I Just Applied for a Job at Hardly Norman. Should I Hand over My OzBargain Patch?

So lost my job recently and to make ends meet I sold my soul to the devil and apply for a job at Harvey Norman.

Am I obligated to leave ozbargain forever?

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    What is the employee discount rate?

    • It's pretty good. I had a friend who worked in their appliances section. Bosch German Dishwasher was at cheapest ~$1400 at other places/online. He shaved it down to $1100 for me. The dishwasher also had a $200 cashback from Bosch. So $900 for a $1400/$1200 dishwasher. Pretty happy with it.

    • Still probably end up paying more than goodguys :P

      • haha but all jokes aside surprisingly not… I got the SMU88TS02A. Even now a quick search shows it's about $1500-$1600. They have a surprising amount of margin to play with. Use this information however you like.

        • It's not always about margin.

          Some stores lose money on their staff discounts, so that 1) they are seen wearing the cloths in fashion shops, 2) they know how to use/problem solve electrical items so they can recommend them better to customers.

          • @dizzle: hahahaha having worked in appliances for a few years, they will never choose to lose money on electricals. Only ever steep discounts.

            • @Kerjifire: Having worked in appliances myself, I know this does happen. It just depends on the company. I'm not saying Harveys do it, but some offer very good staff discounts.

              Also if you're familiar with the term loss leader, it's actually a tactic to sell more. By offering a huge discount on a high demand item (even to the point of making a loss), to get people to purchase other things while they are there.

  • Which department?

    You can be our formal insider. Thanks for the sacrifice.

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    No. Don't bother handing in your badge. We're sending in the bikies in to collect it for from you.

  • Its ok mate, gotta do what you gotta do to make ends meet. Fingers crossed you get a job elsewhere though ;)

  • SHAME!

  • Minimum wage + commission
    Unrealistic targets to get said commission

    Good luck.
    A job is a job so at least you are getting yourself out there.

    • Do you think i'll get the job if they know I'm an ozbargainer ?! We're professional at the end of the day.

    • Just an FYI: What JimBobAus said is not accurate at all.

      I think full time you should still be able to clear about 60k+ (about 10 years ago, FTE's in my team were clearing $80k+ (including comission) - these can be careers). Learn how to work in Telco, signing up people to phone plans.

      • I stand by my statement
        I have five friends who work for HN
        3 of them work in tech
        1 is in bedding
        1 is in Furniture

        All of them have targets which are unrealistic and are more wishful thinking on the owners behalf.
        Xmas and Black Friday they usually make their targets but the rest of the year they do not. They of course escalate and ask for more reasonable targets but they are simply told to sell more. The owners know the targets are not achievable they just want to avoid having to pay comms while giving an amazing OTE amount when hiring.

        Teleco on the other hand is a whole different ball game and unlike 10 years ago the commissions from signing up plans is no where near what it used to be. I remember when i started i would get $100 comms for signing someone up on to a $100 plan by the time i left they were paying $12 for the same plan. Even less now i hear thanks to no contract plans being the norm with all the carriers (i worked for one of the main 3) Also.. no trailing comms means even less is paid these days too.

  • if you can break them from outside, you need to break them from the inside.

  • Bringing them down from the inside. Respect.

  • We gotta man on the inside boys! time to bring that old bastard down!

  • If you meet GH tell him he is a (profanity) from me

  • Dilemma:

    If you roll up your shirt sleeves they will see your OzB tattoo and the jig will be up.


    If you modify your OzB Tattoo with a Red Overlay Circle Crossthrough and they see it you will become
    a Manager with Share Options.

  • Sorry to hear about the job tom!


    And ive got an interview with the good guys soon, gl!

  • Gerry once said we were all professionals here… OP's just taking it that one step further to get their discount on. Now, that's dedication to getting a bargain if ever I saw it.

  • Not at all, in this trying times you need to do whatever you can to make ends meet.

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    No but please post some oncoming deals as well as tips and tricks.

    Otherwise, yes handover your badge

  • Here's hoping you're hired and fat finger us some good bargains!

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    Save yourself!

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    Good on you. Congrats on any job people get.

  • Instead of sulking, you took action. Good on you mate. Hope you find a better gig soon. Now for those insider tips…

  • So..which shop u work at.
    I am so getting the cost price from you then if u do get hired

  • Overheard at HVN…

    “You used to be cool, but you’ve changed, man.”

  • Cheer up, might never happen!

  • Working for an old senile guy that will never remember your name.

  • It shouldn’t be too hard on you. For the first time in years went into one on the weekend and as history has shown me, the staff just hang around chatting to each other avoiding customers. The only time you are required to help a customer is when they are just killing time browsing. If they look like they have money ready to spend, hide in the corner.

  • HN boss: You're a part of our "team".

    Later: "Get out there and get X sales before the others, or you're fired!"

    Commission can be great if you're a good salesperson, but it's awful competing with work mates.

    Good luck,

    Former Rick Harts slave

  • Sorry to hear about your job.. I hope you get a new job soon.

  • Now don't you go leaking coupon codes

  • A friend of mine worked at Hardly Normal 20 years ago when he was a young man, he's still traumatised by it.

  • You can stay. As long as you do hardly any work.


    There's a song…. you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

    • I'm living proof you can.
      Warringah Mall HN computer manager when the stores still looked like JB. In 1988, all they knew about computers was gross profit and stock levels.
      I left after six weeks.

  • HN have once been my go to place to check out new tech when I was a kid. There's always some game on show and sample. Fond memories.

  • Give us the tips and tricks on how to get a bargain at Harvey Norman

  • Nothing wrong with working for them, but don't lie to people to try make a sale, and don't be too loyal, it isn't worth putting them before your family or health,

  • Technically you're taking money from them. Think of it like a cashback loophole that just requires a bit of legwork.

  • The question is did you get it?

  • You can do some damage from the inside. Go for your life.

  • Pro: will look back on your time in retail and respect how tough it is in Retail.

    Cons: have to actually do time in a retail gig and realise your team mates are ready to throw you under the bus to steal your sweet sweet commission. Hope for your sake you have a good franchisee :)

    Source; served time at HN. Looking back - I would do it again if I was in same situation was you OP.

  • Far out, i swear no one will believe me but i was on Harvey Norman website 5 seconds before i jumped onto ozbargain and saw this post……
    Anyways I'm after this desk https://www.harveynorman.com.au/everton-2-piece-desk-set.htm...
    Unfortunately it costs $700…Can you hook a brother up with a discount?

    Also does anyone know if you can negotiate Harvey Norman prices like you can at Jb Hi Fi or are they fixed?

    • Yes you can. Everyone can negotiate price. Doesn't mean they will. Best way to negotiate is to be educated. Find out the best prices an item has been and try to get a middleground/price match.

      When I bought my car (newly released model), the guy laughed at me saying "this is not a toyota" (nothing wrong with Toyota's!).

      I walked away, went to a dealer on the east and managed to get it delivered for 13k less.

  • No, please just make sure staff discount or whenever available discount is shared with ozBargainer.
    On top of that, you now have to be a sleazy hard sell, up sell, cross sell, sell ur mum if the price is right salesman. ;)

  • Ozbargain is fueled by us to keep on spendingsaving… 😂

    Tom whatever jobs….. that pays the bills.

    Recession is tough to keep/get a job.

    Heres something to
    cheer up

  • Absolutely not. Now we have an agent on the inside.

  • You can redeem yourself by giving us OzBargain exclusive deals!