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Spend ≥ $100 in 1 Transaction at Amazon AU, Bunnings, House, Claim Up to $50 Cashback @ AIA Vitality


AIA Vitality have been pretty good with program changes for their members during the COVID-19 madness. Here's a new cashback benefit for purchases at Amazon.com.au, Bunnings and House this month. From the app:

Get rewarded with up to $50 cashback this month
We know that it’s been challenging looking after your physical and mental wellbeing in the last few weeks and that you haven’t had access to some of your favourite benefits during April and May. We’d like to reward you for your hard work by offering all members up to $50 cashback this month from three retailers.
We’ll give you up to $50 cashback when you spend $100 or more in a single transaction at Amazon.com.au, Bunnings or House between 5 and 30 June. Your cashback will be based on your AIA Vitality Status at the time of purchase to recognise all of those excellent lockdown AIA Vitality Points earning habits! It’s the perfect time to finish off the last bit of DIY around the house before the cold weather really sets in – or you might like to treat yourself to some new pots and pans (or that kitchen gadget you’ve had your eye on!) to help build on your culinary prowess.

AIA Vitality Status
Cashback Amount
Platinum $50
Gold $30
Silver $20
Bronze $10

You’ll need to send us the tax invoice from an eligible transaction.
This offer is valid for all AIA Vitality members.

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  • I cancelled my insurance once I got my Apple Watch on the other day, after 3 months.

    • Why did getting an Apple Watch make you cancel?

      • +3

        He had an Android phone

        • Hahaha, I got a stalker :)

    • I am guessing you got the Apple watch signing up to some PHI not specifically from AIA rewards?

    • What plan were you on and/or how'd you get that? /curious

      • Just the most basic plan and via RAC member promotion.

        • How much did the watch/insurance cost altogether?

  • +1

    Not a bad deal for existing members.

  • +1

    Good one.

  • -1

    how to get a membership?

  • +1

    I ordered my Amazon 2 days ago dammit!

    • Cancel and reorder?

      • Already shipped unfortunately. Also I am 500 points short of plat (will be getting it before the decrease rewards 15th June). So not sure if they will check my level when I bought or current level. So will just find something else to order anyways. I am sure Ozb will post something before EOM

        • +2

          5 days of 7500 steps mate. You can do it!

          • +1

            @dmorg78: Have been hitting everything to get to Plat before they decrease the reward by $50 haha.

            Every week doing:
            Nutrition vid
            Meditation 3x weekly
            Mentemia 4x weekly
            Steps/Workout 7x weekly

            Have completed my activity goal but won't get points until the 16th :S

            • @knobbs: Have you been getting your 100 points from Mentemia? I’ve been doing mentemia activities every day but I don’t think I’ve received the points from mentemia yet. Have been doing the meditation 3x weekly, but I think that’s supposed to be separate to mentemia points

              • @Kenb0: I think it’s 4 activities a week in Mentemia. I’ve only signed up tonight. Need 1200 points before 15th.

              • @Kenb0: Yeah the 25 points a day for the 20m meditation video is separate.
                The Mentemia is a separate company to AIA so they don't have access to the data. At the end of the week/Monday Mentemia send the data to AIA and they manually add the points on for the previous week. It took them till Friday this week to give me the points for last week. I would suggest if you haven't got them already to give them a call and question it.

                You have to do 1x task (so it turns green) a day for 4x separate days for the week to get the 100 points.

                • @knobbs: Yeah last week, I wasn’t sure what the tasks were, so I just did 1 min breathing exercises from their “training” tab but not sure if it registered. This week, I started just picking a random task from the “today” tab and just doing that instead so it goes green.

                  When it does get credited, what’s it credited as in your point history eg. The 20m meditation video is credited as “Mindfulness”, what’s the mentemia stuff credited as?

                  And I know the meditation stuff is capped at 2000 points for the year, is there a separate cap for mentemia or does that also contribute to the 2000 point cap as part of “mental well-being activities”?

                  • @Kenb0: Yeah I just click an item from the home section and read through, it will go green and that's all I do.

