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Optus X Wave (ZTE P609) Mobile Phone 2GB/16GB NFC 6.08" Black $90 Shipped @ Optus Amazon AU


Free $30 recharge: Includes $30 recharge value, applied in one transaction when you activate included SIM. Excludes Optus X Lite. Offer ends 27/9/20, unless extended. only YouTube review I can find

Features & details
6.08" HD+ Water Drop Notch Display gives you the ultimate viewing experience, so you can watch more, see more and play more. The 18: 9 ratio gives you a sleek design and makes it comfortable in hand
13MP rear cameras - Love capturing your favourite moments, then 13MP rear cameras gives you crisp, clear images with every shot, with the added benefit of a 5MP selfie camera on the front
NFC Support for Google Pay - Conveniently tap and go with Google Pay
Fast Quad Core Processor - Avoid fidgeting fingers with a super snappy processer, slow loading times are a thing of the past
Face Unlock - Ensure your device is safe with the efficient and secure unlocking when utilising the face unlock function

CPU Helio A22 MT6761.Same CPU in Xiaomi Redmi 6A. "The company says that CPU performance is up to 30% faster and GPU up to an incredible 72% faster than the direct alternative, which should be the Snapdragon 425 SoC. It also has AI-enhancements such as Face ID (Face Unlock) and smart photo albums. MediaTek NeuroPilot support, developers"In AnTuTu test Xiaomi Redmi 6A 2/16Gb got a score of 55399 points.

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  • Don't know why they don't disclose the most important spec - Processor.

  • Can this be network unlocked easily?

    Edit - Just noticed it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor.

    • Costs $80 unless you wait 6 months then it costs $25. The price goes down for each dollar you recharge, not sure if the $30 counts towards it. IMO might as well spend a bit more given the Hassel.

  • More details from Optus website itself. https://www.optus.com.au/prepaid/phones/optus/x-wave

    Good price for a phone with 6" screen, running Pie, decent battery and NFC, even comes with a $30 sim pack.

    As long as your happy on the Optus network ( missing the B5/3G used by Telstra for calls/data ) this is great for below $100.

    • I wonder if it would work on an Optus reseller like Catch Connect?

      • I'm using one with Catch Connect, works fine.

        • Yep. So far it's only Telstra that locks down their phones so tight by only allowing Telstra & Boost on their prepaid phones ( no other resellers using Telstra Network ).

          Both Vodafone and Optus still allow their Network Locked Prepaid phones to operate on all their resellers using their Networks.

          • @ozhunter68: Ok so for $9.90 after cashback you could have this up & running for 3 months with unlimited call/sms & 60GB.

            Do this twice with a new number the 2nd time (or port to another Optus provider) then you can unlock for $25 directly with Optus after 6 months.

            Also just found this old forum post. You can unlock Optus locked phones for free using details of a long time customer.

            • @Arthur Dunger: Yep, that Catch Connect 90 day/60GB deal ( after cash back ) is a great offer and will work in this Optus Prepaid phone. Not sure if re-charging with anything other than Optus Preaid re-charges of total $80+ will go towards unlocking Optus Prepaid phones for free, maybe someone with experience can rapport back here?

              Thanks for the tip on the unlocking forum, might work for some.

  • This comes with a USB-C port.

  • Seems like an alright budget phone.

  • I can't find any unlock services on Ebay for this phone.

  • anyone knows if the $30 can be used as a recharge on my current optus prepaid number? thanks :)

    • Probably need to port out and back in, since the $30 recharge bonus only apply when activating the included SIM

      • ^^^This^^^

      • thanks mate, I actually ported out of optus prepaid to voda prepaid like 2 month ago, nothing happened, so I went to voda shop like a month ago, they did something and told me to give it few hours however as of right now I am still on optus prepaid - not sure who to blame and why for this 2 months saga (yes it is my account, yes I have all the details and yes I did everything reasonable to do)… I was superpatient coz of the covid but I am slowly loosing it… :(

        • Hahaha, you were super patient,….and not the only one losing it, just look at USA lol.

          The porting process has been really bad this year, started with new rules and regulations, then they started blaming the new Covid Rules/Changes, one big Balls Up if you ask me.

          At least your number did not get stuck in hyperspace lost frozen between Optus and Voda by the sounds of things, so you must have kept re-charging with Optus Prepaid Credit to keep you rolling I imagine, unless you had a second number/service.

          So what are you going to do now?

          • @ozhunter68: yeah, looks like I will (have to) stay w optus. Yeah I have another number so I dont care about the outcome, need this number only to be able to receive… hence my patience - however I would be pissed off if I lost it to the "hyperspace", so guess I am still lucky it works?? ;) hahaha

            • @stefanko: Just be aware that unless you re-charge, after a certain amount of time you will lose that number/get cut off. Might be 6 months for Optus, not sure.

              Good you can still receive calls/keep number active, but someone should be able to port over your number correctly if all details are like you say the Same/Correct with id/address/dob etc.

              Although for me and many others porting the last few months/this year is harder and could/might take longer, it still works, although sometimes after a few phone calls/live chats.

  • I've got one of these, and performance when loading apps is a bit sluggish, but once loaded things are … adequate.

    If you only have $90 to spend, its ok. If you have another $100, wait for a special on the samsung A20 or similar.

    I barely ever use my phone in these CCP-Virus times, so it was all the phone I needed at the time (and I had just lost my job, so wasn't going to throw money around).

    • A20 is a great phone, but there are gps issues. Sometimes randomly locks up in pokemon go. Otherwise does everything I want for very little money and is already on android 10.

      The gps issues could be due to the phone hardware or due to carrier meddling on branded versions such as Vodafone. Not sure if experience would be better on Telstra or unbranded variants.