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Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse $29.99 US (~$45.65 AU), Elephone 1080p Webcam $13.99 US (~$21.29 AU) Priority Shipped @ GeekBuying


Razer are back at GeekBuying and this time we have the Razer Viper Mini gaming mouse on sale for a very low price. Featuring a 61g ultra-light design, 8500 DPI optical sensor, 6 programmable buttons, on-the-fly adjustable DPI, on-board memory profiles, Razer Chroma RGB underglow and Razer Synapse 3 enabled.

Next on sale is this new release webcam from Elephone. The Ecam X features [email protected] full HD resolution video, 5MP sensor with autofocus, built in microphone with noise cancelling and USB connectivity. This product is a preorder with stock arriving in 7 days.

Both products include free Priority Shipping. Click Proceed to Checkout in the shopping cart to choose shipping method before payment.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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    Seeking an experienced Ozbargain Analyst's comments on this mouse!

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      very good quality mouse and also very light without having holes like most other light mice. good if you like small mice with an ambidextrous shape.

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        I just got this mouse locally 2 weeks ago. Best mouse I have ever owned, incredibly light, its a Glorious level mouse.

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        FYI this mouse (Viper Mini) is different to the Viper Ambidextrous. The Viper Ambidextrous has buttons on both sides, the Viper Mini only has buttons on the left.

        • Pinky finger still works, depending on how ambidextrous one is.

  • Any reviews on the webcam? Seems really cheap!

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      It's $29.99 US full price but since it's a new release Elephone teamed up with GeekBuying to provide a really low priced preorder special. No reviews yet either due to it being a preorder.

      • I wanna know about the webcam too. Of course it probably won't compare to the logitech streamcam, that one does 60fps…..

        • I'd say it's closer to the Logitech C270 in appearance but provides 1080p instead of 720p.

      • worth a shot at $22. Hopefully I'll get it soon :)

        • I ordered too. Can't lose for $22.

          • @NotAnAudiophile: Yep ordered one. I was allowed to choose Australia priority line 5-8 days shipping for free. Not sure what that means. Incidentally I was currently using a makeshift webcam using one of cheap/dud of dashcam I had ordered from geekbuying.

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              @TheTeamRanger: Once stock arrives and your order is dispatched the estimate shipping time will be 5-8 business days. As opposed to the normal free shipping with an estimated time of 30 business days.

      • any discount on 4k cameras or xiaomi cameras?

  • Any chance of a discount on one of the full size mice like the DeathAdder Essential?

    • +3

      I'll see if I can get a more competitive price.

      • Do you think there would be a possibility for the razer viper ?

        Either way i'm buying this mouse thanks.

  • Awesome. Got the webcam thanks

  • +1

    Any chance of a discount on the Logitech G102 LIGHTSYNC RGB Wired Gaming Mouse 6 Programmable Keys Max Resolution 8000DPI - White?

  • Hey is there any warranty on these items particularly the viper mini good price.

    Edit: Seems to Be a one year warranty… can't remember if I've used geekbuying before but damn this is a good price :)

  • Thanks OP, ordered a webcam. Give it a go, can't be that crap

  • +1

    Ordered a mouse. Let's see how long it takes

    • I just ordered also, made sure to select the 5-8 days delivery one… lol the default is like 45 days… not sure why? seems silly to me.

  • Thanks op, ordered the webcam, can't be too bad for the price.

  • Does anyone know of any physical stores that stock the viper mini so I can have a play before purchasing?

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question but I haven't heard of geekbuying store. Anyone know if the products are genuine?

    Also, I'm not getting a conformational email when I sign up for some odd reason .

    • +2

      Pages and pages of deals. Everything is genuine and no fakes are being sold. We're not Wish πŸ˜‰

      • haha thanks op ordered one

        been eyeing this mouse for a while now

      • What's your warranty policy for defective items? Are customers responsible for return postage costs?

        • It'll depend on the fault. Typically customers don't always need to send back but if you did PayPal will cover you if you enable refunded returns prior to purchasing.


          • @Clear: I've ordered a mouse. Hopefully I won't need to make a warranty claim but last time I bought a Razer mouse from another supplier, the scroll wheel was extremely squeaky so I had to return the mouse. The issue was with the Razer Essential mouse, not sure if the Viper also has the same problem sometimes?

