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Tenda Nova MW6 - 2 Pack $125 Delivered @ PC Byte


Hello guys, long-time ozbargainer, first post here.

Just came across this deal.

Total home coverage: powered by proprietary real mesh ️ Technology, MW6 features an advanced dual band AC1200 mesh Wi-Fi System that eliminates dead-zones and delivers your high-speed Internet coverage throughout your home (6000 sq. Ft. )
Works with Alexa: Tenda mesh Wi-Fi System works with Alexa, the Google Assistant, streaming devices and advanced appliances, so you get the full SMARTHOME experience.
Connect 90 devices: mesh Wi-Fi lets you Link up to 90 wireless devices to your high-speed network while maintaining optimum conditions
Use Tenda Wi-Fi App: to manage your Nova mesh Wi-Fi network from anywhere and access helpful tools like a parent-friendly Wi-Fi timeout feature.
Easy set-up & install: Nova mesh-Wi-Fi nodes cover over 2000 sq. Ft and are equipped with an LED range/positioning indicator, for convenient network setup and expansion.

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    I own these. No issues at all. Great value.

    • Yep, Good price. This model has better specs than Tenda MW3. Especially the gigabit port will come in handy if you have greater than 100Mbps NBN connection.

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        You only need the one MW6 to connect via the gigabit port and the MW3s will work in the same network with no real disadvantage vs the MW6. I have 2x MW6s and 3x MW3s and it kicks ass from one corner of the house to the other across two levels.

        • Interesting, good configuration. Yes, you need atleast 1 MW6 to take advantage of 100Mbps+ speeds.

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    Great reviews on Amazon … but then also this review - https://www.digitalcitizen.life/tenda-nova-mw6-review

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      I am starting to agree with this review haha. Works great when it works but dealing with some real inconsistency

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      Thanks for this link. I almost purchased this mesh but stopped myself because of the app — permissions are quite scary and given that tenda is a Chinese company, it would be scary for CCP to have access to my data.

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        then you also need to avoid Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus.

    • Well that has put me off.


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    Would love to have at least SOME description in title or body, OP.

    I'm guessing they're wireless mesh things?

  • Still waiting a good deal on the 3 pack since the Amazon deal sold out so quick :(

  • How would this compare to Google Nest?

  • How would this compare to the TP-Link Decos?

    Ideally I wanted Google Wifi, but they're hard to come by at a reasonable price now..

    • Same. Given up on google wifi due to price but would love a two pack of the top link deco due to the rave reviews

  • 1% paypal fee if of your interest.

  • Have these too, using ethernet backhaul via powerline. pretty trouble free!

  • Need some advice please.
    Currently on NBN using TPG provided Huawei router and I have probably 30-40 wireless devices.
    Not sure if the router struggles to handle this number of wireless devices so sometimes some devices couldn't connect.
    I seem to have work around the problem by connecting some devices on the main network and some on the "guest" network. But that also means that not all smart home devices are interconnected. Also not sure when I am going to run into issues again when I have more devices.

    How many devices do you connect to this Tenda mesh? How do you find them stability wise?


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      As evident by your guest network and main network fix, it might be that your ip lease time is too long on your current router. You'll usually have 250 odd ip addresses per subnet for your router to allocate. Which might seem plenty, but they have a lease time in which they become unavailable even if the device is offline. Maybe you can decrease the lease time (default is probably 24 hours) and see if it helps.

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    Can these be connected to the MW3 3 pack? Or MW3 connected to these?

    • I was also wondering if this can be done.

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      • Thanks!

        I find the MW3 awesome for my small 3 bed house, easily the best $90 spent on a router.

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        Yes you can! Working a dream at my place. Use the MW6 to take advantage of the gigabit port and the MW3s as the slaves.

  • Officeworks sells the MW5s 2 Pack.

    More expensive but worth knowing if you don't want to wait for postage.

    • Are they better or worse? Thanks for sharing!

    • MW5s are inferior to MW6.

      • Oh I’ve been looking this up. How?

        • With the Tenda MW5s, only the primary node has gigabit ports, the satellite nodes has slower ports upto 100Mbps only. It is only the MW6 range that offers gigabit ports on all the nodes. This may not be a big deal for an average user, but its good to know the difference.

          • @paul11: Thanks mate. Any other differences in wifi speed/comparability?

  • Would anyone in inner Melbourne be interested in splitting a unit each? I only need one to pair with mw3s.

  • For NBN HFC, if I buy these do I just plug it into the black NBN supplied modem. So no need to buy another router?

  • $135 now?
    or is there any code I should apply?