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[Back Order] Wei Lih Ichiban Noodle Roast Pork 150g $2.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Just noticed these popular noodles are on Amazon, selling for the same price as Coles half price special.

Note that these are on back order.

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    got 3x.

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    These are on special at coles this week for $2.20 as well, and no postage.


      This is mostly for those who already have prime. Plus it's more of a conscience to secure one when they are in stock then going to coles and finding out they are all out of stock.


        There's heaps of stock at my local Coles. I don't think these are mainstream enough yet and would be first time buyers might be mistaken that it's made in China.

        I reckon if they repackaged these and marketed them as MRE style instant noodles they'd be flying off the shelves.

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    Bro why you gotta tempt me…


    This is my favorite heart warming 2 minute noodle. It comes with real tender succulent meat (usually 2- 3 pieces, 50c coin size) in jus.

    I normally use the meat pouch as a weight to secure the "lid". The meat will be heated while the noodle is cooking. Once the noodle is done, empty the meat pouch into the bowl. Stir and enjoy.

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