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Bonus $400 Gift Card with $55 (after $10 Monthly Credit) Per Month 80GB Data 1 Year Telstra Plan (Port in or New) @ JB Hi-Fi


The first offer is advertised on their website but the rest are in store only offers!

$400 Gift Card when you port your number to Telstra or create a new number on a $55 plan over 12 months. 80gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 13th.

$100 Gift Card when you port your number to Telstra or create a new number on a $35 plan over 12 months. 45gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 13th.

$700 credit towards a new phone with a price of $999 or over when you port your number to Telstra on a $65 plan over 24 months. 80gb data. Ends June 13th.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 256GB only $499 upfront when you port your number to Telstra on a $55 plan over 12 months. 80gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 5th.

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      • I just said I wanted to start a new service, then as soon as it was activated got onto the chat to cancel my previous one. Then I requested to change my phone number. Was fairly straight forward, even for Telstra chat.

        • So you got your old phone number back?

          • @DisabledUser227884: Yes, didn’t even exit the chat after cancelling my existing service.

            • @Babayaga: Thats badass.

              • @DisabledUser227884: I think it’s badass too, doesn’t impress my missus though.

                Got the $35 plan yesterday and had the number changed by 5pm today too. No issues whatsoever.

        • How did you get on Tesltra Chat, I cant get past Codi the Virtual Assistant. The only other way is to leave a message via the My Telstra app but no one has responded to me.

          • +1

            @shaughan12: Sorry, I did it via the Telstra app. It was hours between replies, they’ll get to you eventually.

  • my current plan with Telstra expires on 09th June. Is there still 30 days wait if I port out and back in?

    • Yes, however you can get a new SIM with Voda, Telstra etc on a anew number. Sign up on the deal. Then speak to Telstra and have them move the contract over to your old number.

  • I think Telstra are charging $15 extra for 5g post June 30. Still a good deal.

  • I just signed up about a week ago, any chance of having this applied to my account? Or is it subject to the mood of the person at the JB store?

    • They won't do it mate, you're already a customer so no point in trying to entice you with gift cards

    • +2

      Zero. They already have your money and signature. They're not going to retroactively give you free stuff out of the kindness of their hearts m

  • Sadly, just signed the $65/month plan for 12 month about two weeks ago with a free Huawei P30… feel like lost $120…

    • you should have paid $390 for etc.

      • p30… P30 Pro is the real deal

    • The ETC is the same. It's $10 credit applied each month so even if yoy cancel etc is the same. Plus you got the p30 for $0 as $899 gift card applied. This only gives $400. Think you winning.

  • Can you sign up as a business to this?

    • Consumer only
      Very little advantage to business plans these days

  • Anyone successfully got the gift card and cancelled their plan before the end of the contract?

    • you pay $390 cash for etc for a $400 gift card?

      • +2

        So can you cancel around the 6th month, is it still $390?

  • I signed up during click frenzy to port my number from optus on the 21st of May but have yet to receive any further updates. Do you think I would still be able to get this deal instore?

    • Maybe if you haven’t been ported over yet.

  • From Woolworths prepaid to JB HIFI is not considered as "port in" right? WM is using Telstra network.

    • Telstra Prepaid, Boost and Belong aren’t able to, do WM should be fine.

    • Woolies is fine

  • Can i port to telstra and hold on to that 700 until the new iphonr launch in oct/nov? Or do i have to use it immediately?

    • Normally gift cards have at least 3 year expiry, so should be alright, just give them a call to confirm.

      • Thanks, but in 700 is "phone credit" and not a gift card I believe, right? Or is it the same?

      • Ah there you go, its right on the offer page:

        Phone credit can’t be used on any other items in store. handset must be purchased the same day the connection is made. Please refer to store staff for further enquiries.


  • Does this deal definitely end on the 13th June?

    I ported out a couple of months ago and have been waiting.
    Currently on Optus prepaid for $10, $30, $30 and have 14 days on this current recharge.
    Happy to forego 2 days if I can wait until 13th!

    • Definitely
      (except the S10 deal that ends on the 5th)

      • Awesome! Thanks!

    • +1

      We're in the same boat :)

      • I still haven’t used my gift card from 12months ago haha!

  • I'm a Telstra customer already but If I'm willing to change numbers I can just get a new number to participate in the promo right?

