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Bissell Auto Spot Clean Carpet Shampooer $184.24 (Delivered) @ Supercheap Auto


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When a vacuum can only do so much, it’s time to break out the Bissell Auto Spot Cleaner. This carpet and upholstery washer functions just like a professional carpet cleaner, without the hassle of having to store one! Being compact and easy to use, you’ll never hesitate to grab it for a quick clean whenever a spill or mess occurs. Even traditional messy areas such as around a baby seat, or muddy footprints in a four-wheel drive pose no problem for the Bissell.In the box alongside the unit you’ll find three handy attachments. A 2-in-1 crevice tool, a 3-in-1 tool for flat, curved and corner areas, and the larger 15cm tough stain tool. With these, you’ll find far more uses than just the car! Use it on the couch, the rug, or spot stains on carpets. With a tank full of fresh warm water, and some Bissell spot and stain remover – just spray the solution on and suck the stains right out of the surface. An inbuilt heater keeps your clean water at the perfect temperature. Dirty water is deposited in the other tank, and you won’t believe how mucky it can get!For the really tough stains, a splash of oxy boost and a gentle scrubbing with the built-in brush will make all the difference. In the end, every part of the unit packs away onto itself. Delightfully compact and ready for action the next time there’s a mess.

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    wonder this one in SCA is the same as appliance shops like eg HN here. One has label Auto and the other has Professional marked on the machine. The review looks good.

    • Different product - both are listed on the Bissell website. One seems to be targeted for usage on cars versus home. Same specs though!

      • I have the orange one from HN. As I understand it they're the same product, just re-branded for different target markets.

        Nifty little unit, though the sprayer stopped working on it after I used it 3-4 times. I just fill the shampoo unit and pour water on the carpet now.

        Really handy for cleaning up dog messes, though it inspired me to go get the Bissell 2066F Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner, so I could clean the whole house on a more regular basis.

    • Probably the heads with it. It's pretty good. Gets heaps of dirt out. You have to watch it on cloth seats. It took some of the dye out of my black ones. Mine lasted about 3-4 years before something inside broke.

      • question - what shampoo do you use - same brand?

        • They have their own branded shampoo if you're worried but anything that's not harsh. I have one from watching Mighty Car Mods and it's awesome.

        • The Bissell stuff, which isn't cheap. Just buy it when it comes on special (superfluous remark on this site).

  • +1

    i had a look at the reviews hose was to short.

    • +20

      That's what… never mind

  • Cheers, got another 10% with discounted gift cards so was about $165 delivered.

    • Hey mate were did you get your gift cards?

      • I get them through a work thing, I am sure there are other ways.

      • +1

        Suncorp or Entertainment Book.

      • Happy to help.
        No charges

  • Beat me to it. Been waiting ages for this. Don’t forget cash rewards is 4% today so will cost $172.07

  • Aren't the ones you can rent from bunnings better?

    • +1

      These are for small application like car seats, mats; floors and small spills around the home

    • +1

      They are industrial machines worth almost $2,000 RRP, you can't compare the two.

    • +1

      Having one of these onhand is a godsend. Kids toilet training, dog has an accident, food/drinks spilled on furniture etc. just so good to have this there ready to cleanup before dries or gets stuck in.

      • Yes, I expect the convenience and portability factor is the main selling point, you obviously can't compare the suction power to a full size or proper wet dry vacuum.

        I'm guessing it's like people saying to buy a DSLR or mirrorless camera, yes it takes better photos, but it costs so much more and much more effort to take around than a phone camera.

      • Agree,

        Very handy if you have little kids.

  • Out of stock in all Brisbane stores already.

    • It's in stock at my local nundah store

  • +12

    These are pretty crap. Bought one (different model but same series), and the suction is mediocre. After about 2 months it was even worse. Took it back to Bissell. They changed the tank, but it didn't make it any better. They said the fact it could suck up water from a bucket proved it worked ok. But sucking from a carpet needs much more suction.

    Most cleaning action is from scrubbing with the brush.

    I'd suggest getting a dedicated wet and dry vac from Bunnings for around $100. Just spray the area with a mild warm soap water and use a brush to scrub.

    • Any suggestions for a dedicated wet and dry vac that has the small nozzle?

  • I'm 50/50 on returning my green version of this from the last deal. All it seems to do is bleach the carpet a bit around the stain and leaves the carpet damp afterwards.

  • Sorry but these were On sale for $130-$150 before? Will we see those prices again?

    • +2

      Magic 8 ball says: “Most Likely”

    • +1

      I was waiting for that as well but hasnt been that price for 12 months or so,so decided to just get it now, especially having kids!

      • It's just a vacuum man. Shouldn't tie it to having kids, that's about as big of a life decision you can make.
        You waiting for a few bucks off before bumping uglies? Maybe I misunderstood something. :)

        • +1

          I think he means he already has kids and has been holding off purchasing this…so he has given in and bought now to clean up the mess his kids have made all this time he was waiting to buy at a lower price.

