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CASIO G-SHOCK GMWB5000GD-1D (Full Metal Black) - $629 Delivered (REG. $1,049) @ Prouds Jewelry


My first deal post so be nice!

G-Shock GMWB5000 Full Metal Series. Only black on sale, not gold or stainless.

World Time, Reminders, Phone Finder, Bluetooth Connection, Tough Solar

Cheapest I've seen on eBay is $779. They also have a few other models on sale. Unfortunately, triple black CasiOak ga2100 not on sale but @ $250 delivered isn't bad compared to aftermarket!

Yes, expensive for a gshock but because of beautiful all metal construction, newer module, screw down caseback etc… If you're into squares, this is an awesome watch!

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  • +3

    I could never pay that sort of coin for a beater watch, but still a good price.

  • It may worth it if it has full platinum case.

  • Why would anyone pay this much for a toy watch is beyond me.

  • looks cheaper than a fake rolex …. but then i’ve been into g-shock watches.

  • +36

    Lmfaoooo. This is for g shock enthusiasts, not tight ass people like us who won't a spend a dollar unless it saves our lives.

    Not my thing but people went through effort of trying to shit on something they have no knowledge on.

  • +5

    When a entry level Swiss watch is ~4-5k then yes ~$500 is about right for a beater.
    This is obviously for a specific demographic and not your DW / apple watch crowd.
    No watch is "worth" its price, you pay for the branding.

    • I paid $10 for a Casio F-91W (during a $10 off promotion Amazon was having), with it arriving in a fancy box with a little pillow.

      I'd say it was very much worth the price, to the extent I experienced the opposite of buyer's remorse.

      Buyer's contentment, I'd call it.

  • +1

    You're unlikely to get mugged sporting one of these.

    • +1

      Do people still get mugged for their watches? Sounds like a 1980s movie

      • Lol, this a 1980's style watch :)

  • Looks like it has the brick game built in

  • It’s still a pretty ugly watch IMO. Like a super mario bros castle level design. Would much prefer an analog face anyday (given the price of it).

    • those bricks are actually the solar panels which charge the watch…

  • -2
    • +3

      You need to use Google properly..

      • per their username, maybe they used yahoo instead? 69 times?

        • -2

          no. was on BING.

  • +1

    Be wary with these all metal watches, very glossy finish on them. Would scratch up in no time

  • -1

    What am I missing? I paid $60 USD for my G Shock gulfman 10 tears ago

    • +1

      This one is tough

  • +3

    Wow so many haters lol. It's a cool watch, I've got a resin looking version and don't really need the "features" this one has but there has to be a market out there for it or they wouldn't have made it.

  • Priced for older kids. Not for iwatcher.

  • Can it play snakes?

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