    • +1

      Yes, $5 Aldi sim will do

  • Would anyone know if the Telstra $65 plan supports iWatch cellular?

    • Yes, activate through app after sign up

  • It must be me being stupid. I cannot find anywhere saying the $10 discount applies to a new Telstra $65 plan. Everywhere I read is that you need to port a number over.

    • Its an advertised in store only promo till June 13th

  • +1

    This is what i've been waiting for.. save the $400 GC for Note 20 Ultra :)

    • Or the iphone 12.

      • Or or iphone 13.

  • Interesting! What are the GC options? Does it have to be JB Hifi GC or anything GC they sell in JB. What are the gift card selling in JB anyways.

    • It’s simply a JB hifi gift card. Spend it on whatever you want.
      Pretty simple :)

  • Does this need credit check?

  • I am a current long term Telstra customer who has just finished a SIM only plan and wants to keep my number and reading through the comments, it is too risky to port out as there is a 30 day port out criteria. The 2nd option I am seeing is to buy a brand new number with a competitor, port into Telstra on this deal and then tansfer my existing number with telstra onto this new number/plan. My questions are
    1. Do I need to be on any specific plan for my current number in order to transfer it to the new contract?
    2. How easy is the process
    3. How long does it take to transfer my number to the new contract

    For those that did take the first option of porting their number out, did you have to try multiple stores or did you find that JB typically didnt check for the 30 day port out?

    • Was in the same dilemma, only way to get back into this deal and keeping your number is by porting out before these deals happen.

      Other than that, you have to get a new number (new service) to get this deal.

      1. Do I need to be on any specific plan for my current number in order to transfer it to the new contract? No
      2. How easy is the process - Easy depending on your credit history
      3. How long does it take to transfer my number to the new contract - usually ASAP but they do say up-to 4 hours in-store.
    • They all check 30 day port out now. Last few times I did it, they'd punch your number into the system, and it would say if that number ever had a Telstra plan, and what dates. I tried it late last year within a 30 day window, it wouldn't let them port. Anecdotally, I've heard JB Telco reps can ignore it at their discretion, but who knows.

      • It's very luck of the draw…. Once they did for me, next store didn't. Never had issues otherwise with multiple numbers and ports.

  • +3

    Currently at jbhifi porting 5 numbers (family)

    Hope to use the $2k for psn, nintendo eshop and xbox digital and maybe some ultra bds.

    • +2

      Did you miss a “M”…… some ultra BDSM?

      • Lol have to google bdsm for definition.

    • I'm planning to port my wife's number over to telstra, does she need to be there for the whole porting process or can I do everything for her in store myself?

      • They need drivers license and medicare as a minimum. But if I were you, I'd get her to be there if the number is under her account (to be ported over that is).

  • How long is the gift card valid for?

    • JB HiFi gift cards don’t expire 😊

  • :'(
    i bought an samsung 10+ 512G for $599 using this plan of receiving a $400 off.
    i wasn't advised of the $700 off else i would of bought a Samsung S20+

    oh it burns

    • +2

      i wasn't advised of the $700 off else i would of (sic) bought a Samsung S20+

      $700 off isn't offered on the same plan. That is $10 more monthly, and contract length is twice as long. You're still coming out ahead.

  • Would jumping on the S10 5G deal be better than paying more and going for a S20? I've heard there's been some issues with the S20 in general, and looking to upgrade from a S8.

    • only glaring difference for $200 is the high refresh screen in my eye,s but if you're planning to sell later on the S20 might give you a better return in the long run.

      • Thanks! I never sell my phones so resell value isn't a big deal for me.

    • Have you confirmed the upfront for galaxy S10 5g is $499?

      • yes I did, I rang JB Hifi today. They confirm the deal.

    • Same situation, but S10 5G doesn't expandable storage, what do you think ?

      • That's interesting. I'm going from a 64gb S8 and have only used half of it's storage, so for me not a big issue.

        • Have just checked the reviews of Galaxy s10 5g at, 6 5stars,7 1star.

  • Does Telstra allow data sharing between accounts?

    • No

  • Hi Everyone, I am currently with Telstra and would like to somehow use this deal.
    Can anyone confirm if this will work.

    All services are with Telstra
    I currently have a Pixel 2 under contract until October 2020.
    Number one son already has a Telstra that we just pay $35 a month (BYO).
    Number two son has no phone at all
    Wife on a $29 BYO.

