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$20 Credit Back on Your First Zip Purchase of $100 at Bunnings (New Zip Customers)


For the month of June only. Sign up for a Zip Pay account today and we’ll treat you to $20 credit back on your first Zip purchase of $100 or more at Bunnings, instore or online.
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$10 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

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  • +3

    Does zip pay have a negative impact on your credit rating?

    • +1

      If you dont pay it off in time it would

    • +7

      the new credit reporting shows everything

      the bank can see any line of credit including zip/afterpay , when you apply for homeloan

      • +1

        It only matters tho if you really on the knife edge of getting the loan tho

        • +1

          They even want to hear how many coffees you eat during day and how often. I'm sure they will be very curious about zip/afterpay etc and why the purchases were not paid upfront.

      • Didn't show mine, I did a credit check before finance.

      • Not true, afterpay doesn't do a hard credit check (ie. doesn't show up on your credit report as an enquiry), nor does it show up as a line of credit on your credit report.

        From what I understand, Zip does - but would love someone use uses credit reporting checking services to confirm.

    • +2

      Yes it does. They’re viewed as a pay day lender when applying for any type of credit or loan. Very unfavourable on your report. Speaking from experience.

      • +2

        Thanks, not worth it for $20 then.

        • -1

          There is no gain without pain. In the long run you can only loose. Took the $200 from the combank getting their card. Initially it was great. Now their app is crap and their card is the only one to persistently bounce even on their own gear. Lucky if you have a second card. Still less pain than Amex.

    • +12

      I work in Credit Assessment at a big 4 bank and yeah these don’t look great on your file.

      • u mean not paying on time? OR

        • +4

          It’s all system generated/assessed these days but they come up like a credit card etc. on our report. I personally wouldn’t do it for $20.

      • +7

        You should do an AMA.

  • -1

    Can I purchase item instore or must be online?

    • +1

      Did you read the description?

      • +1

        scrolls up the page to re-read description

  • Z1P share was trading at $3.75 a few weeks ago and shot up to $5-6 in recent week. This is going to be a meme share just like Afterpay.

    • APT is a meme share? Please explain…?

    • I bought sh*tload of z1p shares at $1.50, made heaps profit. Going to payoff my mortgage after tax return and buy my mainland girlfriend a brand new landrover.

      • Oh cool how long you been trading for?

        • 15 years at least. I'm the legendary 8horse in HC.

  • Buy gc?

    • +1


      • GC = Gift Cards

        And that was my question too … Could I use it to buy gift cards ?

        • -1

          Can't buy gc on zip unfortunately

  • +2

    I thought first Zip purchase at Bunnings entitled to the bonus but only for first time Zip customers : (
    Totally different ball game !

    • So, u confirmed this info ? Not eligible if you have previously made Zip purchase elsewhere ? Cheers

  • +4

    Zip do a credit check, afterpay don't. So it may impact your credit score.

    • Zippay or zipmoney?

      • +1


    • +1

      I'd want a lot more than $20 for a credit check.

  • how do you pay off Zip, can you do it via a debit card/paypal or some other way?

    want to still get my debit card cashback if i use zip

    • I payed off balance by debit card ( can Bpay ) and started fresh buying Amazon $500 cards . After 4 they blocked the account and are asking for photo and Id .

      • did you use the actual debit card or BPay from your debit account?

        • In Zipmoney I choose extra payments with the debit CC option . Same method with Zippay .

  • Need a deal like this for Amazon

  • i added my paypal id check and then got up to the stage of adding debit card and stopped . does that mean its already done a credit check on me? can you add a credit card instead of a debit card?

  • I went to bunnings vic sunshine this morning for ozito jet blower $89 clearance and other stuff. I was told that no Zip payment available…
    Today could be an awesome oz bargain day.

    • Minimum spending is $100.00 to get $20.00 credit off.

      • Total was over $100 and I asked for zip payment. The staff looked up screen and said no zip available.

    • Real question is… Did you get a blower?

      • yes, it is an awesome blower for that price.

  • +1

    anyone got there bonus yet? still waiting for mine…

    • I'm still waiting too, made my first purchase last Sunday. Have you gotten yours now?

  • how does one know if they signed up correctly via the link and are registered for the bunnings promo? i cant see any bunnings promo offer after logging into app. if you linked a credit card for the payments will it be treated as cash advance or purchase and will it still earn points?

  • I never received my bonus, despite signing up via the link, etc - so had to chase their customer service team - who at first didn't provide the credit (as they said it would be automatically applied if I was eligible). After pushing a little more, they did provide it to me though.

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