                    The 100 points show up as 'Mental Wellbeing Sessions' for me.

                    My understanding was the 2,000 points was only for the Mentemia app so hopefully separate. Although I haven't looked into it too much as I should hit the 35k cap pretty easy without.

                    • @knobbs: Thanks mate, gives me a better idea of what to look out for now.

            • @knobbs: Can you already do the meditation ones? Thought only from July?

              Which app do you use?

              • @tajid: The meditation ones are available through the AIA app already. Go into AIA Vitality at home and the 25 point mindfulness tab, it has a 20m video from Endota spa to watch.

            • @knobbs: Have you done the nutrition consultation by any chance? It will be reduced from 1500 points to 1000 post July. Though not sure if the cost of consultation would be worth it.

              • @cuppaciano: I have wanted to see a nutritionist but haven't thought it was worth the money for me yet. I just base my diet mostly on macros and trying to get healthier foods.

        • Can I ask what's happening with the decrease rewards on 15 June? Cheers

          EDIT: Found it for anyone else who is interested


          • @Prothean: Damn goals and nutrition tracking are cut out/reduced.

            Will be harder to get required points now.

            • @tajid: Ikr :(

              On the other hand, they put in a couple of additional programs like the mental health one, and upped the points from doing a health check.

  • +1

    I am a member and am not seeing this offer on the app or website?

    • +1

      On the app, click on "AIA Vitality at home".

      • +4

        Got it, thanks.

        Now to find something I don't need for $100 on Amazon….

        • +1

          Can't you just buy Amazon giftcard and bank it up for late?

          • +1

            @nightelves: yeah nothing in the terms and conditions say no gift cards

            • @Debellate: now you just reminded them of…

              • @aec: Someone called them and AIA said it was ok so rats outta the bag anyways..

  • +13

    Just gave them a ring, they said gift cards are eligible

  • +1

    Brilliant deal

  • +1

    … before the cold weather really sets in

    Winter Solstice is in 16 days. After which it starts getting warmer, with a slight chance of zombies.

    • and aliens

    • peak zombie period is now? :)

  • What's the best/cheapest way to get AIA as a VIC resident?
    (Open to PMs)

    • For me, I found AIA health insurance the cheapest way. Especially if you require health insurance for tax savings.
      Gets cheaper the higher status you are too.

      Comes to $21.99 per week for me on a silver status, $16.99 after the $5 weekly voucher.

    • +2

      There was a thread on this last year when RAC/RACQ shut down AIA V for interstate residents.

      Unless you want health insurance with an insurer that offers AIA V like @jamdav16 (eg myOWn insurance, in which case AIA V is a free benefit), the consensus then was a SCI/life insurance product from AIA Australia. My premium for the lowest SCI cover is around $38/pcm, which is tax deductible.

      I joined AIA V for the half-price Virgin Active gym fees. Paying $38pcm is offset by what you get back from AIA V, which means it's good for me, but YMMV.

    • I am on myOwn (largely because I want to be on AIA vitality) but contemplating to cancel it and hop on CommBank Life Insurance (which comes with Vitality) instead. I have been quoted $220 for a year, which I am likely to breakeven on AIA Vitality.

      • +1

        There's wording in the T&Cs on the Commbank site that you need to have an over $750 annual premium policy to get Vitality through Commbank, are you sure you can get it on a $220 policy? That would be cheaper than mine direct with AIA

        • +1

          pretty sure $220 pa Commbank won't qualify you for AIA vitality, there's minimal premium of $750 (likely) pa to qualify the AIA vitality I think.

    • +1

      AIA have shut down all of the cheap ways to access the AIA Vitality program. It used to be accessible by paying $16/month to MaxLife for income protection insurance (my wife is grandfathered on that plan). After that avenue was closed the cheapest option was to pay $38/month to Life Insurance Direct for income protection insurance (I am grandfathered on that plan).

      Now that has been closed as well and AIA have put a 'minimum $600/year insurance premium requirement' from any insurance provider/broker plus a $138/year AIA Vitality fee. Making a minimum ~$750/year outlay to access AIA Vitality for any new sign-ups.

