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Free Beta VPN + Smart DNS (Normally $10 USD/Month) @ Oeck


First time poster here.

Oeck, a premium tier VPN service today opened their doors to the public allowing anyone to signup and test their network for free during the beta period, I believe this period is for 1 month.

Some of the features Oeck offers are not seen anywhere else such as:

What this does is allow you to connect to a local region that is near you, but your streaming traffic (i.e Netflix) is automatically redirected to a location of your choosing such as USA, UK, Canada and Germany, allowing you to watch overseas libraries without having to disconnect from the VPN. So a use case scenario would be connecting to the Sydney region, then playing online games based in Sydney all while watching Netflix based in the US, since US has a bigger movie/show library.

They support account sharing, but in a different way, you basically create several profiles under your account, each profile has individual settings such as streaming service location presence, ad-filtering, malware blocking, social media blocking as well as custom website filtering. I believe you can have a concurrent connection limit of 6 and a device profile limit of 100.

The business itself is based in Hong Kong, this is because Hong Kong currently has good privacy laws, however they’ve said if things change regarding Hong Kong's politics, they will move elsewhere i.e Seychelles, also I believe the 2 guys that run Oeck are from Melbourne, so a Aussie startup with Hong Kong privacy laws.

They have mentioned they will perform a stop-sell for new customers if the service gets too congested similar to what Aussie Broadband do so that they can keep their current customers happy, after which they will assess the network status and create a new server to install on their system.

More info and questions answered on Whirlpool

Opinion so far:
I was a alpha tester for the past few weeks and so far the service has been rock solid, a few wrinkles they need to iron out, but thats the purpose of these alpha/betas so we can all stress their service.

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  • a premium tier VPN

    What is so premium about it?

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      all the good ones do Netflix, but they also do BBC, Amazon, Spotify off the top of my head.

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        That's pretty bog standard smart dns functionality.

        Free is good. $10/mth? Nah way too much.

  • How do you pronounce it… o-eck or ook?

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      i believe its oak

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        Free is oaky but $10/month does not sound oaky

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    Only Exists to Capture Kredentials? 'Oeck'

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    Complete waste of time.
    I created account. Installed software, it got connected, showed 4 zones options - Nothing worked.
    I have uninstalled it now.

    • Each to their own, but it's a BETA. It's bound to have issues. They give you free access to the service and in return you test it out and find bugs or give suggestions on how to make the product ready for prime time. Not that hard to understand.

      Maybe people interested on jumping on should have a read of this and the known bugs first. Might be handy to know what your signing up to and be prepared to help.

      FYI, I signed up to the BETA and liking the way they've implemented some features.

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    so free for a month only?

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      could be longer till all the bugs are ironed out

  • The registered URL is not working.

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      i left a message for them, should be sorted soon

  • If it's supposed to work like my other VPN (Freedome), and I'm just supposed to start the client up and that's it, it's broken for me.

    Seems to start for a second or two, then no trace of it in my task manager.

    Back to Freedome.

  • Merged from Oeck - VPN with Unique Streaming Features, Custom DNS Blocking and More. Free during beta!

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I would take this opportunity to pop in and say hello to the community!

    My name is Peter and I am one of the staff members running the Oeck. We spent the last two years building this VPN service outside of our day jobs. We are in our beta stage and would like to invite the OzBargain community to come and test our service, have a play with it and see what you think. We do things a bit differently at Oeck when it comes to Unblocking, Filtering and Port-forwarding. We would love for users to check out our features!

    Although we are nearing a release, there are a few things to note.

    1. This is BETA. This will not work for all users as there are still some bugs in the apps. However, if you do run into problems, please post them in our community. This will help us track and fix bugs. By the end of BETA we will then have a good product to put out. You can find our community at

    2. Please read the BETA and Known Bugs thread. There is important information there regarding where we are at during our testing stage. You can find those threads at and

    3. If you do run into issues, please let us know. The feedback regarding what is not working for certain users is just as important as the feedback regarding what is working for certain users.

    Pages of interest:

    Terms of Service
    Privacy Policy

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post them here and I will do my best to get back to you.

    Thank you in advance to all of the users who try out our service.

    Please remember to report any bugs in the community rather than the support tickets!

    Peter @ Oeck.

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