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Bonus 2000 flybuys Points (Worth $10) with $100 Coles Mastercard Gift Card ($5 Purchase Fee) @ Coles


$5 purchase fee applies to the $100 Mastercard. Bonus Points can only be collected once per account.

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    Nice, I love these.

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    Can I use the Mastercard Gift Card to buy other gift cards ? For example, Woolies gift cards with 5% discount via CashRewards ?

    It would be nice to get an effective 10% discount on Woolies. :-)

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      Pls report your result. I got Coles Master failed once and only use VISA one now.

    • Good Guys Concierge Gold 10% off Woolies and Coles card. But you have to wait 4 months hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • It does indeed. Accrued extra value between 7.1% - 12.7% following tips herein, e.g.

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    Still haven't received the points for this one yet:

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      you should get the points the next day after ~9pm unless you bought the wrong one i.e $50 or $250 one.

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    Thanks, these are great!

    • Yeah, only if scan your cards correctly.

      • Yes, that is true. I need to grab a few of these to feel better about paying the fee on that other card

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    Only $100? How about $50?

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      Just read a vaguely pictured catalog. It is for $100 only this time.

      • Thanks, the picture wasn't uploaded at the time of my comment

  • Can you buy this with coles/Myers physical giftcard? As coles machine assumes it's credit card not giftcard.

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      If you credit card have $105

  • Love these. I went to get the Vanilla last night and they didnt have any. Was annoyed

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    You can use these on amazon gift cards to clean them out to the final cent, provided you have at least $1 left

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    Hmm. $105 for $110.

    Is there fee free reloading? The deal link just goes to the Coles.com.au site.

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      People who upvote this deal actually do not pay more than $101.

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      • I'll pay $105.

        But then pay with my Amex card and get $105 back, so shrug.

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    I pay 95 on HSBC to get an extra 2% off and pay 10 in cash

    • Nice.

      I did not think of that.

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        Do not choose mixed payment.

        Choose cash and only pay $6 to $10. Then go back to pay by card.

    • Can you seperate the transactions? Like 50+60

      • Not without staff intervention.

    • effectively $103 for $109.5 (flybuys=cash-5%)

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        You earn 2105 pts, not 2000 pts. So it is almost exactly $110 in cash value.

  • can coles egift card still be used to make the payment for gift card? self checkout

    • Yes, but no split payment.

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    • I just paid in full using an eGift card. No split, no other items purchased. Self serve. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I selected credit card payment first, then cancelled thinking I may as well try eGift, and it worked.

      • That means need to have a gift card with >=105 balance right?

        • Yes

          • @puffinfresh: Loose lips sink ships

          • @puffinfresh: It's kinda tricky then .. have to buy a $200 gc to purchase the card

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              @Meovel: I had a $500 gift card from trying to hit the spend requirement on a credit card deal.

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    Silly question, what is the maximum value gift card someone can buy using cash?

    Is it up to a certain amount and then you have to prove I.D?

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      In context of this deal, you will probably not face this problem. Usually in Coles you can receive the bonus points only once per FlyBuys account.
      But overall buying gift cards for more than $500 (including the fees) will require some assistance from staff, like splitting the transaction, in both Coles and Woollies.

  • Does anyone know if we can still get the bonus point of we buy it from Coles express or central?

    • Coles Express no. Read the catalogue for your state for the latter

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    Buy $100 Coles Gift card at 10% off from Good Guys Gold Service for $90

    Earn $10 bonus flybuys points

    Minus $5 for card fee

    Total cost for for $100 Coles Master Gift card $85 or 15% off $100

    • Can't buy Prepaid Cards (e.g. Coles Mastercard, Vanilla Visa, etc.) with Coles Gift Cards.

      • that's because you don't know the secret to do it.. if you read above someone also has confirm you can but there is a technique to do it

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        I have done it over 20 times.

    • How do you get 10% off from Good Guys Concierge? I can only see 5% as of now. Do they come out with 10% discount once in a while?

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        lolol they come out with 10% off for woolies and coles every few months but everyone hates it because it takes them 4 months to physically send the cards out. Some call it a ponzi scheme… hold on to your money for few months invest it somewhere and then send you the card. paypal disputes and all which doesn't work.

      • Got it, thanks.

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    Can flybuys dollars be used to purchase the mastercard?

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      No, cannot. I tried it before.

      • Thanks for the info

  • Also is this offer targeted? I don't see it in my flybuys offers :(

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      no it's catalogue

      • Thanks

  • I used 10 flybuy dollars (or money off shop) and 95 card last time

    • Do you have a Coles Financial Services product?

      • yes

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          That’s why you could use your flybuys dollars.

  • How long does it take for the flybuys points to appear in our account?

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      The following evening after your qualifying purchase

      • Yeah I purchased Sunday and have got the points for my normal shop but no bonus points for the card yet :(

    • I purchased mine on Friday and it actually took 3 days for the points to show this time (usually it shows on evening next day)

      • In my case I usually recrive the bonus points for gift card purchases on the third day.