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Bosch GlassVAC Cordless Window Vac Solo Plus $74.50 | Bosch GlassVAC Solo $59 Delivered @ Amazon


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Bosch GlassVAC Cordless Window Vac Solo $59

likely not as good as karcher but priced well

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Impeccable cleaning: Windows, showers, tiles or mirrors, without leaving streaks with the window vacuum cleaner GlassVAC
Clean up to 35 windows: Long runtime with one battery charge, uninterrupted operations and practical LED battery display
Easy handling: Use the tool even in cramped spaces while avoiding contact with the windowsill thanks to the compact and lightweight design
Fast and strike-free window cleaning due to the know-how Bosch wiper blade technology from the automotive sector
Versatile window vacuum: Quick and easy change of window cleaning attachments for tackling different tasks with this Bosch cleaning equipment

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  • Tldr; requires manual spraying, same usability as the unlauded karcher which is infamous for not doing much at all

    I want a tool like this but I want it to make the job much easier

    • Any suggestions for a similar product that does work?

    • Love the "unlauded" karcher.

      More than cuts the time in half, easy to use and leave infinitely better, cleaner result. If this is anywhere near as good, it's a bargaoin given than the Karcher range has shot up by 20%+ in recent months.

  • This is good for commercial use. For household, Daiso store (if applicable) selling a similar product without that Vaccum feature at price around $2.80 - 5.80. Hope it gives you some idea before impulse buying.

    • thanks I was about to hit "place your order" then saw this message. You saved me $75 and a tough conversation with the missus.

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      Isn't the point of these the vacuum feature? When you soak your window and squeegee it, all that liquid has to go somewhere. If you don't have a vacuum like on these devices, it'll just go to the bottom of the glass. You then have to wipe it up unless it's outside.

      Whether or not that vacuum feature is useful depends on how many windows you need to clean and whether or not it matters if the base gets wet. A broom can do what a vacuum does on hard floors, but lots of people still buy vacuums. :)

    • The whole point is the vacuum feature brainiac. Without it u just get excess water all over the floor and having to towel up everything cos that’s where the water goes after u squeegee it

  • bought one will report back

  • Can buy a lot of Windex and newspaper for this price …