Nintendo 2DS XL + Mario Kart (Pre Installed) $129 Blue, $139 Orange, Nintendo 2DS + MK7 = $69 + $5.95 Shipping @ EB Games


Noticed this on EB Games for sale.

Not as cheap as the $99 last year but still a good deal if you want to pick one up brand new. Cheapest on Amazon is $216

Blue colour - $129

Orange colour $139

Ebay Link

Red 2DS + Mario Kart 7 = $69

Also noticed the the slim case for sale if you have a new 3DS XL

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EB Games Australia


    • $5.95 shipping
  • Blue one is a refurb

  • Not available for delivery?
    EDIT - the black/blue color is not available for delivery.

    • Well that's disappointing, I was going to order one!

      Went to click & collect and the nearest store with stock is 1,600km away from me. Nice.

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    These things are so ridiculously good, can't pass up this opportunity. They are great as kids presents because they're a hell of a lot more sturdy than the switch is.

    Plus you can hack these incredibly easily and they are beastly emulation machines. I just did one for my nephew who's 9. Apart from all the 3DS games, it can do DS games, SNES, NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Sega Master System, Mega Drive, Turbografx-16 and CDPS1, plus you can use retroarch for many other systems… Custom themes, injections, etc. The homebrew scene is ridiculous.

    Perfect for younger kids too because you just set them up and don't give them internet access so you don't have to worry about anything bad online for the little tikes.

  • Tempting, but hard to cough up given all the $99 sales late last year.
    Doubt there's a lot of stock, but would be a great little machine when hacked.

  • One of these with a soft-mod has been one of the best purchases I've ever made.

  • So tempting. I already have a original 3DS and my wife has a New Nintendo 3DS XL. It would be nice to upgrade from my OG unit, but I never use them…

  • Got a refurb New 3DS XL in mint condition from eb games for $150. It's just as good as everyone says. Soft modded it's so good. Needs a good grip case if you have big hands though because my thumbs would cramp with the joystick so close to the edge.

    I've kinda given up on the switch. Games are way overpriced and there's really only a handful that I don't have on wii u (also epic for softmodding) or can get on the Pc. The handful of games that I am referring to are also the ones that play well on the switch emulator Yuzu so it really is kind of redundant.

  • Oh, and I have it on good authority that EB is resuming trades as of Monday (in Victoria at least)

  • I was planing on getting a used (but like new) N3DS for young kid due to it's smaller size (currently have a N3DSXL for myself).
    Would anyone recommend this instead? Other than it being brand new it's get less features overall right?

    • The only difference is the lack of 3D. Otherwise the New 2DS XL has the same features as the New 3DS XL.

      • Thanks, thought so, wasn't sure if it was significantly lighter or anything. I'll skip this and find a nice N3DS instead, daughter struggles with the size of the XL.

      • its actually not the same.

        I have both and there is obvious differences.

        Here is what I have noticed.

        • Speakers on the New 3DS XL is better as it sits on the top panel facing you where as the 2DS XL sits on teh bottom and doesnt sound as good.
        • 2DS xl is much lighter to hold however it feels much cheaper than the new 3DS XL but doesnt mean its bad quality.
        • 2DS micro SD card is easier to access at the front with a flap covering it where as the new 3DS XL you have to take off the back panel to access.
        • 2DS XL top panel replacement is way more harder than the new 3DS XL should you need to replace it.
        • the board replacement is much more easier on the new 3DS XL compared to the 2DS X as the board is more modular.
        • Volume sliders are in different location for both units.
        • stylus is shorter for the 2DS XL compared to the new 3DS XL.
        • 2DS XL hinge feels more flappy than the new 3DS XL

        In saying that the 2DS XL is much more easier to hold for longer periods of time but I feel the 3DS XL feels much solid quality.

    • Probably wouldn't get much of a discount for pre-owned/refurbed compared to this, I'd say go with this. Featurewise, it's probably the second best DS after the New 3DS, which you don't miss.

    • I'd go for the New 2DS XL

      The New 2DS XL is significantly lighter than the New 3DS XL (260g vs 329g) and basically the same weight as the New 3DS (252g)

      The 3D feature isn't required, and Nintendo don't recommend using the 3D mode with children 6 and under

      This also comes with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed

  • Out of stock Victoria.
    Yes, I went through the whole list of stores.

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      Man that's such a good deal. I'm not going to say growing up we were poor. But we were struggling for sure. I never got a games console til I was well into my teens, while all my peers had Super Nintendo's and Mega Drives, they were still $199 or more back in the 90's.

      It's really good that kids can get a quality system like the 2DS for so cheap.

      • I was exactly the same. I always wanted a Nintendo 64/gameboy console when I was a child. Seeing the 2DS makes me want to relive my youth through Mario, Pokemon and Zelda games even though I don't have the attachment to Nintendo. I too noticed how cheap technologies is these days.

    • Beside the size difference, how would the 2DS be different from the 2DS XL?

  • nice thank you, been waiting for a special on these.

    two locals stores only had 1 each of the orange ones so bought both for my 2kids.

    thanks again!

  • I got one on Amazon during the Lightning deal $99 deal. Amazing little handheld.

  • Sold my Pokemon 3DS for $250 on eBay after about 5 years so this is a great price.

  • The 2ds I can't seem to get it shipped and there are none in Brisbane :(

  • They are now out of stock

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    They are not out of stock.

    Orange 2DS still for sale at a huge bunch of stores (e.g. sydney cbd, broadway, etc.)

  • Were can I get a new “new nintendo 3ds” not xl model?

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