still works good.

          • @Dearest77: Totally agree. CPU fans haven't changed much. I've got 2 Deepcool Assassin ii's, and just bought a third one for my first Ryzen build. Usually pick them up for around $80 and they compete with any of the top new double CPU fans that go over $120.

      • I paid $89 (just for perspective if you can wait).

        It's $114 in below comment.

    • Is there much difference between CPU coolers? Big chunk of metal with wind blowing through it basically isnt it? I mean, how much has technology advanced in this area in 7 years?

      • Eh not much, unless you count aRGB as advancement :D To be fair, ambient room cooling can only do so much. You can make those heatsink/radiators only so big and those fans spinning so fast. Advancements in HVAC system are plenty (I got a peak at a AWS DC, it's quite mind-blowing) but those aren't really for typical users. While there're sub-zero cooling for PC, those tend to come with plenty of complications. So yeah, we're stuck for the foreseeable future: fans blowing through big chunk of metal :D

        • Why do they use aluminium instead of copper like 2 decades ago?

          Is it to cut costs or because copper doesn't suit all RGB colour schemes?

          • @Scrooge McDuck: I suspect the main reason is cost, copper has twice the thermal conductivity of aluminium but much denser and a lot more expensive. Since it's dense, I think weight is another factor. Also copper is less ductile aka it can't be extruded like aluminium, so it's probably harder to make into fin etc (I could be wrong on this though).
            But another reason, if true then while copper transfer heat faster, aluminium is easier to cool. But this's way out of my expertise so DYOR.

            • @rookie317:

              Making the base plate out of copper offers a few advantages over aluminum with the main reason being that <b>copper transfers heat faster</b> than aluminum. However, <b>copper retains heat longer</b>. Aluminum does everything the opposite way. It transfers heat more slowly, but retains it for a much shorter period of time.

              That has no basis in science. Heat transfer is a flow of energy. In the steady state, energy in is equal to energy out. If what he wrote about aluminium were true, it would spontaneously cool to absolute zero.

              • @Scrooge McDuck: Hmmm, I don't follow your logic or your vague argument but here is my take on those comments:

                copper transfers heat faster
                (aluminium)transfers heat more slowly

                This part is fact.
                Copper Thermal conductivity : 0.99 (cal/sec)/(cm2 C/cm)
                Aluminium Thermal conductivity : 0.50 (cal/sec)/(cm2 C/cm)

                copper retains heat longer
                (aluminium) retains it(heat) for a much shorter period of time.

                This part is false. Also depends on the mass as per:
                Copper Specific heat Capacity: 0.385 at 25 Celsius in J/gCelsius
                Aluminium Specific heat Capacity: 0.900 at 25 Celsius in J/gCelsius

              • @Scrooge McDuck: To me the advantage of aluminium is the weight, so you can increase the surface area for cooling without packing on too many pounds.

                Use copper to get the heat away from the chip to take advanted of the thermal conductivity over most of the distance, then use aluminium for the fins so you can maximise the cooling surface area.

          • @Scrooge McDuck: These are nickel coated copper

      • Not really, but the fans have seen some reasonable improvement. I don't think the included fans would be the newer ones that perform better though, still very good fans nonetheless.

      • +1 vote

        Depends on what you want. I only use Noctua because it's both silent and cool.

      • It's more complex than that because they use heat pipes.
        But they are cheap things to make and hard to screwup so all but the cheapest trash get it right.

        A lot of the cost is paying for the premium reliable quiet fans.

        Though you also pay a logo premium to showoff those signature ugly brown fans.

        • no the big ugly brown fan company - focus on efficiency and performance and not looks. The cost for them is due to the fact they tend to have the best cooling for the size and noise. Specific design of block and blade design. I was sceptical then took the plunge on some of their fans - I am impressed

      • Huge difference between the old "big chunk of metal with wind blowing through" coolers of yore, and modern CPU coolers like this Noctua. CPUs have an incredible thermal density nowadays, so the bottleneck isn't how large the radiator is, but how fast heat can be moved into the loop. Heat pipes are orders of magnitude more effective at conducting heat away from the tiny surface area of the CPU than an ordinary heatsink- we can easily build heat pipes that have greater heat flux than the surface of the sun.

        The construction of heat pipes can make quite a difference, with sintered vs grooved vs composite etc. all affecting cost and heat flux.

      • I am skeptical too, but yes, there definitely is.

        I have a couple of Noctua fans and they are amazing, better performance than what they replaced but also dead silent.

    • I agree. I got the D15S for ~$100 last year. It's a single fan version of the D15, still dual tower but redesigned so much better clearance for both RAM and PCIe slot than the D15. It performs very close to the D15, within a couple degrees depending on load. It can even fit it some ITX cases than the D15 can only dream of.

    • I believe Linus reviewed them and there was only a couple of degrees difference despite being double the size. Still all for the dual tower D15 though.

    • I have the D15 and wouldn't buy it again. It's simply too big. It limits everything from cases to RAM to motherboards. D15S wasn't out when I got mine. I'd go the S any day.

      • Alternatively, you can just remove the outer fan and use it somewhere on your case. It's not an ideal case fan, but it's not shit either.

        Comes down to the price point for each, but in my case I got the NH-D15 for $103 about this time last year.

