Is NBN FTTN down in Keysborough?

Hi all, I used to be optus cable (overhead) 100mbps no drop outs.
Now they changed my area to FTTN (underground in the pits) I'm getting 23mbps and constant drop outs. We had heavy rain yesterday and I have been without internet for over 20 hours now.
Do you think the pits flooded? What can I do…


  • 1 - Power cycle your modem / router
    2 - Connect a device directly to the modem and log in and check if the modem is receiving data, and check your settings. (the modems address will be printed on the bottom but normally its for Optus)
    3 - If the issue persists, call your provider (Optus) and log a job with the technical team.

    • The modem is fine, wifi signal works but no sync or internet lights. No internet.
      (should have mentioned with Belong now)

      • Yeah, so log into your modem and see if FttN is up or not.

      • Your wifi will still broadcast but there wont be any traffic coming through.

        Did you power cycle your modem or not? If not, do this.

        Then connect a device directly to your modem, navigate to your modems IP address and check the settings - user name and password, and network status are important.

        If a device directly connected to your modem can navigate to external site, then issue is with your wifi settings or your wifi device.

        Also check your DNS settings.

        Then switch to a real ISP.

  • What did Belong say?

    • Not open due to covid19, have emailed - no response.
      Just called NBN to organise a tech, she said you have to do that through belong. I said I've tried.
      (trying telstra now - their parent company?)

  • Have you tried the NBN service status? Or Belong service status?

  • Switch to ABB for real service.

  • Did you sign up to a Belong starter plan or are you getting 23 Mbps because of node distance?

  • Isn't Keysborough FTTP? Damn you're super unlucky to be on FTTN in Keysey.

  • Just made a Launtel trial account and seen this in their database.

    Area 3173
    Services Up 50%*

    Making me think it's NBN issue

    • Doesn't the asterisk after the percentage mean that they only have a few customers in that area? So, if they have two customers and one turns their modem off, it will show 50%

  • Waiting for Launtel… They say 2-4 hours usually on Vocus. It's been 5.
    But also in the launtel deal thread it said possible delays as so many people signed up recently from OzB

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi on your router (via 192.168.X.X) and do a speedtest on a laptop while connected to an ethernet port. If speeds are crap, it is most likely an external influence. If it's good, turn on Wi-Fi again and connect to the 5Ghz band. This dramatically improved my speeds (from 35-40 to 90Mbps) although not sure why 2.4Ghz suffers.

    • Issue at the moment is I have 0 speed, because I have 0 internet. But when back up I've seen people on whirlpool having around a 10mbps speed boost from re-wiring their house or terminating old not in use phone lines/cables. So I'll try that once this mess is fixed.

  • So I have become Active, overnight with Launtel. They said we can't see you… I said I thought so, now waiting for NBN tech availability. The saga continues.

  • On a side note, why did I not know that Telstra 5G is here!
    - Probably because it's expensive $75 for 200GB. Then +$15 a month for a 36 month ($600) modem contract.
    But I'll probably get back to my 100mbps (or more)

    • Got my mate to bring his 5G Telstra phone, best we could get was 70/10

    • Yeah, they're "mobile broadband" is only really for unfortunate folks like myself who don't have NBN.

      Probably better off with whatever hotspot you have now to tide you over till yours gets fixed.

      • Not necessarily, I have FTTN NBN and have voluntarily signed up to 4G cause;
        1) it's faster than our FTTN ever could be.
        2) it's cheaper

        Been on it for 18 months, no regrets. Hoping 5G comes to our area before our 24 month 4G contract expires.

  • On the 5th day, the cable was fixed!
    (350m up the road apparently)

    • Has your speed increased or stayed the same?

      • Getting 30mbps now on the 50/20 plan.

        I changed to the 100 plan and still only getting 30, maybe 30 is all I will ever get.

        • Change back to the 50 plan. Next step is to get the house rewired.

          • @Twix: NBN guy said it won't make a difference. I'm 700m from Node.
            Launtel said they will contact Vocus to work on a fix…
            I think I trust Launtel

            • @bobzor bargain: Yeah 30 or 40 Mbps is the most you get at 700m. Launtel and Vocus can't do much. NBN have to upgrade the infrastructure again.

            • @bobzor bargain: I'd expect 50mbps at 700m with a new internal line.

              Before my line got mangled our FttN NBN was getting 50/16 (after replacing the internal line) on a 800m run of copper to Pillar/Node…
              The mangled line (which NBN says is "perfectly fine") now only achieves 30/8, hence my switch to 4G where I get 30/8 in peak hours and 100/8 outside peak.
              I suspect the mangling occurred to accommodate three units replacing one house. It was certainly around the time that I saw linesmen hooking up the units that the speed plummeted.

              • @scubacoles: My area is very old cabling with heavy coexistence.
                Apparently there's a FTTN 'capacity increase' on the horizon.
                So after that, and when coexistence ends I might see 50mbps…
                But by that time 5G might be more competitively priced.

                • @bobzor bargain: Vectoring wont do too much.
                  I was getting 50/16 without vectoring on 60 year old copper

                  I've reconnected NBN for a few months as a dedicated work from home connection and vectoring has increased my speeds from 30/8 (when I disconnected NBN pre-vectoring), to 35/9 today.

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