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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 26800mAh Power Bank $31.06, 20000mAh $25.27 + Del ($0 w/ Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Romoss Amazon AU


Lightning deal at the moment and 0% claimed for popular Romoss power banks.

Good discounts for 26800 and 20000 SW20PS+ than previous posts and no coupon codes required.

Romoss 26800mAh SW30 Pro Power Bank(amazon.com.au) for $31.06
Romoss 20000mAh SW20PS+ Power Bank(amazon.com.au) for $25.27
Romoss 20000mAh Sense4 Mini Power Bank(amazon.com.au) for $22.43
Romoss 10000mAh QS10 Power Bank(amazon.com.au) for $18.69

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I thought QC 3.0 was charge rate greater than 2.4amp but photos on it shows max of 2.1amp?

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      It does, QC 3.0 is on the green USB-A designated Fit+. Fit+ Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A with the USB-C = PD and USB-A = QC 3.0. The white USB-A is the regular 2.1A.

  • Any recommendations/deals for USB-C adaptor and cable to go with these?

  • Does anyone have experience taking them to international flights? Is there limit on capacity or something? I am wondering which one I should buy based on this info

    • They're fine for flights, just really bulky and heavy for a 26800mah battery bank but, hey it is cheap.

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      Methinks it'll probably die before we can do international flights. So appease the inner OzB desire and buy buy buy! 😁

    • Power banks up to 100Wh can be taken on flights without carrier permission. The 26800mAh is just under 100Wh so it's fine.

      Over 100Wh up m and up to 160Wh requires airline approval - Qantas/Jetstar require you to email them and Virgin ask for it to be declared at check in.

  • Would the ROMOSS SW20PS+ be safe to use on the Nintendo Switch? Or would the ROMOSS 26800mAh Type-C PD be better because of the PD feature?

  • These are great. Got the 30,000 mah one recently. But it is a brick 🙂

  • OP, thanks for posting and looks like standard delivery is free. From the description: Get it Thu, June 4 with FREE delivery. I wasn't charged for delivery.

  • as someone that doesnt really understand this. really looking for purpose as charge phone and laptop at uni. also charging 2 laptops + 2 phones if me and my gf were to travel. which is best one for me?

    • +1

      Your laptops would require USB-PD to be charged with a power bank. Unfortunately the current Romoss ones on Amazon only go up to 18W which isn't really suitable for laptop charging.

      • Does charge Chromebooks ok although slowly but surely.

      • I think it really depends on the laptop. My nearly 4 year old Lenovo Yoga charges off pretty much anything I plugin although extremely slow and probably horrible for the battery but sometimes I'm desperate enough to get that 10%.

        • 18W will charge most laptops but it's not really ideal. Something like 30-45W or higher is more suitable.

  • Since these batteries come with PD, does anyone one know if they can be used or any good to charge the mirrorless camera?

  • +3

    Waiting for a usb-c 15v/3a capable powerbank on sale

    • That's the laptop capable ones yeah?

  • Do any of these support pass through (i.e. charge power bank and output at the same time)? Someone said no in the Q&A but a review says yes.

    • +1

      I have the 20,000mAh.

      Yes it does pass thru, though I can't remember if it charges of USB-C and let's you do USB-C output (lack of plugs).

      But you can charge via micro and output via USB-C (technically a net loss but still works).

      Pretty sure it has Thunderbolt or whatever the Apple crap is called, never used it.

  • Any idea how I make sure the power goes into a USB C laptop using a USB C to C cable? I always seem to drain the laptop using a battery pack.

    • You need a powerbank that has enough output wattage, this one isn't the case. I have a 45W one I use for my Galaxy Book that does this.

  • What's the delivery cost for someone who doesn't want to go Amazon Prime?

  • what's the difference between SW20PS+ and sense4 Mini?

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      SW20PS+ has 18W fast charging while the Sense 4 Mini does not.

  • I have had a Romoss 5200mAh powerbank for 5.5 years now, still going strong. If they do them as they used to, it's a great deal.

  • Got a few of these, good solid power banks.👍

  • Whats the difference between SW20 and SW20PS+?

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      • Also weighs 60 gm less than the SW20.

  • +1

    I wish these had a quick charge function for the galaxy s9 and s10. Does anyone know a powerbank that does?

  • Thanks Op!!! I finally purchased two of these romoss powerbank after my 5+years old xiaomi's stopped working :D

    I hope these will last for a few years :)

  • -1

    It greatly amuses me when I see the "stated" capacity of these things having worked with batteries & power. They are way over the actual capacity, some rated at 26,800mAh can barely fully charge a phone with a battery capacity of around 3,500mAh just once. It's all fantasy stuff.

    It's much like those ghetto blasters that used to "claim" they were 150 PtoP watts when 0.5 watts RMS was the real output & is deafeningly loud.

    • Agreed. The price tag alone is a bit suspicious. My Zendure power bank has the same mAh but cost me $200. But I know for a fact it has charged my Dell XPS 15 to full and still have enough left over to charge my Samsung Tab S4 and my Google Pixel 2XL.

      • +2

        Battery cells are incredibly cheap to purchase and mass produce. The ICs responsible for things like the 18W charging cost way less than a dollar. Romoss being the manufacturer means they can sell on platforms like Amazon at near cost prices to gain market share.

        Kevin is probably confusing how power bank capacities are rated at 3.7V while phone batteries are rated at 5V. Making the real capacity less.

        Looking at the Zandure it's $200 AU locally. It's a well established fact here at OzBargain that local stores sell many electronics like power banks significantly higher than Chinese brands selling on other platforms. Though a bad comparison as they're functionality different in many ways.

    • +3

      Well my 3300mAh phone gets around 4.5 charges from close to zero and the battery indicator on the Romoss shows around 10-11% remaining.

      So you're full of shit I guess

  • Ok, been using the SW20PS+ for a couple weeks now and I have to save the percentage display is no way right. I have fully charged my Pixel 2 twice and it still shows 89%, this is probably why people keep saying it runs flat suddenly at 30% or so. Second thing is it can't do 18W PD and 18W QC at the same time, given the price it's expected.

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