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[eBay Plus] Boost Mobile $150 Prepaid SIM Kit, 80GB for 12 Months $136.95 Shipped @ MobileTechMart eBay


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OzB’s ever popular deal for BOOST MOBILE $150 PP plan with 80 GB data and unlimited local calls and text and unlimited international calls for select destinations.

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    Im hearing its pretty much impossible to port in a number to boost? Any truth to this?

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      I've ported mine, my parents, grandparent's, and fiancee's just fine.

      There was an issue a few months back with Vodafone numbers, but that's been resolved.

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        That's awesome, jumping to boost now!

      • I would like to give it go then I hope you're right.

        Does it come with a nano simcard?

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      There is an issue with Telstra and essentially having to take a detour to get there. However it's well known now, its just a faff. Others are quite reasonable.

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      ported two weeks ago, no issues

      • From Telstra? Boost website says you need one of their free sims before porting. Is that accurate or is it simply a matter of purchasing this sim/deal and plugging in the info online (with porting requested)? Asking for a friend - actually in this case. :-)

        • I ported from Catch Connect
          Just plugged in my information online and everything was done in 4 hrs

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          You need to get the special sim.

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            @Miss B: Thanks Miss B.

            • @DisabledUser67242: I ported today from Telstra with a $2 Woolies Sim. Just call their hotline and they complete the whole process for you.

              • @IProdz: From Telstra to Ww or to Boost? Ww is like Aldi, doesn't get the full network.

                Seems Testra doesn't like assisting people moving directly from their service to Boost???

                • @DisabledUser67242: I moved from Telstra prepaid to boost with a store bought Boost sim. I didn't have to contact Telstra at all.

                  • @IProdz: Thanks for clarifying. They (Boost) claim you need one of their "special" free sims but it appears that may not be the case. I might ring them again and see if I get the same response about the special sim requirement. Different assistants have different levels of knowledge.

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      I ported to Boost today, no issues.

      • i just ported from optus. took them about 10 mins

    • +1

      Just did my mums account from amaysim took less than 15 Mins

    • I'm still waiting on my port.

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    I bought one of these Sim packs earlier this year (different seller/ not ebay) and got this email yesterday.


    We had been notified by boost, that boost will remove the 150$ (80Gb for one year plan) from July 1st.

    Which means any Boost 150$ sims will not be able to activate anymore after Jun 30th, 2020.

    (If you had already activate and using it, you can continue to use and the change does not affects you)

    Our records show you had purchased 150$ boost sim card from us before. This email is a reminder you to activate the sim before the date (Jun 30, 2020)

    Meanwhile, as the plan won’t go back anymore, If you have friend want to switch to boost by the end of this months.

    You can purchase the sim card from our website:"

    • wow.. I have a Boost sim pack and the plan was to activate on July 5th as my current plan expires. Can anyone confirm this is true please?

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        I can confirm that I've called Boost and can confirm the following:

        As of July 1st, the 80GB/$150 prepaid sim will no longer be available for retail sale HOWEVER if you have one, you will have until February 2022 to activate and use the service/port your number in.

        Any existing users on this plan will still be able to recharge even after 30th June.

    • +8

      This sounds like misinformation from whoever you bought it from. Boost are getting rid of the recharge vouchers from July 1st - they didn't say that they're getting rid of the plan. I think you can still sign-up and recharge the plan via the Boost website (at the full $150 price). Any pre-issued recharge vouchers and sim cards should still be valid until the expiry date printed on them.

      My guess is that they didn't like everyone selling their pre-paid sims at discount (like this post, and most notably Coles on several occasions in the past) and they want everyone paying full price.

      • They did offer an extra $20 discount via code! Asked not to share on Social Media etc. So could be just trying to get another sale.
        Just wanted to put the info out, so people could maybe check out Boost directly for clarification.

        • Sooo…. Was this TOVmobile/Southern Telecom by any chance?

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    Please DONOT argue, after buying the SIM Card.

    • +1

      WHY NOT!?

    • +3

      If you want a laugh, read the sellers responses to his negative reviews.. Customer service isn't their strength..lol

      • Thanks, don't know why I didn't think of that. What a laugh!

        Did you hear anything about COVID Pandemic, affecting deliveries, you FOOL ??

