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Panasonic SR-DF101WST Rice Cooker, 5 Cup, White, $79.50 Shipped (RRP $149) @ Amazon AU


Simple and Easy to use. Features one-touch operation allowing you to access the 4 main programmes simply by pushing one button on the front panel. 5 Cups uncooked
Advanced Fuzzy logic technology allows the rice cooker to make adjustments based on each set of ingredients and the cooking environment, the same way a human would, so you don't have to monitor
One touch easy operation with 4 categories
Non-Stick pan for easy washing and cleaning and a 5 hour keep warm feature to make this the perfect addition to any benchtop
Australian plug and Australian manufacturer's warranty included

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    I have this. Bought for $88 a year ago from Bing Lee. Good product. Easy to use and never burns rice. Could do with a delay timer function.

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      Yeah nah. I'm good

  • Our Tiger curiousity has somewhat diminished from having the top of the line Pana 5L. The one with 4mm pan for only $170 bing lee iirc.

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    Have this (or identical looking model) bought about 5-6 years ago for around $100.Still going strong.

    Excellent rice every time. The quick cook function takes about 25min, white rice function takes about an hour and the brown rice function takes about 2hrs.That said, we tend to hit quick cook for any type of rice and are happy with the results.

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    Used to use rice cookers until I found the absorption method. Just simmer on low heat until the rice absorbs all the water. Then turn the burner off and let it sit until the desired softness is required.

    The reason I moved away from rice cookers is that the non stick coating always came off after a while. Not wanting to eat this coating would need to replace the cooker. Absorption method works just as well on stainless steel pots without sticking.

    • Prepare for the down votes :) this method works.

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      Try replacing water with chicken stock next time. Hainanese Chicken rice ready to be served.

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      Agree with the manual method, but with rice cooker, it's pretty much set and forget, rather than you need to manually stop the burner

    • How long does this take though?

  • Any idea how this compares to the breville rice box?

    • I have had this Panasonic for about 6 years and pretty happy with the results. But like another Amazon reviewer commented, the cup markings inside the bowl are pretty hard to read, and it does not have a countdown timer to let you know how long to go until the rice is ready. I will probably get the Breville rice box when this dies as it has better reviews and has a few more features.

  • This or Breville ?

    Breville Cup Rice Cooker, White, LRC210WHT https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07KQ27W7Y/

  • Been thinking about a rice cooker. Was going to go a instant pot to get rid of appliances but I read that it doesn't do a good job with rice slow cooking or browning. But I think I'll stick to the absorption method.