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Free New Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass Course (39.5 Hours Video) $0 (Will Be $44.99) @ Udemy


This is new course, but it's a good course.
I have a friend who has worked as a designer for many years, I asked her to look at this course and she gave me a very positive feedback for this course.

That's why I'm posting it here.


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  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass: LEARNWITHCADCIM(A temporary error occured. You have not been charged. Please try again later, or use a different card or payment method.)

  • Just when I was considering a refresher course! Thanks OP looks good!

  • When the background audio track is louder than the voice over you know this isn't going to be the easiest course to follow. :-(

  • If only adobe had a cheaper subscription.

    I recommend people look into Affinity, which it's a photoshop/publisher/illustrator alternative.

    They currently have a 90 day free trial to see if you like it

    • yeah, I totally agree with you that Adobe makes it very expensive. Btw, there are still so many people using it, and many graphics designers jobs to use these software from Adobe.

    • I'm still using CS6.

      While the creative suite has some UI enhancements I haven't come across any killer feature that would validate me paying for a subscription. Most holes can be filled with add-ons.

      • Only problem is the activation servers are long dead. And interim fix has also been discontinued.

        So even though you paid in full. You only get less than 10 years out of the product, till your PC craps out or is old and slow.

        • I literally don’t know what you’re talking about, I bought cs6 when it was new and am currently using it professionally. It works fine.

          • @Diminuendo: Oh, what I mean is if it's installed will continue working, however if you reinstall cs6, the activation of cs6 is not available. The suggested solution is to get a subscription.

            • @imcold: I’d really like to see your sources on this. I couldn’t find any with Google fu.

              I’m aware that when cs2s activation server went down adobe decided to oven the gates rather than close them making all activations approved.

      • I heard that if you want to use the old version of photoshop, you can also call to Adobe, and purchase it, but it won't be updated.

  • So what do you do with it, the video that is.

    Ah sexy Punjabi voice.

  • If it wasn't obvious yet, the audio quality in these videos isn't very good, I couldn't really make myself watch it, no matter how good her content might be >.<

  • Any codes for Rhino software?

  • I was interested until I watched the first preview…. yea, I can’t see myself watching any more! Way too slow & painfully repetitive.

  • Awesome find OP. Girlfriend has just started studying interior design. Not sure if this is relevant but defs getting it.