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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Telstra 4G | $135 Delivered @ AudiTech


EDIT: Deal has been OzBargained! SIM starter kits are now sold out!

Hi all

AudiTech are offering this deal again. OW price-match may be available.

Use the code STAYSAFE to get the SIM at $135. In stock at the time of this post.

Other deals also include:
* $150 Boost Starter SIM + $30 Vodafone SIM bundle (backorder) at $139.50 with code
* $300 Boost Starter SIM at $270 with code

Expiry while stocks last.

Hope this helps!

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    • Saying available in 2 to 4 days on mine with no add to cart available either. All other sim plans on site allow me to add to cart. Maybe have to wait 2 to 4 days for this to become available. Let's see 😉

    • The 150 sim with the Vodafone sim is available. Wonder if buy that they’ll send the boost sim or wait till both are available

  • Can this be used as a data only Sim for an Ipad?

    • I have the same question and I thought I'd seen an answer before so try these resources and make of it what you will.

      ozb link1 ozb link2 ozb link3

  • Hi OP, does Boost have the same coverage and speed from Telstra?

    • Definitely not as good as Telstra; only about 10% of the time do I have sufficient reception with Boost to make calls when I'm at home. Usually I have to use a family member's phone (who use Telstra).

      • +2

        Have you tried putting your SIM in their phone or yours in their's to see where the problem lies. Boost uses exactly the same towers.

        Edit: Just saw that someone else made the same comment on the next page.

        • Yep, and the problem persists.

  • I’m currently with boost. My plan expires in oct. can I buy the sim+voda offer now to use in oct?

    • +3

      The app is shitty, the rest of your comment sounds like your own bad luck. Haven’t heard of anyone else experiencing that.

      • So no?

        • I think it’s definitely worth it. I use the monthly boost plans and both of my parents use the 80gb/365 day. Its perfect for all of us.

  • -1

    Boost is the absolute pits, and I question to what extent they use Telstra's towers. I've a phone with Band 28 (Sharp Aquos S2) on Boost, and I have reception in the house literally 10% of the time. I live on the Mornington Peninsula, and have had far fewer reception issues with Telstra. I have to use a family member's phone to make a call. Boost may be fine for those in Latte land, but is rubbish elsewhere.

    • Haha latte land🤣

    • +1

      No issues with Boost on the Bellarine Peninsula

    • +5

      Have you tried swapping sims, i.e. using Telstra Sim on your Sharp Aquos phone, and use the Boost sim on your family member's phone, to rule out the possibility it's the phone problem?

      • Yep - reception was improved when I used their Telstra sim and they similarly had no reception when using my Boost sim. Out of interest, assuming a phone has all the relevant bands, what about a phone could cause reception issues?

        • maybe antenna band design? if its a antenna inside a metal housing instead of plastic, like iphones have small plastic bands where the antenna sits inside the shell, or phones made of plastic generally have better reception. the quality of antenna inside the phoen as well, like decibel rating or modem chipset type?

  • +2

    Would like to see discounted recharge vouchers. Does Coles still have them? Given they won't offer $100 or $150 ones after July 1st

  • Hey guys,

    Currently with Catch Connect due to expire 22nd July.

    Can I buy this voucher and port my number/activate it close to that date? Or would I need to activate/port my number before 30th June?

    Abit of side question, has anyone else ported out from Catch Connect to Boost?

  • I saw a few of them on Gumtree selling the same price at $135.00.

    • how safe is buying a voucher on gumtree?

      My wife couldn't find the $150 sim so got a $10 sim and needs to get a $150 voucher, but wouldn't risk $135 to save $15 if it's not safe.

      • imo if u have doubts, its not worth the $15 worrying about it.

  • Seems to be back in stock

  • Confirmed back in stock, placed an order

  • I wish Boost recharge cards were also on special.

  • Watch out for boost (And Telstra).If anything goes wrong you might be [email protected]@ked.
    They wouldn’t send sims to a P.O. Box (but their system allows a P.O. Box to be used for postal address) then wouldn’t just alter the address to a residential. They offered a refund but they wouldn’t accept their receipt as proof of purchase. Spent 3 months getting the runaround (even with a TIO case) then I remembered I’d used PayPal. PayPal refunded because there was no proof of service but somehow Telstra /
    Boost are still unaware they have refunded me via PayPal.

  • Pity no bonus 40GB for new customers as they have done in the past on the 80GB plan.

  • Confirmed just ordered 2 and discount code applied and worked. Fingers crossed it'll get to me asap, also I found the details that these expire - Activate before 24 Feb 2022 so that's more than ample time.

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