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Free SIM Starter Pack from LycaMobile


Free SIM card Starter Pack:


Select "Get Free SIM" and enter address details.

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    They have always been free.

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      Previous time, they expired and Lyca stopped sending them out.

      So get them while you can!

      • But why get them in the first place? What are they useful for?

        [Update] Now confirmed as useful for porting in & out👍
        Unknown how long a SIM without credit can be used for incoming calls & SMS.

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    Don't need credit to activate right?

    • Correct.

      No credit card needed.

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        I meant no need for a top up to activate yes?

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          Yes, no need top up. You can port into Lyca then port out immediately without spending anything on these free sims.

          • @VlVh: No one else has said that in previous Lyca free SIM Deals. Frequently asked.

            Have you done this with a Lyca free SIM recently?

            Some other providers have stopped that handy practice now, requiring credit added.
            That's why the Telstra $2 SIMs are great - when available free (but not now).

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              @Rather be Travelling: Yes, VIVh is right. I did three times already this month. Port in the number to Lycamobile is technical work, but if following instructions should be alright.

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              @Rather be Travelling: Since Lycamobile uses Telstra network, it could be similar. Think that Amaysim, Catch, OVO manage accounts in a very similar way .

              Ordered the SIM this time and will muck around with a spare number to know it better.

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      That question has been asked in these free SIM Deals going back nearly 7 years - no one has given an answer, so very unlikely.

      [Update] Now confirmed as useful for porting in & out👍
      Unknown how long a SIM without credit can be used for incoming calls & SMS.

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      how do you port out to free sim with Lyca? Do you have to recharge the lyca sim to port out from Kogan? i guess you have to top up lyca sim to activate? please confirm . thanks

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    In Penalty Box


  • Can this be activated without any recharge? Some feedback in earlier threads suggest difficulty with porting.

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    Aldi have $5 sim that last 365 days….

    • $0 < $5 when it comes to receiving texts and calls only.

      • How long can it last without recharge?

      • 1 year of receiving texts and calls is much longer than probably none with this Deal.

        In these free SIM Deals going back years, no one has confirmed we get anything more than the SIM.

        Amaysim SIMs receive texts and calls for a year after credit expires. So great for keeping old numbers active. Sometimes available free in Deals - with free calls & data. Just activated another free one from Deal last month.

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    Looked through Lyca free SIM Deals going back years - no mention of any real use for this SIM - unless intending to sign up. In which case - better to take up an offer in a Deal.

    Just lots of people saying to avoid Lyca!

    A few asked if it can be used without credit - there was no reply!!

    Best use suggested (7 years ago) for these free SIMs:
    Order 100,000 free SIM's.
    Recover and melt the gold plating from each SIM
    Sell gold nugget

    [Update] Now confirmed as useful for porting in & out👍
    Unknown how long a SIM without credit can be used for incoming calls & SMS.

  • Unlimited 10 for $1 is better deal.

    • I have ordered the $1 deal before.
      Does anyone know if I can order it again and again?

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    If you need a sim for 1 month then it's hard to beat the Catch 40GB $1.40 after cashback.

    • +1

      You do love your sweet SIM Deals👍

      $1.40! Activated that Catch yesterday for 10c profit after cashback🎉

      • +1

        I bought 2 in a week ($4.9 + $5 cashback) and think of using this lycamobile SIM to bounce back with the same number.

        • Not a bad idea, as Catch uses Optus & as you say Lyca uses Telstra.

          I've got a free Catch expiring in a week, & another to activate by same date - so may will do the same.

          Ordered 2 SIMs, 1 for now & 1 for later.

          Since buying a dual SIM phone, I rarely Port. Now on my main number I use free Amaysim for 1+ year of incoming calls & SMS. So Port out & back ever 13 months.

  • Crazy how people get these free Sims just for porting in & out😂

    • +2

      It's about the best use for this Lyca SIM!

      Much better to take up free SIM Deals with included credit & data.

  • So can you use this as a new number for Uber Eats deals, etc without having to buy credit?

    • Yes, you can. Without credit you can receive the SMS verification code.

  • How can you get the sim for free? I click the "get free sim", fill in my address and click proceed, the website jump back to the 1st page again.

  • Thanks mate got one to get all the free ozzybargain free signup offers

  • These are useless, they don’t let you use their offers online without a new sim

  • Tried to use this for a new account with Uber Eats. Have to register with Lyca which is a bit of a pain for this to work but it now seems to.

    • Hey, how exactly did you do this. I ordered the SIM card and activated it online, didn't buy anything though. Did you buy any plan to make it work? We can't receive anything on the sim card.

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