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Anko Port Charge Silver/Black 5000mAh Dual USB Ports Power Bank $4 (Was $7) @ Kmart


Shelves looking pretty bare at my local K-mart, maybe they are being starved of stock. However, I saw this deal tonight at my local (Bass Hill) store. Looks like they normally go for between $7-$22 bucks. You might get lucky and find one at your store. 2 Amp output per port and micro usb to charge. No longer listed on their website, this maybe due to it being clearance stock.

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    It still hasn’t dried yet!?

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      Haha, its oil based :P

    • Cash may help…

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    Local Kmart told me that they didnt expect anywhere near the traffic they had through the stores and so basically they hadn't put through any orders for new stock. You'd think that the store was closing down given how empty the shelves were throughout the store!

    • I agree, when I started to see children's clothing displays in random parts of the store, it made me think the same thing. Just filling the empty spaces…

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    Took one of these overseas end of last year just wanting a backup to slip into my bag for when I was out all day but it basically didn't work at all.
    Maybe I was unlucky and got a dud… it was only fairly cheap so I ditched it somewhere in Italy and ended up buying a slightly more expensive one which worked a treat.

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      Systematic way of selling waste of China and dump in Australia, while we are the taker of dumping law on grain.

      • Pardon?

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    Can never find any of these deals at my local Kmart, we do have discount ladies shoes tho this time of year.

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    Saw these for about $10 last week at The Pines on the Gold Coast. At $4 it might be worth taking a chance. Previous power banks I have bought from kmart don't meet their capacity values. They take the capacity of the cells at 3.7V, not at 5V. Also one single cell died quite quickly. May be I don't need any more ewaste at home.

  • Was the same in my local Kmart the other day. The kitchen section was almost completely empty. I wonder if business slowed during the COVID hysteria (everyone was too busy buying TP to worry about air fryers), and now it's picked back up again and caught them off guard.

    • More like they cleared their Aussie warehouses out since Covid and are having trouble restocking.

      • More like people standing around at home had nothing better to do than go shopping online for home stuff—well, of course!—while watching Netflix. I held a relocation sale, and it was surprisingly easy to offload our used Ikea furniture at half RRP (some more than that!).

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    I bought them a few months back and they scanned $2.50

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