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St.George Amplify Platinum Card 60K Qantas Points (Spend $2,000 in 3 Months) ($49 Annual Fee for 1st Year, $99 after)


Not as good as ANZ finally coming back but still worth it for 60K points if you stack them together, it's still cheaper than getting the ANZ black with an annual fee of $150.

Hate it or love it, a card with points is a card with points.

Rates and fees
$49 annual card fee for the first year. ($99 thereafter)
0.5 point earned for every dollar spent on eligible purchases
19.74% p.a. low variable interest rate on purchases
21.49% p.a. variable cash advance rate
0% p.a. for 6 months on balance transfers requested at new card application. Rate then switches to variable cash advance rate.

Existing customers who currently hold an Amplify, Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.

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  • I think this is a long-running deal that they just keep extending. Also it is $99 p.a. after first year.

    • that's weird.. i had it at $99 and i think it changed. fixed.
      I thought it was long running but there was a time where it wasn't on.
      Anyway it's there if people need it

  • I had a bad experience applying for a credit card with them in January 2019. Had to cancel the application, listed in my notes i wrote "Ended up cancelling due to shocking customer service and an inability to verify my details correctly. "

    From memory, they kept refused to accept my paycheck because it showed i earned more than my base salary stated (due to working overtime). Think ill give them another shot, with dramatically lowered expectations.

    • also had issue getting the car approved, even though I earn above what's required. might give it another shot…

      • ymmv - I applied at 3pm today and just got an email saying I was approved and the card would be sent to me in the next 5-10 business days.

        The only other card I hold is the Westpac Black from the most recent deal. This is the 4th time I've churned a St. George card but I never had an approval turn around that fast before.

    • I used to work there years ago. If it gets declined because they didn't factor in your overtime you should be able to escalate it and they usually verify your overtime by averaging 4 payslips or they can use a notice of assessment from the tax office.

    • Just had a similarly poor experience applying for this card. Submitted application and was conditionally approved pending income documentation. Provided 6 months of payslips as they don't show a year to date and was rejected without being contacted to clarify any aspect of my application.
      Customer support just kept saying that as the application has been rejected, they can't disclose/amend any information.
      I won't be banking with St. George ever again.

  • Existing customers who currently hold an Amplify, Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer.

    Another 245 days!

    • Dont think he held the card as couldn't get the application complete so should be able to apply straight away.

    • Ah, thank you!

      Good to know you can't cycle Amplify cards from other banks.

      Was thinking that would be a nice way to get points.

  • Declined from St George last year, declined from banksa last week, no reason given. Have no problems with the other banks with high credit limits, then declined with this small limit.

    I wouldn't both with them ever again.

  • 19.74% p.a. low variable interest rate on purchases - Really, is that LOW? Whilst the points might be useful, I just can't justify having something like this - I guess people just get them to collect the points then close the accounts?

    • Correct. Usually keep the ones with highest points earnings for about 11 months, then can them before the renewal, then get one somewhere else with another decent joining bonus and decent ongoing points.

    • That's low for a credit card.

      If you can't pay your credit card bills with cash at the end of the statement period, don't get a credit card…

      It's not "free money".

      The points can be worth it, if you calculate Qantas points being around 1c per point (conservative), then you'll get your approximate value. Depends on how you spend points.

      Best value is to book Qantas Business Rewards, then Classic Rewards, then upgrades, then Qantas store, then I think the cast cards are the worst value.

      Happy for anyone to correct this or expand on it…

      Means little if you don't fly, or avoid Qantas for some reason.

      • I thought upgrades were best value. In any case when you are ready to book, do your own maths as it can change often.

        • Classic Rewards in international business or first class is usually the best value redemption. Availability is limited and Qantas' reclassification of Emirates to partner rewards rates is going to sting too.

          Upgrades usually cost a lot of points and you've probably also paid a decent amount of cash for the economy seat as it is. Availability is usually better going via this route though.

  • Personally I wouldn't be paying for points until we see just what the future holds regarding redemption rates and seat availability.