          • +1

            @Clear: Doesn't paypal only cover you for 180 days?

            so even if the mouse has 1 year warranty..
            paypal protection only is for 6 months

            can you get some 4k webcam or xiaomi products on special

            BTW when is miband 5 coming out?

  • Ooo maybe maybe the viper ultimate πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Thanks mate, giving the webcam a go

  • +3

    I have the Razer Viper (from this deal, $67) which is a little different from the Viper Mini.

    As far as I can see from the specifications page the mini is:

    • 4mm narrower
    • Missing the two buttons on the right side
    • Missing the small DPI toggle button underneath the mouse (can bind one of the other buttons to DPI toggle though)

    I've been using the Razer Viper (not mini) for about 6 months now and I'm quite happy with it. Note that the on-board storage is quite limited in what it is able to store, so you need to have the Razer software installed to make the most of the mouse, which is unfortunate if you want to move the mouse to a computer without the software installed or if you want to configure it in Windows and then continue to use it in Linux.

    From my experience, the Razer Viper itself will remember:

    • Which number mouse button you set each button to be (so swapping them around or doubling them up)
    • Any "turbo" function (hold down a mouse button for rapid clicks)
    • Any DPI settings

    However it won't remember:

    • Any kind of macro function (such as pressing a button to toggle repeated clicking on until you deactivate it)
    • Any colour settings (will just slowly cycle through colours if you don't have the software installed).

    I imagine the mini will behave the same as the viper.

    One thing I have not tested is binding a mouse button to a specific keyboard key (eg ESC) and seeing if that will work without the Razer software.

    Overall it is very comfortable and I'm happy with the weight, just be aware of the limitations of the onboard "memory".

    • losing 2 extra buttons is pretty shit on the mini
      even though it has a cool RGB LED on the base..

      would be good if they updated the normal viper with the new base RGB LED

    • +1

      My Viper Mini arrived today, can confirm that binding a key to a button sticks and I believe the mousepad calibration also sticks without software (using it on Linux).

  • Thanks got the webcam. Seems like a great price if it is really 5MP. Another code is EleEcamX for USD$14.99 for the first 200 preorders but still seems to work even after that.

    • there's 4k webcams for $30+ on aliexpress
      though not sure how reliable they are and if it is actually 4k or not..

  • +1

    Any idea if the webcam works for macOS? There's no mention on the page.

  • Ordered!

    I might considering selling mine (Viper Ultimate )….only 4 days old!

    • why sell the viper ultimate?

      how much you paid for it?

  • thanks op, pulled the trigger on the mouse

    • received the Razer Mini today. thanks op!! super light..!

  • +1

    Wasn't there a logitech gaming mouse for $22 AUD?
    I hope that appears again

  • Hi OP, could you confirm when this ends? Thank you!

  • Thanks Clear bought the Mini on the 29th May - I can't seem to see a confirmation email though or a tracking number. How can I look into this?

    • Hey @Clear is there anyway to check my order? I didn't get a confirmation order but I ordered it on the 29th May for the Razer Viper Mini?

      Thank you

  • +1

    Hrmm havent got a dispatch notification email yet for the Web cam. Anyone else get confirmation?

  • +1

    When's the webcam going to be posted? OzB deal posted on 28/5 and OP mentioned it will take 7 days to arrive (4/6). It is currently 9/6/20 which is 12 days since OP posted the deal and it hasn't been shipped yet?

    • +4

      I just asked GeekBuying and they've advised within 3 days as there were a huge amount of orders to be processed.

      • Looks like end of June delivery.

      • I hope they're sending via express post to make up for the delay :)

        • Well it was free to choose.

          • +1

            @Clear: i know it's not your fault, but this is getting ridiculous. it's been 18 days since the deal was posted, and we were informed it would take 7 days for them to get stock. 10 days late and still counting!

            • +2

              @18: Yep agree. In the end the express shipping won't matter. Same as buying anything from China as it'll be 30 days end to end by the time we get our products

            • @18: What's your order number? I'll let them know.

              • @Clear: messaged

              • @Clear: I'm also having this issue my order still hasn't been shipped :(, for the webcam at least my qcy has shipped for now. Quite disappointed

          • @Clear: I've had issues before from Geekbuying where I ended up with a refund 2 months later.
            Gave them another shot with this deal. Hoping its not a repeat of my previous order

          • @Clear: My partner and I are still waiting for our orders to be shipped as well.

