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Jabra Elite 65t $149, Active 65t $179 (Save $100) @ JB Hi-Fi & Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Officeworks


cracker deal again on these bad boys.. got one for my pop and paid $179 few weeks ago.. love these awesome for work calls.. cant recommend them enough,

JB Hi-Fi

Harvey Norman

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi
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Harvey Norman

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    Great price, thanks OP love my actives, even more than my AirPods pros.

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      no worries cobber… cheers mate.. got the whole family using em now.. love em

    • How is the sound quality compared to AirPods?

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        night and day…

        • +5

          which one is night and which is day?

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            @Keniabu99: come on… since when apple make a good sound………

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        IMO similar but Jabra have the edge - definitely better base. Price though no comparison.

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        Vs the airpods, the jabras are a lot better.

        VS the pros, the pros are slightly better and have noise cancelling

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          Just out of interest have you used all of these? I own pros and Jabras and prefer sound on Jabras.

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            @Captain Hindsight: I have both lol jabras for the gym.

            I prefer the bass on the Jabras but the sound quality is better on the airpod pros.

            Definitely to each their own though. Love the jabra app.

          • @Captain Hindsight: I have both and prefer the pro to the jabra. I'm certainly no audiophile though.

  • I've been looking at these for Microsoft Teams use, however, a lot of complaints online about Windows 10/Teams and Bluetooth headphones. Issues are mainly around losing the ability to control volume.

    I've seen Jabra has come out with a USB dongle for connecting wirelessly to the computer rather than direct Bluetooth.

    Anyone using these with Teams or Skype?

    • A colleague is using one of this for Teams meeting, and he is sitting outside (the deck) most of the time. His voice is clear and I cannot hear much of the background.

    • -1

      The Microsoft Teams issue of not being able to control volume happens to other Bluetooth earbuds/earphones too.

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      I have a pair and stopped using them for calls because there were multiple complaints about background noise x and this is just with a TV on in the background or a spouse taking a phone call etc.

      For calls, you want a proper headset made for calls - something like the Plantronics Voyager Focus or Bose 700.

      Truly wireless are never very good for this purpose unless you have a very quiet environment. You typically buy these for listening rather than talking.

      Check out the reviews on rtinga.com, they have sample recordings which show how tinny (or not) voice is transmitted, the noise handling and whether the voice pick up is good across the entire range or not.


      The 65t with a USB dongle is another model called the Evolve. Much more expensive, and with slightly better microphone performance.

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        This is my in call experience too

      • Isn't CVC supposed to solve this problem?

        • My experience with the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 which have CVC 8 has not been great. They're much worse than the Jabra when it comes to background noise.

    • Interestingly, only the Evolve range is recommended on both the Microsoft and Jabra sites as MS Teams preferred, not the Elite range

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        The Evolve is from the UC certified range of products. It meets certain criteria to reach that certification and retails for double the cost despite being only mildly better.

        The USB dongle greatly improves connectivity, that’s about it.

  • Waterproof/ IP rating? how would these compare to Jaybird Vista?

    • +3

      Actives are sweatproof dustproof, standards are not.

      Not sure on the comparison; however

      These are widely considered the best value for money wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

      • -2


      • Apparently the standards are also water resistant.
        Was just watching some reviews and one mentioned unless you live in an extremely wet climate or your a really big sweater then you should just get the standards and save the coin.

        Ive been contemplating getting a cheap set off eBay for running but maybe I’m better off forking out for these.
        Looks like this might be their new RRP as all sellers have them reduced and so does Jabra themselves.

        • Ahh I see. Yeah wouldn't be doing cardio in them that's for sure

    • I had the Jabras and got rid of them as they gave me a headache after about 15 mins. Bought the Jaybird Vista in a HN 50% random deal and man the comfort level is much much better. Sound is just as good and no mic issues for me. USBC charging and magnetic case makes jaybirds the clear winner in my eyes.

    • I use my active 65t daily, either connected to the laptop when watching/listening to things or on my bike where I definitely put them through their paces. Maybe TMI, but I sweat a lot and these handle it just fine. I've also ridden in the rain with them on and not had any issues at all.

  • +1

    agree. i like my non active, i just wish the case has magnet.

    button is good, battery is great, app is also good, the sound through function is great you dont have to take it out to listen to people talking to you, what else.. EVERYTHING is good. except the case has no magnet sometimes you need to be careful when opening otherwise they will fall from the case.
    the fit also good for me, a person with small ears

  • -1

    MUST WATCH REVIEWS (doesnt matter if you ALREADY have, WANT to buy, or DOESNT WANT it).
    just watch… please
    they will put a smile on your face


  • Loved my 65ts until the case broke. Upgraded to the 75ts and they are even better. Smaller, better mics, usb c and magnets in case.

