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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Wi-Fi 128GB $306.44, 32GB $215.24 (Prices after Using Mailing List) @ Samsung Education Store


OUT OF STOCK as of 20th June 2020

Galaxy A10.1 back in stock. You can get the 128GB Wi-Fi model for $306.44 if you subscribe to the mailing list ($50 mailing list discount stacks with the EOFY sale discount, which is automatically applied), with free express delivery!

Edit: also note that the expiry date is only for the EOFY discount. I do not know if or when the $50 mailing list discount will expire.

Edit2: you might need to use your phone to sign in and get the mailing list $50 off prompt.

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    Grabbed the 128GB last night with the price described. :)

  • Does anybody know if any inexpensive styluses will work well with one of these? Just for writing notes and doing simple diagrams, not for artwork.

    • alas no. sg6 is stylus… you can buy thoes crapola ruber tipped pens for it but I wouldnt bother

  • I don't have any Edu email, i guess no luck for me :(

  • +1

    Just a FYI but this doesn't used AMOLED so if you're used to the vibrant colours and deep blacks from your Samsung phone, you might want to stick with the S6 or S4.

  • What's price from 64gb? If it's cheaper I might go for that one. What's significant difference between 32gb vs 128gb(2 vs 3gb ram), I mean I have 2017 model it's crapy slow and low res.plese explain anybody because 32 gb model is really tempting

    • Just checked, it is 279 for the 32gb. There's no 64GB.only 32 or 128

      • Oh thanks, but I can go for student discount and like the above can get 215$

  • Tempted to pickup the 32gb model for netflix and youtube, anyone have any thoughts on the tablet itself?

    • Same boat, buy low specs are stopping me to pull trigger.

      • I have the 32gb. Mainly used for Netflix and web browsing. I don't expect much of it but the display is good enough for watching movies. Speaker is loud enough too.

        One thing i hate is the power button placement. It is just above volume rocker.

        • does it come with spen?

          • @hopper: Not for this tablet.

    • +1

      I picked up the 128gb model with 3gb ram (I think the 32gb has 2gb ram?) and it's fine for me. I mainly use it for youtube, watching online lectures and a little bit of browsing. It's slow compared to a smartphone but if you don't need to quickly flick between different apps/can't wait an extra second or so for something to load then it should be fine I reckon. I don't have netflix so can't comment on that.

      I got it mainly as I was having back problems and needed an extra screen to watch lectures in bed while typing with my laptop.

  • Would love to get the S6 lite through the education store but no stock! Doesnt make much sense when it is in stock through their normal site. :(

  • +2

    I've just bought the 32gb model for 215.24 so I can confirm the $50 off newsletter code works.

    • yes, I can confirm too. Bought 32GB with $215.24.

    • I made an account already without subscribing to the newsletter. Is there anyway to sign up to the newsletter to get the voucher?

    • How do you get the $50 newsletter discount? I have signed up the the newsletter but do not appear to be getting the discount. Is there a code?

      • +1

        I got a prompt to sign up and get $50 discount when I was browsing the site

        • I got that same prompt. I put in my details, they said I would receive an email with a code. Do I go through with the purchase saying its $265? or wait for the email? There where do I enter a code? Was anyone else this confused or frustrated? lol

          • @Dwarren: Wait for the email. I got a box to input the code during the process of ordering it (I think it was after I put address not sure).

  • 215.24

    pulled trigger. hope i don't regret

  • How do you get the $50 newsletter discount? I have signed up the the newsletter but do not appear to be getting the discount. Is there a code?

    • Would like to know the same.

      • you will receive an email with a code

  • +1

    Btw the 128gb is 3gb ram vs the 2gb

  • +1

    These are great for youtube/netflix etc, light gaming no problem.

  • 2GB RAM for 32 GB size too low, don't waste your money buying an underpowered tablet. S6 lite is much much better when in stock

    • Definitely.but it is $400 plus. you can buy 2 of this tablet for the same price

      • True but shouldn't be buying a 2GB RAM tablet in 2020

        • +1

          I think it depends on what you are planning to use it for. If it is just for movies, it should be fine, if it is to use it like a replacement/substitute laptop, then definitely not

  • So, is this one better than a Amazon Fire HD 10 tab?

  • Isn't the 8 inch version like 140? After $50 discount? Is it not good?

    • You can only use the $50 discount on orders over $250

  • Why my end show $375 for 128gb and 280 for 32gb ? After $50 code it's only 325. How to get another 20 off ?

    • For me it automatically applied a 5% EOFYS discount

      • Thx. I didn't get to the checkout point

  • How long does it take to receive $50 off code after subscribing?

    • I got a prompt on the website to 'subscribe and get $50 off' then after doing that it took about 20 minutes.

      • I subscribed last night and get to receive email on my UTS account.

        • Did you get the 'subscribe to get $50 off' prompt? I'm not sure how to help sorry.

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  • +3

    I can't see where to subscribe to the mailing list.

    SOLVED I had to use my phone to get the mailing list prompt.

    • Thanks! Just signed in with my phone and got the mailing prompt as well.

  • Is it worth the price difference of 32GB and 128GB? is it only the 1GB ram and capacity? Does the 1GB extra ram make a significant improvement?

    • Probably depends on use case. I don't have one myself (ordered the 128GB but haven't received yet obviously) but I'd think that the 32GB would probably be OK for streaming ETC, but I went with the 128GB because the price difference isn't HUGE (although percentage wise it is fairly large I guess) and that extra 1GB of ram will probably give it a bit of a longer lifetime I'd think.

  • How many times can we do the $50 off thing, does anyone know?

    • AFAIK you can only use each code once but you can signup to the newsletter using different emails and use them on the same Samsung EPP account.

      I just purchased an A51 and Tab A 10.1 using two $50 codes on the same account and it worked fine.

      • so the codes aren't linked to your samsung EPP account?

        You can just get the code from any email and then when you purchase you purchase using the EPP Account?

        I can't seem to be able to create my education account. I register and it says it'll send me a confirmation email which I never get.

  • just signed up for an account - how long did people wait to get a confirmation email?

  • I tried this last night to grab the 128gb but was having trouble.
    Used my email to register a Samsung account. Then Uni email to access the educational store. Then I saw the $50 off banner on my phone and sent it to my email. That seem to take forever so sent it to uni email. Received code on both emails finally now both codes are saying invalid. The code will only work on full price tablet which is $499.
    Might have to re register with wife's work edu email.

    • Actually tried again and got another $50 off email sent to my email and it worked this time. Tablet ordered for kid.

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