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[NSW, VIC, QLD] $10 off Liven Care Package (No Minimum Spend)


Found this on a food blogger's Instagram:

@livenpay has launched the new #CarePackage to #SaveYourFaves! During these tough times, it's especially important to #supportyourlocals 💕
▪︎ 100% contributions goes to the restaurants
▪︎ Recieve up to 2x bonus credit upfront
▪︎ No expiry on the credit and fully protected by the Liven Guarantee

View my story (or highlights) for a step by step tutorial to get your #CarePackage. I chose @caliacollective for my first Care Package and can't wait to visit them again!

Get $10 off your first #CarePackage via link in my bio (even for existing @livenpay users)

I added the direct link to this deal. I have an existing Liven account and worked for me. I chose the $10 care package for sushi hub and it gave me $20 credit to use and I paid nothing!



Mod: This is for $10 off coupon given out by influencers (see Liven's IG stories). Different from referral codes and links.

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Referrer and referee get $10 credit.

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  • +1

    Where's the link?

    • Click go to deal

      • +2

        This takes me to https://www.liven.com.au/?_branch_match_id=78706791514409306... it then asks me to sign-up now? How does it work for existing users?

        I'm referring specifically to 'Get $10 off your first #CarePackage via link in my bio (even for existing @livenpay users)' or this is the new user $10 bonus referral.

        • Are you signed in?

          • +9

            @iamgroot: Sorted, need to do this on a mobile phone with the Liven app installed for existing users.

  • +4

    Didnt work for free for me.
    I paid $10 and got $30 so cant complain.

    • +4

      yeah didn't work for me either, clicked the link, took me to google play store liven app - no $10 off
      It's $10 for $10 at sushi hub

    • Can I ask which restaurant?

  • +1

    I got one for $0 for sushi hub and get $20 but the two stores arent remotely close to me. boo

    • There are a bunch of other restaurants on there, I got another one for laska bar purely to support them cause they are amazing

    • How? My sushi hub is $10 for $10 extra care package.

      • I paid the full price, don't have to get it for sushi hub. There are a bunch of other restaurants

        • -3

          Where is the existing user bonus? If it doesn't exist then this post is a dupe https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532008

          • +2

            @tlai: Did you click on the link in this deal? That's what I did and it went to the Liven app, was on the promo page and gave me a voucher for $10 off

            • @iamgroot: Ok confirmed comes up as a $10 off a care package code with a expiry of 8/9/20. Need to do this on mobile. Desktop has no login option.

  • +5

    I bought the care package for the wrong restaurant… contacting support… so sad lol

  • I can't get this to work? Existing user what am I doing wrong?

    • Read what I wrote above, open it on your mobile with the app.

    • Are you on the phone?

  • I got the voucher added into my vouchers, but already bought care packages for all the stores I usually go to, so I can't use the voucher rn. #firstworldproblems

    • Does it actually stop you from buying additional care packages?

  • Only the top ryde sushi hub store accepts liven?

    • +2

      And rockdale plaza. If you click on the store you can use the dropdown to find the list of stores for chains.

      • -1

        A bit annoying you can't see this before you buy it …

        • +1

          You can browse the stores without going in via the care packages.

  • +2

    Anyone who can’t get it working, try updating your Liven app, that worked for me

  • +3

    Nothing in Perth.

  • Bit of an ordeal to get through, credit wouldn’t apply for the place I wanted so got something else. Annoying app!

  • +1

    hashtag hashtag

  • +1

    Got $30 credit at 8bit for a $10 spend.
    Pretty good. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Ok I must be doing something wrong. I clicked on the go to deal. Launch in the app then nothing.

    • +1

      Same not showing up with a voucher like others have said.

      I'm in the app and logged in with Google

    • +3

      Figured it out

      Disabled my DNS ad blocking and the link worked.

      • spot on, cheers. Ad aware related for me

      • Figured it out. Pays to update the app.

  • +2

    I literally just bought my first package today… this timing :(

    • +1

      although it says first care package, it worked for me even though I've already bought two, do try

      • +1

        Thank you so much, tried again and it worked!

        • +1

          glad that it worked for you :)

  • +2

    Promo voucher not showing up after clicking go to deal for the app

    Got it working after I disabled my private DNS.

  • +3

    lol sushi hub's $0 + $20 package is sold out. Got ozbargained XD

    • I can only see $10 + $10 care package for them

      • edit: thanks to top tips above, it worked.

        Had to disable system ad blocker

        Thanks OP!

      • after clicking 'go to deal' and select open link with liven app, it auto applies the promo for me. Now that I have bought care package from 8 bit now sushi hub shows $10 + $10 back

        • sushi hub is $10 + $10 back for me which is standard isn't it? others have $0?

          • @G Wok: yes that is standard, that means the promo didn't get applied, try updating your liven app to latest

            • +1

              @iori57: thanks for advice!

              finally worked - cheers.

              Sushi hub $0 for $20 is sold out

              • @G Wok: cheers 🥂
                yup i didn't manage to get that either, got 8 bit $10 + $20 instead :)

  • +1

    It says new customers only…

    • +2

      It said this for me at first but when I tried again it worked! Keep trying

  • Not working for me as existing user.

  • Says new customers only when I click one of the links. The other link the app opens but nothing

    Edit: seems glitchy. Came back later and clicked the link and it worked

  • How long will be the validity of each package?

    I got $10 off a care package! and I can use it to get +20 bonus of 5 dogs!

    • no expiry, last's till you use it i guess. Which hot dog place is that?!

