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Bonus $400 Gift Card with $55 (after $10 Monthly Credit) Per Month 80GB Data 1 Year Telstra Plan (Port in or New) @ JB Hi-Fi


The first offer is advertised on their website but the rest are in store only offers!

$400 Gift Card when you port your number to Telstra or create a new number on a $55 plan over 12 months. 80gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 13th.

$100 Gift Card when you port your number to Telstra or create a new number on a $35 plan over 12 months. 45gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 13th.

$700 credit towards a new phone with a price of $999 or over when you port your number to Telstra on a $65 plan over 24 months. 80gb data. Ends June 13th.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 256GB only $499 upfront when you port your number to Telstra on a $55 plan over 12 months. 80gb data. $10 monthly port in credit included and applied automatically. Ends June 5th.

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    Woooo my bad. Good guys.
    Now it’s JB which I prefer.

    • +1

      the $10 discount & 20GB bonus is more of a recent added bonus!
      really hoping they bring back the P30 $0 as I missed it! :(

  • 60gb, how to get 80gb plan?

    • +1

      The 80gb is in store only and gets applied automatically :)

        • +25

          I'll give you a hint, the answer in is in the first 6 words of Driedmangos comment

          • -6

            @Lord G: I mean, you can’t order sim only plans online through JB so you MUST go in store anyway.
            So why are they advertising 60GB on the site and this post says go in store and you’ll get 80GB instead?

            • +3

              @unco: You can sign up to a Telstra Sim Plan via JB Online but those are different from the In- Store promotions.

          • -1

            @Lord G: But where driedmangos comment!!

            Why won't anyone talk to me!??

      • @DriedMangoSchoolBus So I'm looking at that link and it says $55/month, 1 year contract (which includes $10 port in credit) but it only includes 60Gb per month, not 80Gb. Am I missing something? Cheers

        • +3

          The deal is in store only and is advertised in store only. Just go to your local JB and talk to one of the Telstra people.

          • @DriedMangoSchoolBus: Hey op
            I signed up on the last $75 for 200gb with 10 credit for 12 month during the click frenzy sale.

            The bill arrived and its $75, the $10 is nowhere to be seen

  • +1

    $700 credit apply to iPhones?

    • +3

      Any phone over the value of $999 so yes it includes iPhones. There is no exclusion list.

      • +1

        Are you sure it's $700? Only seen $500 credit.

        • Harvey Norman + Optus were doing $700, so I assume JB + Telstra are now matching it.

      • +2

        The link on the JB Hifi site says $500 credit towards a new handset … can't see the $700, am I missing something?

        • +1

          $700 would be for 24 months contract

          • +2

            @ysbeer178: It is 24 months.

            Normally $500 but its $700 till June 13th and advertised in store only.

  • +1

    I am about to finish my current 12 months sim plan with Telstra when I port in JB Hifi last year. Can I renew one of those plans if i port in JB Hifi?

    • +9

      If you port out for 30 days you can port back in. Some stores may let you port in within the 30 days but varies.

    • My brother ported over to Optus, in the morningwith just a pre-paid sim pack thing.
      Once his sim became active went into JB and ported back to Telstra that afternooon, worked fine.
      That was about 9 months ago.
      Obviously may not work here, but I know it has in the past.

      • I just got a new SIM from Optus with a new number, signed up to the JB deal last time. Then jumped onto Telstra and had my old number take over the new contract - Vola

        • How's that even possible? So let's say I I'm currently Telstra month to month. I buy a new Optus Sim with new number and then port to Telstra how do I link my already Telstra number to them?

          • @yerdem: I'm interested to know more about this "take over" method.

          • @yerdem: https://www.telstra.com.au/support/account-payment/give-owne…

            Essentially you are just taking over the contract.

            They are happy to move a month to month plan onto a contract

            I did this twice as i signed up for both my wife and I on a $5 SIM on Optus with a new number. (There was a week gap)

            • +1

              @tnarg: That link is for a change of ownership- meaning you're just sending a number to someone elses account, not a change of number to one you already have.

              The method for associating a number is not a Telstra policy, and honestly you got lucky that someone was willing to go through the effort of doing that, as Telstra absolutely did not like us doing that. It's a painful process of (profanity) around with Siebel, and the quarantine numbered process to make that happen.

              Source; ran a Telstra shop for 7 years.

              • @ONEMariachi: Wow i did get lucky then as it only took about 5 minutes for them to transfer my old number onto the new account. My previous contract has expired and was just on a month to month

                • @tnarg: How did you go about it? I am a current Telstra customer so looking at just buying a new service with a new number then asking Telstra to transfer my old number to the new contract as you mentioned.

                  • @shaughan12: I just jumped on the chat line and they did it for me. Was really quite easy. But Onemarachi's comment above might have meant I got lucky. However I have done this twice with 2 different people. I thought the worst outcome would be I have a new mobile number

                    • @tnarg: I Think it depends on who you get. Took 8 hours for them to respond and advised it couldnt be don then tried again overnight and spoke to a guy who said it would be easy to do.

  • So port your number to another provider for the lowest fee
    then port back under this deal to score the $400

    • +3

      The time limits can catch people out.

    • Any provider suggestions?

      • +5

        I usually go for this Kogan sim which is sold out at the moment. This Catch mobile deal is a good alternative.

        • +1

          Omg noooo!!! It’s never sold out :(

      • Whichever provider that has a 28/30/month prepaid plan that suits your needs.

        Both sim plans above are great value, pick between Kogan/Vodafone or Catch Connect/Optus, if needing Telstra reception pick a discounted Boost/Telstra/Aldi starter sim pack.