    Qantas have already dig the knife in reclassifying Emirates from Classic Rewards to Partner Rewards redemption rates and I wouldn't be surprised if they make further cuts…

    • yeah that is true.. but they don't expire. plus you can always fly around australia and with borders opening up to NZ hopefully soon, you may as well put your points towards something.. especially if you're spending money, may as well contribute to something

  • decent offer, sucks because I already churned an ANZ Black at the start of this year and have a 0% interest St George Amplify card at the moment :(

    Will have to hope for alternative offers from Westpac or others.

  • Still waiting for my points…..had this card from January… fulfilled the $ amount with purchases for a new house…..

    And nothing…… its June and no bonus points

    Reminds me to call them this week and find out what’s happening

  • I've opened the ANZ Black FF + Westpac Altitude Black in the past 4 months, already got the 120k points from ANZ. As soon as I hit the spend limit on Westpac i'm gonna dump the card & go for this.

    • Saw the existing customer terms: it doesn't say anything about having an existing Westpac CC? I thought Westpac owned St George so thus having a Westpac CC will make you ineligible?

      • they do but they act as different entities.. it's just st george/bank sa/bank of melb who are joined at the hip

    • ANZ FF blakck 120k points for effectively $150 annual fee
      Westpac Altitude Black - 90k points for $0 annual fee promo
      St George Platinum - 60k points for $49 annual fee

      = 270k points for $199 in annual fees. Not a bad result, assuming I get approved for the St George one.

      • Where can you get the Westpac Altitude Black - 90k points for $0 annual fee promo?

      • -2 votes

        Can you please tell us what you will be spending it on while we are in recession? You do know you have to spend $10k up all from the 3 credit cards to get those points right?

        • Once I hit the spend requirement on one card, I open the next. 4k across 3 months is relatively easy.
          4k / 3months = $1333.33 a month.

          I haven't made any purchases that I wouldn't have if I didn't open the card.
          I have already got the 120k points from ANZ + expect to reach the spend limit on Westpac Altitude this month.

      • plus there was the bonus 20K you could activate via the Qantas page - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/528897

  • I’m on my 3rd day and still not approved. How is everyone else going?

  • Got rejected for this card in February but approved within 12 hours this time.

  • Applied last Thu. Only conditionally approved! Very slow progress..I have had this card 2 years ago and they were really quick then!

  • Applied over 3 weeks ago and still waiting. Pathetic customer service

    • You might find that your application got put on hold or rejected. They don’t let you know anything. I would be calling for an update.

  • These muppets are the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Hilariously bad. Can't verify basic pay slips that displays significant income and assets.

    • ahaahaha same boat I had to call them to discuss my payslips :) Just applied to get the extra 30k qantas:)

  • Got approved within two days.

    Very annoying that the card is being sent to a branch though, particularly during COVID.

  • Who is the crediting issuer for St George, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne.

    Just applied with 800+ credit score across 3 different credit agencies, 0 crediting accounts, home loans or and income of $100k+ and got instant rejected at submission of application. Are they rejecting based off analysis that they won't make profit off me via fees/interest?

    • nah i dont think so.. I'm in the same boat as you. Not too sure to be honest?

    • Yeah that's the same with Citibank as well. Hence I try to bump up my expenses a bit more now based on other's cc rejection.

  • Anyone know if government spend counts towards eligible spend? Looking to apply for the Amplify Signature but the $12k spend is way too much and hoping government spend helps to offset it a bit.

  • I have already taken advantage of the ANZ black card (120k) and Westpac Black card (80k). I figured this is the next best option? Seems like it's the next best points/cost ratio.

    • Depends on how you value your points and the lounge passes. For $230 more (Signature), you get 30k more points and 2x lounge passes. Have to spend a bit more on the card though.

  • Would paying council rates on the card be classified as "government charges"?