    • Is the comfort of the 75Ts a huge upgrade over the 65Ts? Trying to decide if it's worth getting the 75Ts.

      • +1

        I prefer them. The smaller size means less ear fatigue

      • +2

        Having tried my wife’s 65T overt the past couple of years, I bought the 75T a few weeks ago and would recommend paying the extra for the 75T. Smaller, nicer looking buds (IMO), slightly better sound, better designed case and USB C to me, make the extra $100 worth it.

        • I also have both, I will say go with the 75t. Better sound, much better battery life. But they are both not great when talking in a noisy environment. I simply use my airpods when I talk in noisy places.

        • +1

          Thanks! 75Ts are currently $150 more. Might wait for them to go down.

  • Are these good for Teams conference calls on PC via Bluetooth?

  • How does this compare with some of the better soundpeat lineups?

    • I have the Soundpeats Truedot and use both pairs.
      They are both great, but I have never had much success with using the Soundpeats mic on calls. Can't say I've tried with the 65T's though.
      I prefer the Soundpeats for running, as they are smaller, but I use them with tips from the Elite 65Ts for a better fit.

  • +2

    This or galaxy buds plus?

    • anyone got a comparison to Samsung buds please, I also want to know this. Big price gap !

      • Visit rtings.com, in depth reviews and functionality to put the reviews side by side in a comparison.

  • -2

    My friend gifted me the Elite Actives. I'll give him a kiss after the virus for his generosity.

    • You guys are all prudes.

  • How does the Active 65t compare with Active 75t?
    Was originally planning on getting Active 75t, but at nearly half the price these may be a decent choice instead

  • Awesome , been waiting for a deal !

  • I have been using these daily, great piece of kit. no regrets. Also bought last time they were around 160

  • Awesome deal, pick one up just as a backup for my current ones. I use daily for zoom calls and they are perfect!

  • Any of these two models noise cancelling?
    Looking at buying one (probably the standard one, don’t need dust and sweat resistant) but wondering if can also use on the plane etc

    • +1

      No ‘active’ noise cancellation, but the passive noise cancelation (i.e., sound cancelation simply by being a snug fit in your ears) is great. Compares to ‘active” noise cancellation of actual over ear headsets in a lot of cases.

    • +2

      +1 what Galvatron said, the passive noise cancelling is pretty bloody good.

  • How secure are these in ear for running etc?
    I find my Jaybirds to be great, but galaxy buds bounce around and fall out even with the larger "fins"

  • Same deal availiable direct from the Jabra website

  • Always out of curiosity, when used these for running, where do you Normally keep your phone? Obviously not in my pocket as they tend to fall out and Not comfortably sits like in jeans?

    • I have a slimline "bumbag" I got from Rebel. It holds my phone and came with two small drink bottles that attach

      • Cheers mate

    • You can buy gym shorts that have a phone pocket with a zip built in

      I find this useful for running

  • My 65t are starting to fail. Loss of sound in the left ear. Will not buy again.

    • how old are they? could still be under the 2 year manufacturer warranty?

      • +1

        Only 1 year warranty according to here but 2 year dust and water resistance warranty whatever that means.

        • resistance to ear "dust" :-)

    • When I bought mine, there was something blocking the left earbud hole and was getting much softer volume in the left earbud which distorted the listening experience. When I found this out, I removed it using a pin and it was back to normal. You might want to check just in case. Doesn't hurt.

  • https://www.jabra.com.au/bluetooth-headsets/jabra-elite-acti...

    Kind of a coral colour also available if you're into that on their website. Same price.

  • These vs the Bose Soundsport free? Both seem to have great reviews.


    • +2

      gee that bose will make you looks like frankenstein.
      i had that bose, returned them in a week. button too hard too press hurting my ear every time.
      Bluetooth is old version.
      what else…. basically avoid unless you can buy that bose for $75 brand new

  • Will anyone who is using this for work purposes claim tax money back?

    • Yep, I don’t see why not?

  • Hello,
    Anyone with experience with the mic quality/sound on these ones? Keen to hear if the mic is good or not. TIA

    • good mate.. use em for MS teams and Zoom no problem…

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