  • +2

    Would the $400 be re-sellable on eBay etc? Got nothing I want from JB, but if it effectively can subsidise my plan (say selling the credit for $350), I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    • +2

      Last time I got a physical gift cards so I’d say yes

    • +10

      JB-HiFi will give you physical gift card on the spot, so yes and you should be able to sell them at around 10% off.

      • +1

        I did the port in for $500 voucher in Nov. for 12 months contract $55 a month after $10 discount. I only got a piece of A4 page apparently worth $500, not actual physical gift card. The staff said when redeem they just scan the barcode.

        • Oh, may be they changed the policy recently or maybe it varies between stores.

        • +2

          They did it wrong and means the gift card hasnt been processed.

          That piece of paper is worth nothing till its converted to a gift card!!!

          • +1

            @DriedMangoSchoolBus: @DriedMangoSchoolBus: I can confirm this. The shop assistant walked me to the counter with the piece of paper to redeem the gift card.

            • @meeechull: now you make me worry since the staff told me the A4 paper is all i get.

              • @Meathead95: The page was swapped for a gift card, if you still have the page, it may still be valid. Sorry to worry you - just sharing my experience

                • @meeechull: Thanks for all for info, i have the paper as it “worths” $500 so I was told, I will pop into the same store next week to follow up. I am planing to use it towards a new iPhone11, so they better honour it!

                  • @Meathead95: Good luck my friend!

                    • @meeechull: Update-went into the same store today and they honoured my piece of paper and give me a $500 physical gift card. Apparently that staff who served me 7 months ago was new and my port in to Telstra was her first transaction lol
                      Happy days!

                      • +1

                        @Meathead95: That is such great news, glad to hear it mate! Happy spending! :D

    • +1

      You can sell them in the OzBargain Classifieds. You shouldn't have any problems moving it at a $350 asking price.

  • +2

    Ends June 13. :o lucky I read that. Ported our
    Of telstra in May 10

  • Cool thanks def interested.

    • Yes. No international calls
      Or sms included

      • yeah any idea to how much it cost to add international min?

        • +1

          use viber, WhatsApp, skype - much cheaper!

  • +1

    Ported in today at Chatswood Chase, NSW. Took about half an hour and the gift card was handed over on the spot. So far so good.

    • how did you go about getting the extra 20gb, do they auto add it or did you show them the ozbargain site

      • Its auto

        • Since you are associated, can i still get $10 off per month if i sign up to jb hi fi plans

      • +3

        basic 101: do not show any sales guy ozbargain (they hate it & it's not their official website)
        just follow instructions for the deal from what other fellows said here!

  • Does anyone know if Boost is included/excluded for this offer?

    • +2

      Says down bottom it excludes boost customers

    • +1

      From the link: "Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers."

      • +2

        So Aldi Mobile OK then.

  • Any early termination fees?

    • +5

      yes ofc it is a contract. not month to month

    • But they will usually let you recontact 60 days from end date so think about it more like a 10month plan if you choose to stay on.

  • What's the minimum cost if you cancel the plan after a month?

    • $65 plans should be $390 (6 months worth)

  • +4

    Why is this offer better than a simple Kogan sim? Which costs the same and you get more after the gift card is taken out of the equation

    • +3

      Depends if you are in an area which benefits Telstra reception more.

    • +7

      Because it's Telstra. Better network in most areas (and supports Apple Watch).

      • -3

        You do realise Telstra don't have a monopoly on Apple Watch connectivity, right?!

        • +3


          Yeah but you probably can't get it on Kogan

        • +1

          Yes, but you ain't getting Apple Watch on Kogan…hence the statement. MVNOs need not apply.

          Even Boost which uses the full Telstra network, as opposed to a subset like Aldi, doesn't support it. JB is somewhat unique in being a full-featured Telstra reseller.

          Also I regularly get 400+Mbps on Telstra 4G at my house. Vodafone don't come close but, to be fair, at least they beat Optus.

    • +1

      Yes makes sense to down vote a genuine question, how dare me for knowing the reason.

      • +2

        Great sensible comeback. Gave your original comment above an up vote for clarifying.

      • not

        Going back to original question why not just use Aldi if it’s on the Telstra network ? Again a genuine question.

        • +1

          Not full telstra network

        • +2

          Aldi doesn’t use the full Telstra network, only wholesale network.

        • +1

          Aldi doesn’t have access to the full network. Only boost has that. And even then boost don’t get the highest 4GX and 5G etc etc

          • @WhyAmICommenting: actually this deal is better, after the gift card its the same price but more data.
            plus the phone cost is a tax deduction.

    • +1

      Apple Watch support, 5G support, Visual Voicemail support, VOLTE support, HD VOICE support and Telstra points access plus Telstra perks. The days of getting a reseller SIM card is over as they always have a catch.

    • Which Kogan plan are you talking about?

      After subtracting the gift card the Telstra plan comes down to $21.67 per month for 80GB a month.

      Nothing at Kogan comes close.

      • read my last comment above

        originally thought the 80gb was per year

  • +1

    Anyone have the link to the $10 Port in Credit? Still have a few months with Optus but might be worth it to just cop the $40 ETC.

    • There is a promotion at the moment with ongoing $10 credit for new plans on telstra. Not sure when it ends

      • +1

        Exactly why I would like to know if there is a link, want to know the specifics.

        • not too sure about the link, i just work for telstra ahahhaha

          • @hmac: did they recently re-introduce this or? i signed up w this offer 3 months ago and they were no longer offering the port in credit.

            • @Slut: It is a recent thing. The previous one was for 12 months only, this is ongoing. There was another last year which was ongoing too

    • +1

      $10 credit offer ends on 30 June 2020. Saw it on telstra's facebook ad.

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