Audi Q5 Sport Vs BMW X3 xDrive 20D VS Mazda CX9 Azami

Hi Guys, help me please. Trying to decide between Q5,X3 and CX-9(I know it is a diffrent segment car).

I am trying to convince the Mrs for Mazda but she is adamant to get a German car. I guess I have lost that battle, but will give it one last try. So throwing CX-9 in the mix still.

Family of 3. Will just own 1 car, if buying Q5 or X3. But will keep the existing, if buying Mazda CX-9. Use existing for grocery trips and keep the CX-9 for longer trips.

May need 6 seats but very rarely.
We both work in city and go to work together but 2 cars gives a little bit of extra flexibility in case needed.

Still newbie to forum so please be gentle.

Q5-5 year free servicing. 5Y warranty around 75K. New. TDI sport.
CX9 -4 year free servicing.5Y warranty. around 66K. New. Azami.
X3-Haven't been to dealership yet.

NOTE- Bought X3 30D. Demo Nov-19. For 75K.

Thanks for the input guys. The 3L diesel was a breeze to drive. Loved it straight away. 5 year servicing included. And some packages too.

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    Q5 TFSI 2.0 owner here.

    Beautiful car, beautiful drive and interior.

    Not worth the money, unreliable, and expensive to maintain.


    I have to change 2 brake pads, of course you cannot change just the pads, you have to get the whole set inc discs. ~$2k for just the front.

    One of my headlights are starting to blow, getting warnings but still usable, they want $800 to replace the bulb.

    They = Dealership.

    Don't do it.

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      Audi stealership service department are money grabbers. IMO. So happy to sell my TT. Great car, but the maintenance costs were wallet draining, also treat customers like dumb assets and arranganlty.

      Get yourself a demo BMW active Tourer. Great little car. Spacious, reasonable service cost, easy to drive, & good interior and storage space. Took it on a road trip from Melb to Canberra BF Covid. Wife loves it. Easy to park. And it has the Euro cache your partner wants.

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        With any European car, you take the car to a specialist (non dealer) once out of warranty, otherwise you’ll get ripped off badly.

        Why would you change your light globes at a dealer? That’s like going to a podiatrist to cut your toenails.

        I (DIY) changed both my xenon globes with OEM Osram globes for under $150. Plenty of YouTube videos for basic maintenance.

        If you can’t do very basic maintenance, an out of warranty European car is a bad idea.

        The only reason to buy a BMW is for RWD dynamics, front wheel drive BMW? No thanks.

      • So happy to sell my TT.

        Just curious.. which one did you have?'

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          Mk2 2lt Manual

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            @Melb69: Niceee.. I looked at that for a while because of my budget, but then I hesitated long enough to have enough to get the mk3. Beautiful cars!

            • @bobbified: Yeah I miss the car, but not the service costs

              • @Melb69: I have a Mk2 TTS manual. Purchased for $19000. 30000kms in perfect condition. Has been a great/reliable/powerful car and great value for money. I take it to an Audi/VW specialist and you will pay about $300-350 for a good service.

                I had a couple of MK1 TTs also and they were great. Couldnt recommend the TT more, as long as you know what to expect when buying a used euro car.

                The Q5 with the same engine would be a great car. Especially with the extra room to work in the engine bay.

      • Oooh fellow mk3 owner?!!

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      I have to change 2 brake pads, of course you cannot change just the pads, you have to get the whole set inc discs. ~$2k for just the front.

      That’s a rort Nissan used to tell me when I bought a new car from them a decade ago. O know every car is different but needed if you change discs after 2 years is a total scam.

      Luckily my dad is a semi mechanic and we could DIY, and never changed the discs till around 7 years later

    • Audi guys are offering 5 year free servicing and 5 year warranty for Q5. Does that change anything. Forgot to mention that we are buying new or a demo but not old.

      • All new cars are good. Just buy what you feel the most comfortable driving in, the features, the look and the price if that matters for you.

      • 5 year servicing does not cover wear and tear parts like brake pads and rotors etc.

        As mentioned, don't do any of those with the stealership, go to a independant mechanic.

    • What's with Audo and break pad usage?? They wear out so damn fast compared to every other car I've owned.

    • I second that.

    • Which year model?

    • Sold My 2009 Audi A4 B8 with 1.8T Engine last month.
      Wasn't too bad but there were multiple things failing with the car that made me hate it.
      In 11 months of ownership I had to replace few things each month.
      - Intake Manifold Replacement (Dealer warranty covered it)
      - Center Brake light would not work and displays dash warning (I repaired it myself)
      - Drive belt
      - Drive belt tensioner
      - Multiple globes failed (replaced myself x 4)
      - Aircon Sensor failed
      - Aircon regas
      - Engine oil low after 5000kms etc

      This car had full service history.
      There is Audi owners facebook page you might want to check for ongoing issues people post there.