            • @Neilg24: I know the AU orders are being shipped now. What's your order number and I'll make sure.

  • thanks clear, just bought the mouse, now hopefully i can start landing headshots in overwatch

  • Earphones arrived today, a bit less than 2 weeks after purchase.

    USB-C (for the win)

  • Thanks for the order numbers. They should be all sent out now as a few moments ago 500+ were fulfilled.

  • My order hasn't been shipped after 20 days. The support just keeps (lying about) postponing the estimated date and nothing happens. Initially it was pre order 7 days, then "in the next 48h"… Then in the next 24h… Still nothing… That's a reminder to never buy from geekbuying again.

    • Yep checked mine just now. Still not shipped. How do we get a refund?

      • Message Clear.

        • My webcam has been shipped after contacting Clear, but I believe you can choose to have a refund instead if you don't wanna wait.

  • My webcam has now been shipped!

  • +2

    Warning for anyone who buys this webcam: It requires a separate cable for USB and 3.5mm audio which is ridiculous. No sound unless you plug in the audio cable, which even my 5 yr old webcam doesn't need

    • how is the quality of the video?

      • it seems ok. Got mine too. Close to a month after ordering

  • +2

    Just received my webcam half an hour ago and it appears that this is not a new product. Webcam shows obvious signs of wear and tear, including one significant scratch directly over the lense. Tbh if not for this scratch I would have kept it, but the scratch seems to be messing around with the auto-focus of the camera.
    Have opened a ticket with GeekBuying requesting a refund or exchange.

    • That's interesting as it's a new release from Elephone who previously have never done webcams. It would appear they've screwed up in their QC. What's your order number? I'll get it sorted.

      Just note there is a 2 day public holiday in China so I likely won't have a response until Saturday or Monday.

      • My order number is 5231126, thanks for looking into it.

        • +1

          Check to see if it has protective film on it as the others have noted. It looks like there is zoomed in

          • @Clear: Thanks, this actually was the issue. I did try to see if there was a film initially but couldn't find it - I didn't realise I'd have to dig quite so hard to find the edge and pull it up. Thanks to the others for the tip. I've amended my ticket and removed my neg vote here, enjoy your public holiday!

            • @nsta8487: That's a massive relief. It was very unusual seeing it so scratched.

              No public holiday for me. I'm in Australia πŸ˜‰

              • @Clear: Mine was unusually scratched and almost made me believe this was the a refurbished unit as it was struggling with autofocus. after reading comments here, I have removed the protective screen and it seems to be OK for now. But few gripes is short length of USB cable and connection drops for slight touch, I have to remove and replug to get back video during meetings.

    • +3

      there's a protective plastic that you have to peel off. i had the same scratches

    • Are you sure that is not the protective film? I just got mine and it had some scratches on the protective film. Its stuck on pretty well.

      • 100%. it's a bit hard to take off, but I took it off and there aren't any scratches at all.

        • +1

          Thanks for the tip - I had actually tried to find a film when I first got it but couldn't get an edge so assumed there wasn't one. Gave it another go and managed to catch it.

  • I got the webcam. I have no experience with this sort of product and it definitely works… Looks like 1080p30. It came in an extremely barebones cardboard box with a single piece of paper for instructions. Completely driverless, so it's plug and play. It did come slightly damaged though. I'm not sure if it was postage, and the lens seems fine. I'm not sure if this is just my room/lighting conditions but despite having a clear resolution the video certain doesn't seem clear… Kinda like there's these rainbow elements all over the output. But if you need a camera that does 1080p, meaning some random old webcam won't work then it'll do the job.

    • Have you taken the protective film off the camera? As above it looks like some others did the same.

  • Got the webcam today but it didn't work. The instruction says it's driverless but i plugged it in both my laptop and and desktop. Nothing worked.

    • did you resolve this? Having the same issues now

      • Nah, i submitted a ticket for a refund. It's pending atm

        • I was experimenting what was causing the issue, and it appears that if I use a USB extension, or plug it into my USB hub, it will not work at all. Given that the cable is so short, this is really annoying!!

          • -1

            @18: Nah, mine is dead. They offered me a 12aud refund. But I'm gonna send it back to get full refund. Probably never buy anything from here again.

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