  • Anyone received the card recently? Got approved about 2 weeks ago, was asked to send in bank statements last week as payslips didn't show YTD income since they were post-new financial year, got a call this monday to confirm they received the bank statements and then nothing else since then.

    Thought it would have been a pretty quick approval once they glanced through the bank statements (or get back to me about what's missing), can't imagine that it would take another week+ to make a decision?

    • I am in a similar position. St George was very quick to begin, frequently requesting additional documents to support my application. I then received an email last week saying that I have been conditionally approved. I haven't heard back since.

      • Yes, I got mine pretty much straight away

      • I was conditionally approved straight away for an application I put in last week.

        Though today I received an email requesting additional details, which I uploaded via the portal, but also that my address was different to the BoM account I had last year so I decided to call them and enquired about the missing information. I thought it may be because the July payslip YTD matched the pay given it was a new FY.

        Turns out even though my payslip has YTD Gross and YTD Tax, they only accept payslips that have YTD Net pay. The can reconcile the salary with bank statements, though I was in the middle of switching from Suncorp to Bank SA and Suncorp only provides statements every 6 months.

        After uploading a pdf of my suncorp transaction history I was approved and the card is on the way. The call was about 45mins in total, and card should arrive 5-10 business days.

        • Guess i'll have to call them up then, haven't received any emails or calls/texts about approval or the card getting sent out after they verified the bank statements last monday.

          • @vawiyoci: I called them daily until they approved. Took about 4 phone calls.

            • @lucycat09: Did they explain what was the holdup, ie did you have to submit more docs or do they simply have a backlog currently?

              • @vawiyoci: They kept asking for information that I had already provided, and it took me a few phone calls to convince them that I had provided the document. It was really weird:

                St George: We need document X
                Me: I sent you document X on this date
                St George: Oh yes, I see, I can verify that is the correct information
                … 3 second pause …
                St George: We need document X

                Four calls and finally they approved me during the fourth call.

                • @lucycat09: just called them and got it approved. Not sure why they didn't contact me after the call last Monday, and they already had the doc they needed in their inbox anyway.

  • Why are people interested in this, there is no cash back, doing it for points is not worth it.

  • Just applied and approved on the same day. Impressed!

  • Anyone got their bonus points yet?

    • i think mine came in at 3rd statement

      • Oh I see. I just got my second statement but no bonus points yet.

        • Did you guys meet the 2k spend in the first month statement? Does this mean that St George is one of those banks that makes you wait the full 3 months before releasing the points?

          • @vawiyoci: I met the 2k spend in the first statement, which just arrived. No points.

            • @bohn: Yeah I think St George would be one of those banks that drags it out for the full duration before releasing the points. Unlike Amex (I remember them literally dispensing the points as soon you hit the minimum spend before the first statement even arrived) and Citibank (as much as people complained about them on here).

      • Hmm I had my 3rd statement this week and no bonus points, only got the regular spend points. I met the minimum spend in the second statement. I think I might have to chase them up.

        • How annoying. They don't even have an online message facility.
          Let us know what happens.

        • The bonus points will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks after the eligible spend criteria is met.

          Over 90 days for me since making the spend. I'll have to call them.

  • Anyone managed to get the $49 waived?

  • I have found St George application process extremely hard. They keep on asking more and more information and I eventually gave up. It is now in the "Too hard basket"

    • I found this to be the case for the first st george card I applied for. But just recently got my second card and it was easier.

  • Trying to apply for this. So hard and keep asking for more details
    They want to see my homeloan statement and sent to them and now they want last 3 months statement (my bank generate statement 6 monthly and the last one was in May)
    So I generate The transactions from the internet banking and print to PDF. Now they want more information again with an sms received today. Never other bank asking so many things.

  • Hi All, can you help me how to set up direct debit online? Thanks

  • Anyone else getting an error trying to apply for this card?

    'Application Error
    An unexpected error occurred while processing your transaction. This may be due to the temporary unavailability of one of our systems. Please try again later.'

  • Third statement and still no bonus points. I met my spend before 2nd statement. Should I call them?