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        The TSFI engine oil burn issue really bugs me.

        Audi pretends its not a problem.

        • And how conveniently they ask for 20k+ on rebuilds!

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    Family of 3, the CX9 is pretty big.

    I’d take the X3 out of those three.

    I’d also look at an Volvo XC40 and XC60. They haven’t won awards for no reason.

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      XC40 is too expensive for it's size/class.

      XC60 is long in the tooth now. I'm also not a fan of it's FWD bias, and the chassis is ollllld. Its based on Ford Mondeo from near 20 years ago, and while it still feels tight enough, I don't think they ever found a good balance between stiff suspension and handling on the XC60. It's just too stiff for what it is, with no real benefit.

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        You do realise the current XC60 is only 2 years old and is based on a new platform?

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          My mistake, it is a new platform (SPA, not the old Mondeo), but the car was launched in 2017 and is based on a platform from 2014.

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            @Burnertoasty: How often do you think platforms substantially change?

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              @Randolph Duke: There’s no set period for that.

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                @Burnertoasty: It's usually 6 years average, and there's an overlay at the starting years and ending years.

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                  @Kangal: I highly doubt that manufacturers change platforms every 6 years. That’s the space that some manufacturers change their models over, but not platforms. Platforms often last multiple generations.

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      Volvo servicing costs are even higher than the Germans.

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        New Volvos have reasonable capped price servicing.

        After warranty is over, find yourself an independent specialist. This applies to most cars, except for Toyota, servicing is dirt cheap at the dealer.

      • Chinese cars still need to catch up in terms of long term reliability.

    • Thanks JB. Went to try volvo but the sales guy was just hopeless. The XC40 felt too small and XC60 looked good but getting anything out of him was really hard. He kept convincing me to buy Mazda for some reason. I think car may be good but but wrong sales guy just killed it. Also, Audi guys are offering 5 year free servicing and 5 year warranty as promo.

      Haven't tried X3 yet, will test drive it this weekend.

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        Try another dealer.

        I wouldn't let one bad experience from a dealer detract me from a brand completely, well as long as there is another dealer around.

        I'd test drive has many cars, then choose the one you (or wife) like the most.

    • I did test drive in CX9 and it's a comfy car and probably good enough for what you need.

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    Have you looked at the Tiguan ? I have the Allspace which is a 5+2 car. It is a very nice car to drive, 5 y warranty, German car as well :)

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      Why would you buy a Tiguan when you can get a Audi or BMW for the same money?

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        Show me what you would get for 65k driveaway in Audi and BMW. Plus the 5y warranty. Last time i checked the X3 starting from 73k for a base model and Q5 would be similar. The Tiguan 162 would do 0-100 under 7s and full of options + safety features which you have to pay a lot to upgrade in BMW and Audi. And the Q5 i believe uses the same platform as the Tiguan. But then again i know many people would pay extra for the bages or downgrade to Skodia which uses the same parts as the VW cars anyway :)

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          You can get a new Audi Q5 for that money, but I'd spend a bit more and get an X3 3.0i

          You'd be able to get a very lightly used X3 3.0i for $65k driveaway.

          Both vastly superior cars.

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            49.9k driveaway with less than 40km on the clock - warranty until 2025.

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              @Lvlong: Not even remotely in the same class. Hence the price.

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              @Lvlong: That’s a regular Tiguan. Not an allspace.

              Only has 5 seats. OP needs 6 seats at times

              All space will be another 3k, plus fully loaded with all 3 options will cost approx 60k. I know because I bought one and it’s amazing.

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                @baydoti: Sorry, i should stick to the AllSpace. I bought the Allspace Rline and so happy with it so far. Not many car can do autobreaking from low speed to 160km/h. I can squeeze 5 adults + 2 kids for a day trip. On the freeway i can even take my hands off the steering wheel and it can drive itself ( for 30s before it asks me to take over :) ). Highly recommend the OP to testdrive the Tiguan AllSpace 162 ( make sure you switch on the sport mode, it will turn to a totally different car)

                • @Lvlong: Well of course it breaks automatically. That's standard for all VWs. It usually happens just out of warranty.

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                    @Burnertoasty: I asked and the sales rep said the Audi Q5 does not do high speed autobreaking. You have to set the radar cruise to enable it. Also the interior of the Q5 is so plain - even worse than Toyota ‘s.
                    I tried the X5, X7, CX9, CX8, Klugger, Q7 , XC60 , XC90 even the Cayenne S and they all fell so floaty. The handling of the Tiguan is so so so much better than those cars. Q5 and X3 are comparable in term of handling but not as spacious in the boot as well as less seats comparing with the Tiguan AllSpace.

