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I live in a HFC NBN area and next to connect with a new ISP for this, I have Adsl right now. I have cable Foxtel. Looking at the NBN video about connection I see the technician will install the NBN box somewhere out of the house, then the modem they supply will connect to the Foxtel outlet I use for my Foxtel receiver. Now I have 3 of these Foxtel outlets in 3 different rooms, and they all work with the Foxtel receiver if I move it around. Will the Foxtel outlets all work giving me the NBN service if I connect the NBN modem supplied to any of them? Or I have to decide wich one I want and stay there forever? I hope I was clear, thanks everyone for any help


  • As far as I know you can use any of your 3 existing Foxtel cable for your new HFC connection.
    NBN tries to use existing Telstra/Foxtel cable connections for new NBN connections.

    On the day of the NBN install, the NBN tech will arrive with the ARRIS NBN modem, plug it in and make sure it works.

    This is, if your existing Telstra Foxtel cable is in good condition.

    Main caveat though, is that in future if you have an NBN connection problem it will very difficult to convince your Retail Service provider (whoever that it) and NBN that the problem is external to your house and not related to some wiring issue of your internal Foxtel outlets.

    • Ok but it looks like it is NBN keen on using the Foxtel cable not the user, am I reading it wrong? If they accept it is good to go then after they will hold it against me for whatever problem I have?

      • NBN has to fix any faults with your service.

      • My HFC connection was installed six months ago. I had Optus cable wired under the house to the wall plate, but the NBNCo subcontractor who did the in-house installation said NBNCo forbids its subcontractors from using ‘third party‘ wiring (I’m assuming this includes FOXTEL), and he installed new cable.

        He said some subcontractors will use the old third party wiring because it’s less work/time for them and they save on cable (which they pay for out of their own pocket), but he said if NBNCo found out they would be “in big trouble”.

        So if new cable is connected to your primary wall plate, you may have to pay extra for new cable to the other outlets. ISPs will usually only pay for the one outlet.

        You may want to check if NBNCo considers FOXTEL a third party supplier.

  • How do you know of you're in an HFC area? I'm definitely keen to jump on the 1gig pipe

  • Having gone through the same thing I can share my experience.

    I had one foxtel plate in my house so this became the new NBN internal connection. Foxtel are now owned under Telstra. Supposedly the Foxtel cable network was sold to NBN therefore I had to convert to Foxtel Satellite in order to continue receiving Foxtel. They were nice enough not to charge me but the only downfall of satellite for me is low flying planes scramble the signal for 1sec.

    Noting that you have extra Foxtel plates I don’t know how NBN and Foxtel devices will split over that infrastructure. If I were you I’d call Foxtel to confirm the right arrangements have been procured for your house.

  • I went from Optus adsl to Vodafone nbn (HFC connection) in February. I have a Foxtel connection in my townhouse but have never had Foxtel (it is there from the previous owner). The installers connected the nbn box directly into the Foxtel connection inside the house. The wifi modem is then connected to the nbn box. The installers didn’t touch the cables or the Foxtel box which is in the garage area underneath the townhouse.

    I believe if you have Foxtel then a splitter is used to connect the Foxtel connection and the nbn box. There was a splitter supplied with the nbn box packaging.

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