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Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro 20000mAh USB-C $42.95, ZMI QB815 15000mAh $38.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


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  • i bought the powerbank with the inductive charger built in from the mi store. very good quality.

  • This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

    lol what.

  • I got excited when I saw the deal, but the $10 shipping cost kills it for me

    • Even with the shipping cost I reckon it is still a nice deal

      • Ive only been eyeing the power bank pro 3, and it is only $1 cheaper than the regular $54 u can get it for (was available at that price when i checked about 3 months ago, and still that price today).

        Cheaper is cheaper i guess, but definitely not the price drop im waiting for

        • Doubt it will be cheaper again since ebay killed the ebay plus free postage deals which they can take advantages of, good to have hope though.

  • 45W USB-C PD output on Power Bank 3 Pro 20000mAh
    40W USB-C PD output on ZMI 10 QB815 15000mAh

    • My QB815 sez 45W PD on the case…

      • 45W USB-C PD input / 40W on single USB-C PD output

        Of course, if you use both USB-A and USB-C outputs, you can achive 45W output combined.

    • It's so infuriating because my laptop gets mad and says 40W isn't enough compared to the stock 45W. It just has a warning icon on th battery symbol and my "OCD" hates it.

  • Which one is better between the two?

    • PB3 Pro looks better imo, in terms of output and capacity for not much more money.

      • personal prefer the zmi as the built quality is much better, longevity zmi is superior based on personal experience.5000mah when taking heat lose and conversation rate into consideration, slight differnce in real life usage.

  • Been using the Power bank 3 Pro for a year with my surface pro. It is a very nice power bank for sure and can even trigger Super Fast Charging 2.0 on the S20 Ultra.

    • Can it fully charge the surface?

      • For sure. Generally, these can fill atleast 3 times your average laptops capacity.

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          Generally, these can fill atleast 3 times your average laptops capacity.

          Not actually true, you're only looking at the mAh rating. You have to take into account the voltage. The easiest way is to look at the watt-hour rating.

          When it comes to power banks, the mAh rating refers to the cell capacity at 3.7V. The Power Bank 3 Pro is 20,000mAh (20Ah). 20 x 3.7 = 74Wh. The efficiency of the boost circuit in a power bank is about 70-90% depending on load and design, so let's say 80%. That means the max you can get out of a 20,000mAh power bank is about 59Wh.

          A Surface Pro 7 has a 5,702mAh (5.7Ah) battery which is made up of two cells, giving it a voltage of about 7.4V. 5.7 x 7.5 = ~42Wh. There will be an efficiency loss in the charging process, typically around 90%. So a full charge would take about 46.4Wh.

          That means if the Surface Pro is switched off, you should be able to fully charge it with a 20,000mAh power bank once, and have 12.6Wh (~3,400mAh) left over. That should be just enough to top up a phone.

  • Can the ZMI actually do 5v/3A from a single port or is that 2xPorts to make 5v3A again like the Pro?
    Edit: Looks like only on USB-C it can, back to the hunt for a USB-A plug that can handle 5v/3a, which it should since USB-C can also go through USB-A right? Plus there are 5v3a USB-A>C cables everywhere.

  • PB3Pro user here, paid $60, very happy with it.

    This is a bargain.

  • Whats the consensus on shopping square? Are they somewhat reputable?

    • The product might be good value but be aware you might be throwing away your money if you buy with shoppingsquare/apusexpress. They’ve got the worst customer service ever.

      My order from around Christmas got lost but they refused to provide any compromising solution or show any compassion for that matter. When I enquired they backdated a random tracking number to the order which showed delivery at 10:26pm. As if couriers come at that time…

      Also others have noted they’ve been scammed by them in the past:

  • Where is made China?

  • If I try and order 2 to save shipping I get Delivery & Handling: $14.99 after a $4.99. They try charging $10 each item for shipping.