                    • -1

                      @Lvlong: Audis tend to break just as often as VWs. They are made in the same factories afterall.

                      And your poor spelling aside, you're absolutely incorrect if you think a Tiguan outhandles an X5 or Cayenne S. It's essentially a front wheel drive car with Haldex for a start. It's understeer city. You're confusing your perception of the car's weight with handling. The Cayenne in particular handles very well for an SUV, and it most certainly doesn't feel floaty. It's pretty much the stiffest SUV I've ever driven, to the point where it's almost uncomfortable and detracts from the purpose of having an SUV.

                      • @Burnertoasty: You are right . I was refering to the weight of those cars. When i drove those through some tight consecutive corners, those cars just felt so heavy. The Tiguan with 21inch low profile tyres felt some much more nimble. The Macan can surely handle the corners better but i disagree on the Cayenne. It is a heavier and taller car

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                          @Lvlong: You’re wrong. The Cayenne handles much better than any Tiguan.

          • @Burnertoasty: Mate, that q5 and x3 are pretty bog standard. To get anything similar to the Tiguan you are forking out a lot more

            • -1

              @popcornready: Just not true. I’ve posted two deals on X3/Q5 for close to Tiguan pricing. The X3 is fully loaded and a much better engine.

              • @Burnertoasty: I have a Tiguan Highline 2018 (ordered December 2017) with Sunroof ($2K) and DAP ($3-3.5k) All up paid $53,750 including Paint ($800 List). I was getting end of generation X3 20i for $56K and it drove hard and felt underpowered + dated on the inside. I don't know what you are on about. Normal size Tiguan is built in Germany in the main Wolfsburg factory. Also, 162KW engine plus the screen in the dash sold me. Q5 has the same engine + chassis. Better Tune you get 18xKw of power but Tiguan comes fully loaded and Q5 is barebones for a similar price.

    • Demo Azami AWDs can be had for under $60k DA everyday now. Were you looking at Azami LE's ?

      I wouldn't touch the Q5, it's 4 years old, built in Mexico, and even in Sq5 trim the interior quality is a severe step back from the previous gen Q5. Having said that, dealerships can't get rid of them quick enough, so it would actually be the 'bargain pick' of the bunch.

      The G01 X3 is a much bigger car than the Q5. Also it's insane how you can't spec comfort access on the s20i. You have to pull your key fob out to unlock doors.

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    I've got a late 2018 CX9 Azami. I like it and don't find it too big. I didn't consider the Q5 or X3 simply because of the servicing costs.

    • 2020 build cars is even better with additional insulation and acoustic glass (super quiet), and the Azami LE offers real matte would trim. The leather on the Azami LE puts the X3 and Q5 to shame (I owned a 2018 G01 X3 xdrive30i, and sold it because "burning oil smell" is normal, and they couldn't fix the many dash/door rattle).

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    Have to taken her to see all 3 cars? Perhaps after test driving and seeing the value of the Mazda compared to the others she might reconsider

    Or get a view of the total cost of ownership over next 5 years across the 3 cars as mentioned above, the total operating cost may tip her towards the Mazda

    • Did that already mate. Mazda sales guy did a very good job too. They offered 4 year free servicing as well. Now AUDI is offering 5 year free servicing.

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    Get her the German car. She obviously needs it to show up the other soccer moms during the morning school drop off… And nothing feels better than Bethany-Anne’s and Caitlin-Rae’s mothers complimenting your wife’s new “German” SUV… she certainly will be the bell of the ball…

    Or get the Mazda because it will be better value for your dollars and cost a lot less to service, have a better resale value and spend less time being floated about on the back of flatbed tow trucks…

    If you have to go “German”, (and your wife’s mind is already set.) then I say the BMW. Audi are… well… not really renowned for their “quality” or their “reliability”….

    • +6

      bell of the ball

      It's the "belle" of the ball. It's French, mate :P
      'Belle' means 'beautiful', in this case, the most beautiful.Why would anyone want to be a bell at a ball?😂

      • +3

        Omg, am I not entitled to one spelling error every now and then. :P

        As soon as I realised it was wrong, it was too late to edit it and I thought… “yep, that’s sure as shit is going to get picked up and I’m going to get the eggcorn speech.”

        So, yes, I know it’s belle, but I guess my editor in chief was just having a slack arse day of it that day. :)

        What did I see once? “They are not spelling mistakes, but rather they are intentional copyright traps…”

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      yep pretty clear wife just wants German to flex.

