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Logitech K845 Backlit Mechanical Keyboard $59.99 US (~$91.92 AU) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


On sale is this mechanical keyboard by Logitech that was released in Asia market, but not Australia. It features backlit keys with 5 different light modes, brightness adjustment, function keys including media control, made from aluminum housing and uses the TTC Brown switches that are the same as the Cherry MX Brown in that they're not clicky. Perfect for an office environment!

Priority shipping has been made free for this keyboard, please ensure you click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose the shipping method before payment.

  • Apply the coupon NNNDBK845 to get it for $59.99 US (~$91.92 AU)

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate and 1 per order.

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  • Is that a standard bottom row on a Logitech mechanical, and with Cherry MX compatible stems! Now why couldn't they do that on their Logitech G gear..

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    Doesn't really look legit to me. I bet Logitech would never use those "gamery" keycaps.

    Seems to be a copycat of the Logitech 840

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      If you change your region to say China on the Logitech website you'll see a different story. Logitech and heaps of other brands like Lenovo and Razer even have region specific models.

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        2nd this, I have a Logitech G305 wireless mouse which is not sold in AU.

      • Oh right… I take back my words

      • And it says RRP CNY299 ~AUD64 on bottom

  • Is there A wireless keyboard on sale

    • Not a wireless version of this unfortunately.

  • I'd love to get one of this for office but the key sizes looks like they'll be a massive 'CLUNK' on each press. how soft are they?

    • TTC Brown are a clone of the Cherry MX Brown. You'll find video reviews of both in YouTube which should give you an idea. Unfortunately I don't have either so I couldn't say how much exactly.

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    Who is Logitech targeting with this model? Ugly…

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      Not sure when the last time a got I boner looking at my keyboard thinking what a looker she was.

      Most likely targeted at the majority who don't care how it looks but rather how it performs.

  • Aren't clones generally bad…reminds me of that website…

    • Wish is where you'll find all the fake stuff like $5 256GB micro SD cards. TTC Browns are reported to be good at reddit and YouTube.

  • Any tenkeyless version?

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