MechPro Garage Creeper $39 with Ignition Membership @ Repco


Requires Ignition membership, but membership is free.

Ergonomic design for easy positioning
Tool tray on both sides
6 x 3 inch oil resistant castors
Soft head pad for comfort
12 month warranty

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  • Looks more comfortable than my bed lol

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    Rebel sports $5 Helmet , MechPro garage creeper . , Bolle Sidewinder Safety glasses , Winter Olympics Here I come. (Skeleton )

  • I've had this for a few years and has been ok.
    Only issue is if left in hot sun for lengthy period it can get flexible enough to scrape on ground when lie back on it. I'm 70kg for reference.

    • whats the clearance like on it?

      I service my cars whilst theyre on some 70mm ramps to save on jacking the car up and can reach the sump plug and oil filter whilst on my back and sliding in and out on a plastic sheet and have about 70mm clearance btw my head and the car undertray. just wondering if i would fit if i had this creeper. im 65kg for reference.

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        I just measured it.
        Base where you lie is 45mm off ground (at lowest point, it's an arc shape).
        Pillow squishes down to around 75mm above ground level.
        underside is about 15mm off the ground so will clear errant nuts spanners etc.

  • Thanks OP, just bought one. I spent all of Saturday underneath my car and my body is destroyed so this would have come in handy.

    • I ordered just before 12 and it arrived at my house at 1pm same day. Looks like they delivered direct from my store.

  • I've got one. Def worth $40.

  • I have one. The chemical odour is very strong. I almost vomit every time I've used it.