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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Gimbal $88 + Delivery (Was $148) @ Harvey Norman


Clearance Line - This is a clearance product, which includes the full manufacturer's warranty, and may have been discontinued, on display in store or may have minor imperfections. (Thanks to Fookos for pointing this out)

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Gimbal - $88 + Shipping was $148

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  • Campbelltown NSW
  • Castle Hill NSW
  • Erina NSW
  • Thomastown VIC
  • City Cross SA
  • Gepps Cross SA
  • Munno Para SA
  • Mt Barker SA

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    51 likes 0 comments - someone please help me justify this purchase

    • +2

      People are too busy buying it before they comment. Hurry up! =p

    • About to write that. Almost a record..

    • It is cheaper than RRP, as ozbargainers we succumb to buying wrecklessly when this happens.

    • No can do, in the same boat!

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      I just saw it while browsing. I have no use for it and thought others would appreciate the discount. Half the stuff I post, I don't often buy. Usually talk my self out of it lol.

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    Just an FYI from the sale page:

    Note: This is a clearance product, which includes the full manufacturer's warranty, and may have been discontinued, on display in store or may have minor imperfections.

  • Thanks. Ordered one for click and collect at Springvale, VIC

  • +1

    Can this handle a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

    • with a case? not really, needs a counterweight, can't rmb if it came with the handheld

  • +3

    While the price is unbeatable
    The newer osmo mobile 3 is way better in terms of portability (One of the first foldable mobile gimbal)

    • combo has the tripod legs

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    The question is will someone make something like this so I can run with my coffee?

  • Ordered. Cheap enough to have a bit of fun with it and Google indicates compatibility with iPhone XS Max (despite one guy having issues).

    Delivery was $15. I could've sworn it said $4.90 initially but then after I went to pay, it went up. Shrug, but still an epic price.

    • +1

      I ordered one when this thread was first posted earlier got charged $5.50 delivery when it said $4.90 I suppose that's okay

      • Glad it wasn’t my imagination. Not sure why it moved so much unless out of Sydney stock. Shrug.

    • Have this and an iPhone XS Max, both work fine but you probably need a slim case if youre going to use this with a case. The phone barely fits!

  • Thanks Ozbargain! I've been aiming for DJI osmo mobile 3, but the price for mobile 2 is just irresistible.

    • was about to buy another one for my brother but its out of stock :(

    • Question is whether it's worth the extra $40-$50 or so for the 3.

  • Got one from then earlier today.
    Sales guy told me it was cheaper than their clearance price.

  • 14.95 for Sydney delivery WT!

    • Mine was $5.50 delivery to West Sydney

  • Annndddd gone.

  • OOS now.

  • does anyone have a recommendation for a carry case? or, does it even need one?

  • +1

    Perfect present for the lady friend so she can take photos by her frigging self.

  • I am in Sydney. Ordered this last night with $15 shipping and got a confirmation email from Harvey Norman.
    Got a call from Dubbo Harvey Norman this morning advising they have no stock and will be asking the online team to process refund.

    • oh bugger. i have a feeling this is going to happen to a lot of orders here, including mine.
      what time did you order yours?

      • Somewhere around 8pm. Got email confirmation from HN @ 21.03 yesterday.
        They have already processed my refund as well - email @ 16.41 today.

        TBH, I am glad it got cancelled as it was an improptu purchase and I was eyeing Osmo Mobile 3. For $168, there is a bundle pack with case and tripod stand. I would wait for it to go down a bit and then purchase instead of this for $104 incl. delivery.

        • +1

          Thanks. I bought at the same time. Waiting for the cancellation email. I share the same sentiments as well. I have been on the hunt for a dji mobile 3 ever since this deal got me interested https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/524433
          I missed out because i was still undecided if i actually needed it.
          I'd much prefer the foldable mobile 3, but this price on the mobile 2 was too good.

          If the dji mobile 3 hits $135, I'll definitely pull the trigger

    • Same. Luckily for me I decided to cancel it anyway since at $105 delivered, might as well spend $35 more and get the OSMO 3 from amazon delivered.

      Edit: just saw someone above me also had the same thought process haha. And why not spend $20 more for the hard case and tripod lol. Gosh I’m a sucker but I told the wife I bought something for a bargain price on clearance… and then rationalised the upsale from there.

      • Agree and thought of the same but finding it hard to upsell to wife after upselling most of the tech purchases due to requiring two office setups at home because of Covid. Hopefully Will be able to claim back some during tax time.

  • Same here purchased early in the thread got confirmation.
    Then 15 minutes ago got a refund email from H.V and PayPal

  • Mine has been dispatched just now

  • Seriously, Harvey Norman's the worst. I always get into such cancellations, and not with the others. Their online stores are updated instantly, but HN's not.

  • +1

    You can get the DJI osmo mobile 3 from an official store for $135 if anyone's interested.
    They are taking best offers of $145. Combine with PMONTH200 for another $10 off.

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