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[PC] Steam - Free - Dungeons 2 (possibly VIP Status required) - GreenManGaming


You can get a key for Dungeons 2 free.

Just sign in and reveal the key - but be quick as they run out quickly.

It says you need VIP status but I do not have it and yet I could get the key after signing in. It did say I have no VIP status but it still gave me a a code to use to get 100% off in the checkout cart.


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  • Turns out I already got it so here:

  • VIP only

    • Wrong. Follow instructions. Worked for me.

      They will fix this soon though, just as happened with the last deal like this where I missed out.

      • steady on its 1am brain no worky at this time of the morning.

        redeemed post review of instructions.


  • VIP only

  • Instructions:
    Click thumbnail
    It will tell you that you don't have VIP and redirect to main page
    Click banner on main page to get coupon
    Add Dungeons 2 to basket
    Checkout using coupon
    Get steam key
    Redeem on steam

  • Already have it, so here's a free code:


    Please acknowledge if used.

  • Doesn't work for me even after following the instructions.

    If anybody already has the game and has a free code, would appreciate if you could PM me! Thanks

  • not working

  • This didn't work for me :(

    EDIT: Turns out I had an older account that I forgot about. Managed to get the coupon code, but when I clicked on 'Add to Cart' I got a message saying 'The game is out of stock.'

  • Says "The game is out of stock"
    Got a code using above tho - will try again in a few hours

  • Anyone DM me key please?

  • the game is out of stock.
    anyone dm please?

  • As out of stock I expired it.
    If it comes back into stock I will unexpire it.

  • I have a spare key. Whoever solves this first, PM me with the solution you get from the little riddle/quiz and I give you the last two characters/digits.

    First part:

    1. First letter of the name of the supermarket in The Simpsons
    2. Not V40 and not X40 but _40.
    3. The fourth prime number
    4. The best grade on German Energy passport
    5. You cannot divide by this

    Second part:

    6 and 7: The number of players on the field during a match between Argentina and the Netherlands in the 2014 World Cup
    8 and 9: Airline code for Cathay Pacific
    10. Greek Nu

    Third part:

    1. First letter of the German special ops team who freed flight LH181 (Landshut)
    2. The number that is found very often as the last number in a price (not 0, not 9)
    3. First letter of what is 3,141592…

    I will check the answers every evening.

    Send me the code you which you will get from the answers above and I give you the final two you need for the code.

    Have fun.

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