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Free - No Yellow Vegan Shampoo Sample - Fanola


Just fill in the form and get a sample of this vegan shampoo.


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    Dang, yellow vegans are my favourite.

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    Unless the whole world went majority vegan, I wonder how much of an animal/death we would waste by not using their products.

    Not trying to start anything; its something I've genuinely wondered every time I imagine an imbalance of eating vs byproducts.

    Id risk betting that eating is still the number 1 cause of death?

    That and wheat; those wheat threshers kill more rodents and reptiles than I care to count….

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      You are probably right.
      Personally, I posted this because it is a freebie, not because it is vegan.


      Killed animals are already being "wasted". Their lives are wasted. By purchasing more flesh, secretions and byproducts of killed animals creates more demand.
      Worldwide kill number of land animals is 10 times of human population. If you think about what those animals are fed, then it puts in the perspective of how many lives are taken (on top of the animals that are killed directly for human consumption). So, consuming animal products causes more crop/plant farming deaths too.


    I ordered a free sample last time and nothing arrived except spam emails

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      The same has been happening with my ANZ statements in the last 4 months! Plus the reorders.


        I get my ANZ statements online. Imagine a full time job printing, folding and inserting into those things into envelops day in and day out. Forever 🤤

        God I miss jv. He is still in penalty box until Sunday.


          Well, I do too. But I am still concerned why the statements did not arrive and where they ended up.
          And the worst thing is, my local branch staff does not seem to care or show any willingness to investigate.


          i’m curious, whys jv penalized?


            @chakel: When you constantly walk on the edge and think you're edgy with it, you are bound to fall off eventually.


          what did jv do wrong for the penalty?


          folding and inserting into those things into envelops day in and day out. Forever

          I used to work at a laser tag joint, we did mail outs by hand.

          Usually 1000 or so in a day, between customers.

          Fold paper, open envelope, insert paper, Peel address sticker, stick, Peel stamp, stick.


    I subscribed to this the last time this came around and I never received it :/ I can attest to its quality though, since I’ve used it before

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    Is it as good as the leg of lamb I have hanging in the shower. My hair is beautifully fleecy.