      • +4

        I am looking at getting a new car at the moment, and I made the mistake of throwing X3 into the mix… Now it's all "What about this car??" *shows listing for X3* "or this one…" *another X3* "I like the X3…"

        Um, no lady, you don't. You like the badges on it, and it's one number higher than your friends X1…

        • +1

          Lucky you. Our transition, hopefully this year, from an X1 (from wifes pespective) is between a Land Rover Velar, BMW X6, Tesla Model X, Porsche Cayenne (last two are lukewarm as "somebody else has it and I don't want the same as them").

          My hope is I can trade my car and get her a MB GLC coupe. Then I can get a used Nissan for myself (GTR… I hope the used angle works).

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    Get a Camry.

    • +2

      Already have NISSAN mate, that is quite close 😊

      • +4

        Get a Toyota and use the extra dosh on some Aussie Holidays and pretty curtains.

      • Nissan is nowhere near Toyota in terms of reliability.

    • The tribe has spoken!

    • Camry Hybrid if the OP cares about the wallet. I can't see banks accepting "image" as payment for the mortgage in 6 months and stuff is going wrong really fast. See COVID19 blowing up in Russia, India next then Africa.

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    You can't sit 6 in the X3 or Q5 (you can barely fit 5), I don't know about the Mazda. If you are buying a new car, what is your budget? Because of those cars, the X3 is the best car (marginally better than the Q5, to the point that it comes down to price and preference), but within the X3 range, the 3.0i/3.0d are substantially better than the 2.0i/2.0d variants (and the I6 versions are better again). The pick of the bunch is really the 3.0i, because with bargaining you can get it for the price of a 2.0d, and you still get good fuel economy, you get much better performance, and you get way more in terms of features (360 camera, autonomous driving [it's absolutely shite though on BMWs], adaptive suspension, dash cam, wireless phone charger, etc etc).

    • +1

      6 if you can fit the small kid in the foot well on the second row and keep their head down so the cops don't see them. In Asia you can fit a family of 5 on a 125cc scooter.

      • I’m not sure you realise how small inside these cars are. Maybe in front of the engine in the engine bay. There are braces to hold onto. As long as it’s not a 6 cylinder variant.

    • Absolutely disagree with the X3.

      The upgraded leather on the xdrive30i is pathetic. It scratches easily - I don't wear jeans, and I'm only 73kg.
      Oil consumption (and oil burning smell) is normal as per the dealership.
      Rattles galore.
      Also I've had two instances where the car swerved to the left for no reason. I wash the car every week, and I always make an effort to keep the parking sensors and cameras clean.

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    Shouldn't you be comparing a Mercedes GLC with the others? not a CX9?

    • +1

      That's a very old car now. Outclassed, but considerably more expensive for the equivelant engine.

      • The new GLC has been released. 2020 model. I don't know how you think it is old. The CX-9 is so old compared to all of them in case you have not realised

        • +4

          That's not a new model. It's a very light refresh of the old model. They changed the headlights and put a newer MBux in. It's still a very old car, that has a fundamental design error that was never addressed in the front suspension.

        • GLC has terribly small interior space, driver side felt extremely crap, and the rear compartment height was quite low. Whole family are average height and on the skinny side. Had to go up to GLE to comfortably fit my parents and a child seat in the back. Some regrets not going with Lexus since we've always owned Japanese cars, but the console Lexus looked too "busy" (aka had way too many buttons etc).

          • @josaya: And the Lexus infotainment is a joke.

            • @Burnertoasty: Mate, people who buy Lexus don't care about computer screens and UX design. lol
              Just GPS and Bluetooth and they'll be happy for the next 10 years.

              • -2

                @Orico: With 2010 maps

                • -1

                  @Burnertoasty: Nobody cares now that Carplay is finally standard.

                  • -1

                    @tooslow8888: If you have a decent OS, you don’t need CarPlay. Personally I think the latest iterations is idrive and the Tesla OS are superior to CarPlay.

      • What about the GLB with 7 seats?

  • +39

    Get the Mazda, the other two lack working indicators.

    • Is that sarcasam? I honestly didn't get it.

      • +8

        No he's absolutely correct. Not only do those cars lack indicators, the drivers also lack common sense.

        • +5

          You can buy common sense as an optional extra but most of those drivers choose not to.

        • Thanks for explaining and to be honest, I was one of those while test driving. Kept on putting the wipers on instead of indicators.

          • @GuyfromMelbourne: You get used to it. But if you're going to buy European, only buy European from here on out, to avoid feeling like a noob every time you switch cars. Happened to me constantly.

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    Get best of both worlds and buy a Lexus
    I would wait for the 2021 new Generation Lexus nx.
    It’s rumoured to have a plug in hybrid variant