      • Fortitude valley (Brisbane)

  • it's weird i think they just changed the deal or something, it worked for me just now (existing user) but doesn't work for my wife (also existing user) where it says new customer only

    • when it worked for you, how did the $10 off appear and where?

      • it says promo code applied, after that go to care package section click on any restaurant, it now shows the new price although the UI doesn't say so. To verify go to sushi hub and if the first package shows $0 + $20 that means it's working

        • +1

          maybe it's my phone but i've tried 3 browsers but doesn't say promo code applied after clicking through the deal link above - but weirdly rather than opening liven straight, the link takes me to the google play store where i have to click open for liven

    • +1

      nvm it worked on second try, just keep trying

  • Didn’t work for me. Using my mobile to open the page, automatically jump to liven then nothing happened

  • Can someone please explain how this works? Do I tell the server I want to pay using the Liven app? Thank you

    • +1

      Yea just tell them you're paying using liven at the counter.

    • yeah just let them know and they settle the bill to your liven account. it's pretty easy, have been using it for years now

  • Very nice OP. Liven is my 2nd fav food deals app after eatxlub

  • +1

    Sushi hub sold out :(

  • Sushi hub $0 for $20 credit is still available

    • Where did you find Sushi Hub? I searched and it didn’t come up.

    • Melbourne or Sydney?

    • Not anymore.

  • +9

    Thanks OP! here's a summary from my experiences and the comments so far

    If it's not working, just keep trying. It just worked for me and I've been buying and using care packages for weeks now.
    Yes it stacks. You can get the care package bonus as well.
    if you are on desktop, go to mobile.
    if you have the app already, update it
    if you are using some funky private dns, turn that off
    if you are using adblockers, turn that off
    if you are using the same phone with multiple accounts it doesn't work, I've been asking partner/friends/etc to get more for me.
    if you are trying to buy the same care package twice they literally have an anti brodening message for us when i tried 😛
    they seem to have some kind of secret limit to not buy too much in a single day so I've managed to fly under the radar that just by splitting orders over multiple days

    As OP said, please support your locals since they don't expire. I've got over a dozen of em and am sorted for the year lol (birthdays, anniversaries, etc). Hope this helps!

    • +1

      Lol good summary!!
      Picked up a few more after the $10 off as well at local spots. Good on them & OP for recruiting interest!

    • Thanks for the tips! Disabling my ad blocker did it for me.

  • +1

    I got bought a dozen care packages and now it says I cannot purchase anymore due to anti-Broden detection …

    • haha I hit as well, was a nice touch. Just wait 24 hours, their algorithms aren't that smart. I've been loading up like that for weeks :P

  • Got the $10 credit and used it on free bubble tea

  • +5

    Don't buy Jimmy Grants - they're gone. A bit odd that it's still on the app.

    Delightfully bought Calia :) I asked, they don't take bookings till you get there.

  • +1

    thank you very much

  • I'm a bit confused. So say even without the $10 off, if I purchase a $50 package that says 'get +$50 bonus', does that mean I am paying $50, for $100 in credits? And with the $10 off which I struggling to get to work, it will be $40 essentially for $100 worth of credits?

    • +1

      Worked it out. Looks like my interpretation is correct. All good, and thank you OP!

  • for 5 dogs mine said $0 cost - $10 credit.
    BUt now after processing its showing $10 cost - $20 credit.

    But no transactions have been processed

    • I bought 5 dogs too, but I'm getting $10 for $40.

      • WHAT HOW

        • +1

          From the invoice it seems like
          $20 for $40 credit
          -$10 voucher
          $10 for $40 credit

  • +6

    Fwiw, liven went unto receivership recently…


    Any money you give, unless it goes immediately through to restaurants will likely be lost if it goes into administration.

    • Wish I had seen this first.

      Thanks for posting.

    • +4

      This talks about a company that has invested in Liven? Not Liven itself?

      But it's worth noting that it seems Liven is doing these packages for cashflow. They only allow payment by CC, not their Liven Coin

    • +9

      It's definitely concerning, however one important distinction. Mayfair 101 is an investor in Liven, not the owner. So issues with Mayfair 101 may affect Liven, but not necessarily.

      • Valid point - however they were/are the major money supply for Liven (and i can't imagine a startup app like Liven makes a big turnover) . Just be glad all we're doing is buying some "care packages" and are not an actual creditor of substance.

        Anyway, it's something that should be known especially if people do spend $300+ on packages…

        • +4

          however they were/are the major money supply for Liven (and i can't imagine a startup app like Liven makes a big turnover)

          Wrong on both counts. Liven’s investors are a diverse spread and their access to cash is not at risk at all.

          You started off with a wrong premise (“Liven went into receivership”) and followed it up with a fairy tale based on more faulty premises.

    • +1

      Wish I known this before I committed to all those $250/$500 packages.

    • +6

      Not sure why you’re getting upvotes. This is completely wrong and Liven’s finances are fine for a couple of years at least.

    • +2

      Wew… I mean, not gonna chew into you too hard since the rest already explained, but this is not true.

      One of your investors leaving ≠ Your company is in receivership.

      I know you had a good heart doing this, and in most cases where true I'd thank you, but that bit of inspiration didn't do it justice.

  • 5 dogs - paid $10 for $40 credit… wtf? Amazing deal!

  • So I've bought a care package using the deal… how exactly do I use / redeem it?

    • +2

      When you pay at the counter, just tell them you will be paying via Liven, and provide them with the code the Liven App gives you when you open the App.

      • Thanks, grabbed lunch yesterday no dramas!

  • Promo code only applicable once so choose carefully guys! Will start redeeming these care packages in the coming weeks in light of the comments above.