        • Only running with one fan at the moment. Have been for years. The S hasn't just removed one fan its a little shorter and it's slightly offset allowing it to be positioned better and compatible with more cases and RAM.

    • I have the new version NH-U12A - works very well but is very costly.

      Paid a huge premium over the D15 for size reasons - the D15… if you don't have it, I can't stress how HUGE this cooler is. I also have the the NH-D15, purchased for about $120 from newegg 2 weeks ago.

      the D15 with dual fan configuration will tower OVER two of the ram slots. You can position the fan so it won't be blocked but if you have RGB ram, that's not going to be seen. - this is assuming it'll even fit in your case.

  • imho this is an excellent deal - if I was needing a CPU cooler at the moment I would snap one up … checking the Noctua website, is claimed will readily cope with even an over-clocked AMD 3950X

  • Newegg has it slightly cheaper and might arrive faster (from Taiwan). I've been getting cheap noctua fans from there, and they've arrived within a week. You need to pick "Noctua Cooling solutions" as the seller and not Newegg

    AUD$102.49 delivered.

    or even the D15s is AUD$113.49 delivered.

    • Okay you win. That's a good price for a D15s.

      Much better then this cooler for only a little more. However space wise the D15s may not be suitable.

    • That's well worth a look

    • Thanks, just picked up a D15S. $40 cheaper than most others.
      Case fans are cheaper as well - NF-A15 for $27 rather than $49 elsewhere.

  • I haven't fully checked, but this appears to be a D15s for a little more?

    $10 off code may work here too.

  • Using the stock Ryzen cooler which seems alright.
    be quiet! fans are also good.

  • I am a computer newbie planning on my first pc. Will this work on any cpu? Like AMD 3900X?

  • i think D12S is around $86 delivered from Newegg?
    but I got a Thermalright mocha revB instead, $86 from Amazon US

  • I have this paired with R3700X. Keeps it at ~55c @ 100% usage and still dead silent. Would highly recommend even if it's 7 years old

  • Snowman on Aliexpress 6 copper pipe with 100% contact is around $40 for a dual fan and perform really well

    • I have one of these on the way, i think it was $32

      • If that's for a t6 with 2 fans, a excellent price. Tops cost vs performance by a large margin

        • I just opted for the one fan version as it's only going on a 3600 as the stock and fan is a bit noisy spinning up and down all the time.

  • These are great coolers but make sure to check for compatibility on the Noctua website before buying. Some physically will not fit.

  • Got this eons ago with my Silverstone fortress. I ran it for months not knowing the fan included broke. 3570k didn't even break a sweat inside with the just fans from the case cooling the heatsink

  • They really need to hire some new aesthetics designers.

    • It's become their signature.
      It's ugly but everyone in the know knows that you bought preeeemium so that makes it fashionable.

    • There is the Chromax range (coloured) and possibly another brand that is black (might be Chromax still though).

      Personally I like the look of motherboard LEDs and the brown D15 fans but the rest of my case is dark (and i don't use the LEDs normally).

    • Poo Brown fans is where its at

  • Have this in my pc and it beats the previous liquid cooled fans ive owned. Looks like a big dirty motobike engine! Def recommend

  • That fan seriously looks tasty

  • Looking forward to the NH-L12 ghost S1 edition

  • How much better % wise would this be than my hyper 212x for $50?

    • if your CPU temps aren't reaching 75 degrees or more during your normal use, you don't need this, regardless of how many % better this or any other cooler would be.

      I haven't had the hyper212x before but I've read it's well reviewed and does the job pretty well for most people.

      • Even better than the CM Hyper 212, if you're on a budget is the Deepcool Gammaxx 400, probably the best value bang-for-buck cooler IMO.

  • anyone know of a site that makes Amazon's product search more tolerable?

  • Used to have a H110i and changed to a Noctua. Yes, it's fat and ugly but holy hell it's a lot quieter. So worth.

  • How does this differ from the coolermaster equivalents? Seems to have a fair price premium for this..

    • law of diminishing returns
      80% of the performance at 50% of the price
      but if you want that last 20% of performance - this is what it costs.

  • Thanks OP. Bot one.

  • I have been using this since launch, and it's still in my rig. It has kept a 4670k & 6700k @ 1.4v cool with a decent OC on each (4.8ghz). If you don't intend to push it this far save yourself some money and stick with the CM 212. The U14S shines at anything over 1.3v vs other air coolers.

  • Highly recommend Noctua air coolers. I have NH D15 and NH D14 in 2 PC's and the thing is so good. Have 2x i7s over clocked and the thing is so cool and quiet. Don't be deterred by the age of this product, the reason they rarely update the models is because there's hardly any improvements that can be implemented. The products are already pushing it to their engineering limits.

  • Its better than the expensive U12A and almost as good as the D14 and can beat the D15 at noise to temperature ratio, being more cheaper at the same time. Make sure you have the 165mm clearing in your case. And you dont have to worry much about ram clearing at the fan sits close to your CPU compared to assasin iii or D15.

    Here are few of benchmark results:

    The good thing is you can vary the load to see how it performs.

    Noise normalised results. (use the U12A performance from the above links to guage U14S)

    With extra fan, its as good as D15 at lower loads (100 to 150 watts)

  • With the size of these things, if you only have a small ATX motherboard, is there any chance this crack the motherboard from the sheer weight of the heatsink? Sorry stupid question ^^'

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