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Kwikset 264 Series Mini Q Electronic Keypad Deadbolt $59 (Was $99) @ Bunnings


Price drop on Kwikset 264 Series Mini Q Electronic Keypad Deadbolt. Was $99 now $59

Auto latchbolt locking detection
Motor driven bolt
User friendly design and easy to install
Disposable code for one time access
LED illuminate the keypad on demand

Kwikset 264 series Mini Q provides secured keyless entry convenience, a one touch locking system. There are 6 user codes plus a master code feature for added security. Installs in minutes with just a screw driver - no hard wiring needed.

Thanks to pricehipster

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  • Out of Stock in any store near me

  • +3

    I have one of these, and it's very good for the price. Let me know any questions you might have about it and I'll see if I can help.

    • Hi Puffinfresh.

      1) How does the auto latchbolt lock function work?

      2) Any other features you find useful?

      Thanks again and have a nice day.

      • +7

        The auto lock is timer based (you can set a time; mine is 20 or 30 seconds), and it has a quirk. Other locks use a magnet to check if the door is closed, but that wouldn't work for me because my door knob is inset further than normal, so I prefer the timer. The problem is that the timer is based on the time since the door was last electronically locked. If someone locks it manually (using the latch on the back, not the lock button on the front), the timer is paused. So the timer may pause with say 2 seconds left, so then when you next open the door, it starts automatically locking again straight away. Worse, it could pause with 5-10 seconds left, so when you open the door, and leave, thinking the door will close and lock behind you, the latch might engage while the door is swinging closed and actually prevent it from closing and locking, which can be very bad if you don't notice. I guess that only applies to those with auto door closers, like me because I'm in an apartment.

        Other features… Good batteries last at least a year (I changed mine at that point just in case). You can set multiple codes (I have one for me, and one I change for each Airbnb guest). You can disable the button sounds. It's not overly feature rich since it isn't internet connected.

        • +1

          Thank you so much for the review and tips. Appreciate it.
          Have a nice weekend!!

        • Another positive is that it doesn't require any extra holes in your door.

    • +1

      Just wondering if the numbers 'fade' over time on the physical buttons, for instance others can see which number combination you would have.. are they soft or hard physical buttons?

      • Good question…

      • Just strip the all from the get go.

        • Makes it difficult to give visitors the code. :)

      • +1

        Soft buttons. Mine show no sign of fading after 1.5 years.

  • Thanks, ordered one. I have a similar 5 year old model which is behaving oddly, so I will keep this as a backup. Advantage is that all locks in our house are keyed alike to kwikset

    • +1

      This doesn't have the easy rekey feature that some Kwiksets have, which is a good thing, because it's easy break into those ones. So you'd need to get a locksmith to rekey it, or possibly reuse the barrel from your old lock.

  • Thanks OP

    Motor driven bolt

    Takes 4 AA batteries. I wonder how long they last?
    Presume the key overides the motorised mechanism in case of battery failure.

    • +2

      Do you even Eneloop?

      • No. Coles rechargeables :)

    • The good ones (energiser max or similar) last about a year. I think its my crappy ever ready ones which are causing malfunction at times. Yes the key over-rides.

  • Anyone know if these are weather proof? Was looking at using for a garage door

  • They have cancelled my order, the reason is there is no stock and ETA for the item in any stores in Sydney inner West

  • Ordered one.
    Lifetime mechanical warranty but only 12 months electrical warranty.

    Seems like they can be prone to electronic issues.

    Fingers crossed I get a 'good' one.

    • For customers outside of the U.S. and Canada, claims under this warranty must be made only to either the place of purchase or to the listed importer

      Just return it to Bunnings if it breaks I guess.

  • still can be lock pick by key hole

    • The same as most locks I imagine.
      So this product offers additional convenience, not additional security.

  • Always spend a commensurate amount of money on the lock compared to what you're locking up.

  • Is this replacing your normal existing door handle or add another hole on top just like a deadbolt?

    • It's effectively a deadbolt style lock. But can be used alone or in addition to existing door knob.

  • I feel like this will take longer to open than a key. Also $250 in batteries over 25 years (how old my deadbolts are in my house if it even lasts this long). Sideways upgrade?

    • Yeah but you are not thinking the convenience side of it.

    • +1

      $250 in batteries over 25 years

      Much less if you use rechargeables.

      Even so, at $10/year if you use the front door 20x/day, that's 7300 times per year that someone didn't have to carry/find/use a key.
      Easily worth the convenience for us :)

  • +1

    Picked up mine from Castle Hill. Along with the ducted exhaust fan offer.

  • what, no bluetooth? how are we going to break in?

  • I prefer these, reminds me of caravan parks toilets as a kids

  • Waterproof?

  • If anyone is curious about the lock, it seems like Amazon rebranded it and LPL picked it https://youtu.be/nnIdDkiAMnE

    • Looks similar from the outside, wonder if it's the same on the inside.

      Like someone else has mentioned here you're not buying added security but rather convenience.

      For me I can go for a run etc without having to carry my keys and if i've locked the door and forgotten my key then the only way for me to get back in is either smash a window or call a locksmith. $59 for this is cheaper than both those options.

      • Fair enough just putting it out there.

        He says in the video 0:27 that it's a kwikset keyway so it's very likely the same.

        • Yeh probably the same.

          I'll spend $1000 on a deadbolt but then i'm sure lpl still has a video on how to pick it haha!

          I'm sure i've watched one of his vids where he replaces pins to improve a locks security.

          • @Villainous: Considering that guy very likely could pick every physical lock in every persons house on this forum we can't really use him as a reference on security he's elite at what he does

            • +1

              @Sammy Boi: Not a reference ofcourse, just a light joke hence the laughter

  • Thanks Op. Bought 1, Click and Collect.
    Collection store address
    Bunnings Mt Gravatt
    Corner Creek & Wecker Rd
    Mt Gravatt QLD 4122

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