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NRMA $10 Per Month Third-Party Fire and Theft Motor Insurance Cover (or $120 for 12months)


Hi All,

Long time lurker first time poster.

NRMA Insurance has announced that its Third-Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance product will be available at $10 a month for a limited period from Sunday, June 7 to Friday, 7 August 2020 (2 months promotional period).

My understanding if that under the offer you will $10 per month. The promotional rate of $10 will apply for the 12months from the date that the policy is comes into effect. You might want to check with NRMA if you can cancel anytime during the 12month without any fees and charges.

I could not find a direct link to NRMA's website with details of the offer (possibly due to the deal starting tomorrow).

If I have missed something in the post please let me know.


Original Source: Insurance News

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  • What is the catch?

    • that many people will forget to cancel after 2 months when they start charging full fees?

      Same as Ebay plus

      • The membership will go for 12 months but the offer of $10 per month is only available for 2 months.

        • ..edit; never mind read more closely

      • @barozgain The deal is for 12 months not 2 months. Or you can pay the $120 up front and get a 12 month policy which is what I just did.

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      The policy provides cover against damage the insured causes to another vehicle or property, and the cost of theft and fire to the insured’s vehicle up to a market value of $10,000

      not.like u can insure ur merc amg and get it all back for 10 bucks lol

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      Catch is that people will stay with NRMA after the 12month period and pay a higher insurance premium.

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    Their insurance 'assessors' are absolute drop kicks! My claim was absolute sheer hell on earth. This 'deal' is definitely a false economy if your car is ever stolen etc. Go with another insurer and save yourself the heartache!

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    As per the article: "The two-month promotional offer, which will be the subject of a new TV campaign, applies to a 12-month policy". I don't think get 2 months cheap then opt out applies here.

    • You are right. You get the benefit of $10 per month for 12 months. I think you can opt-out/ cancel your membership at any time.

      • So we're talking a $120 overall commitment but you can only get/start the 12 month policy within a 2 month time frame, yeah? Probably best to word the title $120 for 12 months not $10/month since month to month isn't doable.

        • Yes thats my understanding. lets see whats the actual ads say.

        • I have signed up today with a future start date.They did not say anything about a 12 month commitment.

        • I have updated the title.

  • My understand is the promotion run for two months from 7/6 to 7/8 and the contract is for 12months so total $120 for third party fire and theft cover. So not 2 months $10 and the rest full price. Thats just my understanding from what i have read.

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    Are all states eligible for this promo?

    • I know NSW is definitely covered. You might want to contact NRMA directly and ask.

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      Only nrma, try selecting different state and see if it changes the brand

    • Entering a VIC address takes you to RACV

  • Where is the link from those who said they signed already?
    Website shows no promo.

    • Try the nrma website tomorrow. I called them today and was able to sign up.

  • Should I switch to NRMA to take advantage of the promo ? The problem is when the promo expires, the premium will go up and I can't switch back to my previous insurer either because I will lose the "loyaty" discount (whatever it is but I notice if you stay with one insurer for a while with no claim, it is often the cheapest).

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      I thought there is no such thing as loyalty discount.

      • RACV/Q have it - but it's still worthwhile getting a quote from 6+ insurers to compare.

  • It's showing on the website now but I'm still getting a ~$60 p/m quote.


  • Can't get it in SA,WA or NT. All other states are fine

    • Redirects to RACV if a VIC address is entered

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    Thanks OP , I just changed to NRMA. The website is updated now you should see $120.

  • Awesome deal. Just cancelled my Coles policy online and signed up with NRMA. Paid $120 up front

  • Thanks to the new post and the redirection to here..
    $10 a month. bargain.

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    This deal deserve more attention!!! It is a real bargain

  • So…is there any catch?
    Just don’t renew?

  • Just switched my current NRMA policy to this. Fantastic price

  • Good deal! Does anyone know if NRMA will let you transfer the policy to a different car within the 12 month period?

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    Just bought this. I only needed third party and being under 25 was a pain. This saved me close to $500

  • So this cannot be used in Victoria?

  • I just switched to this deal. I had already purchased 3rd Party Property from NRMA recently for about $300 but cancelled that, got a pro-rata refund and took this deal which includes Fire and Theft as well. I'll probably drop back to the lower level of cover next year as it will be much more expensive to renew.

  • Shite, was about to make my first post. Guess I'm not cut out to scour the internet got deals to share.

  • Is this valid for VIC? I am being re-directed to RACV.

  • Does multi-policy hold discount stack?

    • Ok T&C term 8 excluded it.

  • This is a great bargain, saved almost $300 and NRMA offer insurance for cars on car share apps.

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