    I propose the following -
    Sign up for $65 per month - $1,560 over 24 months
    Use the $500 phone credit on a Pixel 4 - 64 gig for $999
    This should mean I pay $499 for a Pixel 4 -
    Get a new phone number for this phone.

    Once home,
    Swap my sim from my old phone and put into the new Pixel 4
    Number one son gets my old phone and puts his sim in it.
    Number two son gets the phone from number one son and puts the NEW sim in it.

    Can anyone advise if this would work.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yeah sounds fine, as long as all phones take Telstra sims there shouldn't be any problem

      • Thanks mate !

        • +1

          Why not port the other numbers our of Telstra for 30 days and then sign all of you back up to this deal. 4 x $400 gift cards would give you the phone for free plus another $600 to treat yo self

    • Have rung my local JB and organised the following.

      Purchase new Pixel 4 Xl for $999 with new sim.
      Use the $500 phone credit to bring the phone down to $499
      Put my existing sim from my old Pixel 2 straight into the new phone.
      Keep paying for my existing Pixel 2 up until September.
      Number one son gets my Pixel 2 and his sim just goes in.
      I keep paying for his $35 a month plan plus my contract for another 3 months.
      In September cancel my plan and keep his $35 a month.

      FYI, my Pixel 2 plan is very expensive - $129 a month, finishing September.
      So yes I have to suck up the extra cost, but I am looking forward to Pixel 4 for $65 a month against $129 a month.

  • Anyone know how long the S10+ is on sale for $999 with JB for? Wouldn't mind putting it towards this deal but gotta wait till payday.

    • +1

      take out a personal loan

    • +6

      If you don't have that sort of cash right now and need to wait until payday it's probably not a good idea to buy it at all.

  • -2

    Hey op
    I signed up on the last $75 for 200gb with 10 credit for 12 month during the click frenzy sale.

    The bill arrived and its $75, the $10 is nowhere to be seen

    • Maybe check with Telstra..?

  • I see deals similar to this over the past 6 months. My boost plan is about to expire but I won't make the Port out period. Is it worth buying a new service with a new number to hop on this or is a similar deal likely to happen again?

  • bum my Telstra contract expires June 15

    • +1

      You can cancel the contract anytime by paying ETC. As you are so close you would hardly be $10-12 out of pocket anyways. Cancel —> Port Out —> Port in, simple!

  • Currently on a Telstra $49 for 20 GB deal (this was part of Google Pixel 2XL deal from 2018). Now that I own the phone outright, are there better SIM only deals out there? Porting out and back into Telstra seems like a bit of a hassle…

    • Do you need the Telstra network? If Optus will suffice, I find Amaysim very good. Currently paying $30 for 45 GB per month.


    100Gb for $28 p.m is still a better deal even with a $700 voucher.

    This is not that great IMO

  • Would want an oz opinion on this deal compare to boost plan, which one do you guys think is better value.

  • @sludo

    if you're looking to get a phone or anything else from jb hifi anyway, that makes the 12 month plan effectively $260 for the duration, being $21.67 per month for 80gb with telstra. Telstra > optus anyday for most people.

  • Just signed up in store. I had actually signed up for a month to month plan almost two weeks ago. Hadn't received a sim yet and the order seemed to be in limbo. Anyway store rep cancelled that order and I signed up for this.

  • Could anyone verify the last deal with the S10 5G? Went into my local store today and it wasn't advertised

  • I'm considering doing this. I've got really bad reception with Optus where I live. If I signed up for the $55 per month + $400 voucher does that mean my monthly bill will be $45? Sorry, I'm quite new to this and would appreciate the help.

    • +1

      no its $55/month, down from 65/month

  • thanks op just did it

  • I just signed up in the store today and received the $400 gift card.
    But for some reason, it is showing that I have 100G data allowance monthly.

    • they must have done it by mistake, good for u tho

      • It says 40G base + 40G bonus on the contract.
        But its showing 100G after I signed into the Telstra portal.
        Plus there is a line at the bottom saying speed will be capped at 1.5mbs once data allowance exceeded. - sounds like unlimited?

        • I think you’ve been put on the $60 plan that comes with 60gb. Check your app and what plan you are on.

  • -3

    How long do you have to be ported out for this to be valid?

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