        If you cannot see it then you better see an OPTOMETRIST … Get EYES TESTED !!!!

        NUISANCE Stupid Buyer. Made me SICK with questions. Doesn't read Description !!!

  • Does anyone know if Boost will have similar deals after July 1? My optus plan ends August…

    • +2

      If you are referring to buy this SIM at this price, then no reason you can't buy this now as the SIM can be activated up to 24Feb 2020 (per the listing).
      If you are talking about the $150 for 80GB for 12 months, then you should check Boost website or someone with inside knowledge may be able to answer you.

  • Does anyone else chew through their data on boost? I just used a $40 prepaid sim so 44GB of data + apparently some COVID data on top of this and data was used up in 2 weeks! Didn't do anything differently and apparently they still charge by kb. Was just bizarre & makes me reluctant to buy again.

    • +4

      I've used about 4GB in 4 months, and that's using data for maps, video, etc.

      My guess is always that you have an app doing something in the background. Look under the 'mobile data' usage screen to see if you can spot an app eating the data.

    • +1

      check if you are running any apps background, sharing location etc

    • +2

      make sure your apps only update via wifi and not mobile data

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    Thanks OP, got 1 for my personal mobile which was on ALDI $99 365

    this will be my 2nd Boost number

  • +2

    Info re: recharges after July 1


  • Hi guys,
    I have two numbers with Vodafone sim only. If I want to port out one of number to Boost, do I need to enter the account number during the port process? I ported a number few years ago but that number was a pre paid number so there was no such concern.Thanks

  • Can I port my existing Telstra prepaid number to this when my plan is up in August? Thanks.

  • Can I use this for recharge around 15th July? Or is it just new clients?

  • Alright - my 12 month Boost plan runs out tonight. Don't use THAT much data. Should I just recharge 12 months or is there better options now?

    • I'm in a similar situation. Apparently in order to take advantage of this you'd need to pick up one of these, port out to another plan (for example dodo $5) then port back into boost. That's from my research. Could be wrong

  • +2

    The feedback response are super funny lol: https://www.ebay.com.au/fdbk/feedback_profile/mobiletechmart...

    • wow.. he must be loving "sentence case"

    • "Our Motto is your 100% Satisfaction."


    • You made my night, thank you

  • +8

    Was gonna purchase but seller's responses to reviews made me sick:

    "Next time, use YOUR Brain and Eyes, and read the TITLE & Description too, STUPID"
    "Pathetic buyer, WHAT feedback u need, after leaving Negative Feedback? You FOOL."

    Should not be giving business to someone who abuses customers like this

    • +1

      You missed this one:
      "FOOL buyer. IDIOT burnt it because didn't use Water in it !!! Read BOOKLET !!!!"

      Though, this one (in response to a Magic Ear the buyer says doesn't work) is my personal favourite:
      "Surely you are COMPLETELY DEAF … See ENT specialist to fix your Ears."

      I love this seller.

  • +2

    I'm with boost, 157 days to go until expiry.

    take my advice!


    Random dropouts everywhere for up to 30 minutes, including iner city, poor reception, slow speeds.

    Source: myself, my missus, my friends

    • +1

      Then blame Telstra? Boost is Telstra anyway? Been with boost for 2 years now, never had problem. Exact same signal as old Telstra 4GX.

      • That's what I thought initially, then you read the forums & speak with friends. Same sort of experience.

        • Boost uses Telstra's full network. Others like Aldi, a pared down version

    • I am with Boost for last 10 months

      • Have noticed drop outs
      • also lack of international roaming even I bought $5 package
  • Has anyone got the message “ Looks like a wrong code enter “

    • Not working for me either.

  • So this is just starter kit, and can't be used as recharge voucher right?

  • code not working for me

  • I ported a number from Vodafone about a month ago that didn’t work until I had to call them. Customer support says I did not enter my Vodafone account number (which I did). Got it ported while on hold with them.

    Just tried porting my second number from Vodafone yesterday afternoon and it hasn’t gone through again. I suspect the same issue. Really frustrating as it takes a long time to get through to them on the phone.

    • It happened to me for my 3 numbers and always had to call them

  • Finally got this out of the way and activated my sim card. Thanks

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