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Makita DLX2180PT1 18V 5.0ah Li-Ion Cordless Brushless 2pce Combo Kit - $379 @ Sydney Tools


Part of the Makita Roadshow 4th - 6th June 2020 @ Sydney Tools. Package includes:
1. Makita DHP484Z 18V Li-ion Cordless Brushless Heavy Duty Hammer Driver Drill - Skin Only
2. Makita DTD153Z 18V Li-ion Cordless Brushless Impact Driver - Skin Only
3. Makita BL1850B-L 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Battery with Gauge
4. Makita DC18RD 18V Li-Ion Cordless Battery Same Time Dual Port Charger - DC18RD

You will receive $50 as points as part of the Makita Roadshow 4th - 6th June 2020.

Seems like a good deal to me. What do you guys think?

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  • needs 2nd battery
    pbly better of with this kit

  • That’s bosh makita far better and check bunnings
    U can pick up a makita hedge trimmer for $75 with free 5.ah batter via redemption

    • Link to trimmer with free 5ah battery please!

    • Would you have a link for this please?

    • Ehh, wouldnt say makita is better, i would put them both in around the same tier, although the bosch set gives you 2x 6ah batteries +grinder and sds drill for 300 more. Spec wise it looks like the bosch has superior specs, depends on which ecosystem your after

      • That is a great deal, but I just question if your average person really needs a SDS drill when it's more than likely the hammer drill would do the job for a lot of at home jobs. This combo could possibly be more suited to some people https://sydneytools.com.au/product/makita-dlx2214tj-18v-5-0a... Comes with the 2nd battery, comes with the angle grinder via redemption, always handy to have a carry case to store the gear in and you receive a $100 store credit all for $669. Comes down to use and ecosystem like you said.

      • I'd generally put Bosch (Blue!) a little higher than Makita. Same with DeWalt, also above. Makita have gone downhill a bit in recent years. They don't make "bad" stuff per say, but some of their design and quality control has really dropped (sliding compound mitre saws, looking at you!).
        Festool right at the top of course, with a commensurate price :)

  • Bonus Store Credit cannot be taken off qualifying invoice. Bonus Store Credit must be used at the time of sale of the qualifying transaction.

    So the 'Store credit' can't be used as a discount on the initial sale but you have to use it on the initial sale? Or do they just mean straight after?

  • I don't concur either. Any ozbargainer a lawyer or are they all lurking at the bottom…

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