          • +1

            @John Kimble: Seamonkey you read it wrong. Was holding off till cheaper price, kids was just part of the overall reason I wanted it, just to clean the car seats and occasional spill. [the kids are well trained and make minimal mess which is a plus)

    • It's already near $150 with discounted gift cards and cashback.

    • 🤞, then I can claim on price protection!

  • +1

    Always wanted one of these, however the reviews are mixed. Agree that is essentially needs strong suction to work, especially on some of the thicker car mats out there. Otherwise its pointless.

  • +1

    Used to clean car seats that had a few marks and stains on upholstery. Very impressed with the result. Seats now look new.

  • +2

    Have had one for years. Would not buy again. Far better off with a good wet and dry vacuum, a spray bottle of cleaner and a decent brush, or set of brushes.

    They're very noisy, have too short a hose (so they're bloody and close), the collection bucket is very small and requires constant emptying and they're awkward to use on a car - again, because they use too short a hose. Suction power doesn't seem awesome to me either, but that's obviously a matter of personal opinion.

    It is satisfying to see the dirty being lifted through the translucent bits though.

  • I have one of these I bought on a whim when on sale. Now the whole family borrows it. Works really great on car seats.

  • I’ve used mine to clean my dog’s bed as she’s very old and sometimes has little incontinence issues. Much easier than trying to shove the big bed in the washing machine and dried quickly.

  • Bought this last time at 20% sale. Had to say I'm quite underwhelmed. Ok, it got a tank to suck in liquid. But no steam or heated water. The suction not even that strong to complety suck up all the clensing liquid. Pretty much just a lousy suction vaccumm with tank.

  • +1

    Arrgh.. just bought one before seeing all the negative reviews here. If a wet & dry vacuum does the same job if not better, then I'd rather buy that. Lemme see if I can cancel the order

    • Same, but there are good reviews also 🤔

      • +2

        Ye but most of those seem to be from people who haven't used a wet n dry vacuum before and so wouldn't know if the Bissell was actually comparatively better. I have used the former in the past, haven't used the Bissell.

        So, when ppl with the exp tell me a wet n dry is better then I'm chucking the Bissell

    • +1

      This size unit clearly just for cleaning spills specially on furniture and such. Hence the name "Spot Clean".

      Some of the larger Bissell carpet cleaners have ability to attach a hose and brush and do a better job because more powerful suction, but having the spot clean ready to clean up mess quickly is great.

  • +8

    Hey all, as a full time carpet cleaner you really are paying for what you get. Most important thing is when trying to clean a stain is the extraction ie suction. If you dont have the suction you end up leaving the wet and dirt in the carpet and 9/10 making it look worse.

    Never used a Bissell :) or a dry wet vac:) But would say the dry wet vac would have more suction.

    Few tips for ya all.

    Warm weak/mild soapy water is best for most stains. Flood stain and massage gently then extract ie with towels or a dry wet vac maybe. But then key is you have to repeat this 3-5 times. Your goal is to dilute the stain and then extract the wet dirt, if you dont extract, your going to make it worse. Always try to do this to stains that have just happened, dont wait.

    Also try to stay away from the carpet sprays from supermarkets, they are mainly of a bleach consistency and will just remove stain yet leaving a white mark behind. Can be used this butonly if you are able to extract most of the moisture and dirt with a vac. Often ive cleaned a room only to see where the customer has used a spray and the carpet looking like a dalmatian :) yet does fade slowly back once foot traffic happens.

    Red wine, cordials, makeup and kids slime….your on your own..lol

    Hope helps.

  • +1

    It’s the real deal, gets my cats vomit out of the carpet with no stain left, always reliable and made with quality. Comes with 2 shampoos one for tougher (longer) stains and one general, haven’t tried the tougher shampoo yet.

    Once you unbox and put everything together you’ll be surprised at how well it’s all put together and all the slots for accessories.

    • Yeah, we picked up the predecessor (Bissell Little Green) for this exact reason. It's the only thing that would successfully shift a nice big cat vomit from carpet.

  • If your with SunSuper you can get a good guys commerical account. Shortly after I signed up they sent me a $50 voucher which worked and I got this delivered for about $130.

    Didnt bother posting it as a "deal" cause you need super with Sunsuper to start with, but if anyone else out there is with them and hasn't signed up yet its a good deal.

  • +1

    If you miss out can always buy same thing from Bissell clearance outlet, damaged carton one $199 or there's some reworked ones for cheap.


  • +1

    I bought this in the last 20% off deal and have used it to clean both my kids rugs. I was very impressed with the result. It feels well made and attachments are sturdy and extraction was good based on the colour of the waste water.

    I figured if I can clean the kids rugs a few times each, its paid for itself compared to letting the rugs get that dirty and grubby that they need to be thrown out and replaced, so it's been worth it for me.

    • What detergent solution do you use if I may ask?

      • I just bought an extra bottle of the regular spot clean solution from Bissell but there's also a 200ml or so sample bottle in the box which was enough to get through both the rugs.

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