      With the reduction of shopping benefits to $500/year and active benefits capped at $260/year WISH gift cards, you really have to weigh up whether the flight benefits etc are worthwhile for you.

      • +1

        Like you, I was pretty bummed by the announced decrease in shopping benefits.

        From your description above, you'll likely breakeven on the insurance cover vs gift vouchers from hitting platinum and active benefits.

        Flight benefits - for the moment, are non existent, for obvious reasons, but I think the endota benefit is still pretty good.

      • If you pay for the premium out of your super, you get a further 15% off so min = $510 + $138.

        • Do you mean tax saving of 15% in the superfund? Because a smarter tax plan for those on marginal tax rates >15% is to buy income protection insurance, pay and deduct in your own name

          • +1

            @tomclancy: The premium is discounted at a further 15% off. E.g. paying with cash / credit card at $1,000 premium vs. $850 if paid out of your super.

            I guess you're right, it makes sense to work out which option gives the most savings after taking into account tax considerations.

            • @firestint: Oh wow, I didn't know that so thanks for letting me know. One more thing to put into the calculator 😊

      • +1

        You also have to factor in the below when counting the $750 cost on insurance. The vouchers you get will effectively cover your insurance costs, so it’s effectively free, and then you get all the added benefits below too.

        • discounted gym memberships (50% in some cases)
        • flight discounts (up to 50%)
        • discounted HOYTS movie tickets
        • discounted Fitbit products (25%)
        • discounted Garmin products (25%)
        • discounted Endota Spa products
        • discounted Jagged clothes (30%)
    • +1

      For Victoria

      MyOwn health insurance no longer exists, it was replaced by AIA Health Insurance.

      GMHBA Health Insurance
      AIA Health Insurance
      Commbank Life Insurance (above $750 a year)

      Comparing GMHBA to AIA Health Insurance appears that GMHBA has more inclusions and cheaper prices. But that may change I guess. Who knows.

  • +1

    Does this mean stuff from Amazon us is ok via amazon.com.au ?

  • Can't see this offer on my Vitality app anywhere under Vitality at home on my app…waiting on support..

    • there now…all good..

  • -1

    You guys ok handing an insurer all of your health data?

  • Just checking cause I haven't bought one before

    If I buy an Amazon Australia gift card I'll definitely get a Tax Invoice from Amazon? Cause AIA need a tax invoice to claim the cashback

    • +1

      yep…tax invoice with gift card i bought back last year..

      • Thanks

  • If you add a Google Play store gift card voucher to your account, it gets used as the first source of payment for subscriptions like YouTube music

    Does anyone know, If you add a Amazon.com.au gift card voucher to your account, does it gets used as the first source of payment for subscriptions like Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime ?

  • Any thoughts about using a gift card / Zip pay for payment of the $100 item? Not in the terms and conditions?

    • I was going to ask the same question, especially with this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543092.

      Maybe I will give AIA Vitality a call next week.

      • +1

        I called and the response was it only works if you're paying at least $100 out of your own pocket, i.e. with cash / credit card but not gift card. The Zip pay deal is a separate offer so as long as you send AIA a tax invoice with at least $100 out of your pocket, you're good to go.

        Edit - reading the comments in another thread, if you're concerned about credit rating maybe don't do it for $20.

  • Has anyone received the cashback yet?

  • What email address do i send the tax invoice to? The link in the email I received for more information doesn't work…

  • Can I just buy grocery from Amazon and claim this offer?

  • Does anyone know if the transaction amount includes shipping??

  • Is the Marleybox offer worth it?

  • +2

    Got an email saying my claim has been approved.

    • Nice! I just emailed today hopefully will also get an approval email soon.

    • +1

      Got paid yesterday.

  • Hmmm…i got a lower tier cashback even though i qualified for a higher tier a few days before purchase….chasing them up.

  • Got my $50 in today, I emailed toward the end of June so seems like they're getting through the claims. Cool promo :)

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