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ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Visa Bonus 60K Qantas Points (Spend $2,500 in 3 Months) ($0 Annual Fee for 1st Year, $295 after)


60K Qantas Points when you spend $2,500 in 3 Months
0.75 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $3,000 per statement period
0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $3,000 per statement period
Interest rate: 20.24% p.a.
$6,000 minimum credit limit
Interest free up to 55 days
Extended Warranty Insurance
Guaranteed Pricing Scheme
Purchase Protection Insurance
International Travel Insurance
Interstate Flight Inconvenience Insurance
Transit Accident Insurance
Rental Vehicle Excess in Australia Insurance

Not available where you currently hold an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Qantas Points on any of those ANZ Frequent Flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months

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    Usually this would be ezpz, but with such minimal spending due to COVID19 i'm going to struggle churning this one lads

    • book some vacation in advance :)

    • +9

      Buy woolworth's digital gift cards at 5% off.

      • +5

        I have so much woolworths gift cards that were meant to be used for Opal…

    • +1

      Can it be used to pay utility bills ?

    • +2

      I've increased my card spending because most things are contactless payments now instead of cash.

    • ANZ counts bpay

      Unless they changed it recently

      So you can pay bills with it

    • Pay for a wedding

  • Min salary?

    • +3

      they stopped advertising minimum salary a while ago so no idea. for the frequent flyer black it used to be minimum $75K p.a. salary if that helps.

      • So guess platinum would be $50K roughly?

        • +3

          I believe 35k for Plat

          • @Coops1: For Westpac Plat it was 35k, ANZ might also be the case!

          • @Coops1: I got a 6000 limit platinum from ANZ when I was studying on about $30k

            I'd say 35k is the rough number they look for though, similar to most other $6k limit cards.

  • I had this card before - cancelled it long back.. Can I re-apply now?

    • +5

      12 month wait applies since the cancelled date. login to creditsavvy and have a look at when you closed it if you dont remember. otherwise can always call ANZ and check with them.

      • Sure - thanks mate :-)

      • You know how often thats updated ? I see 2 credt cards on mine that I have recently cancelled (eg 28 Degrees that has bee sitting around unused for 3 years) …. I have had this one before but 3 years ago and was going to have another go but it looks like I have a sh*t load of cards if you only look at this report.

  • If currently on jobkeeper and had a credit card cancelled last month, would it be risky to apply?

    • I got told to reapply after job keeper finishes if you still have a job. That was by qantas premier/Citibank

      • Have a link for that one ?

        • No. I was told verbally

    • +2

      Cancel by first year yes.

      "The bonus Qantas Points will be credited to your Qantas account within 3 months of the eligible spend criteria being met."

      • Thanks for the prompt response :)

  • Been a while since fee free ANZ FF! Can finally move back to the FF card from Rewards….waiving of the annual fee wasn't happening this year :)

    • +1

      There was a better deal a couple. Of months ago through point hacks, I think it was 75k points with ANZ

  • +3

    Still waiting for my points from previous deal in March. Anyone else in the same boat?

    • I received 75,000 bonus.

    • Still waiting as well

    • +1

      I’ve got my points and cancelled it a week or two ago.
      For others thinking about it, the last deal was a ‘points hack exclusive’ and provided 75k points.

      • How long did it take for you to get the points?

        • Spent in first month - points credited in second month - very quick

        • About a month after spending the money sounds right.

    • Got mine.

    • No, i got them with no wait time too

    • +1

      I'm still waiting for my card from the previous deal!

      They said to contact them, but they changed their processes due to covid and have been a big shambles. Took two months with multiple escalations just to get them to reply (they only call you back now, you can't contact them). Hopeless!

    • I'm still waiting too. Are the points meant to turn up in your Qantas FF account?

    • How the heck did I miss that!!

  • Still qualify If I have a ANZ rewards adventure card?

  • +4

    Not available where you currently hold an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Qantas Points on any of those ANZ Frequent Flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months

    Another 321 days to go…

  • What is worth more, 60k regular anz rewards points or 60k qantas points?

    • ANZ rewards points you could convert to krisflyer.
      3 ANZ Rewards points to 1 Krisflyer Mile
      Check how much krisflyer sells for
      Qantas points sell for 1/1.1c per point so 60k qantas points would be roughly $600

    • Qantas - 1.9c per Qantas point, 0.8c per ANZ point according to Point Hacks.

      • +1

        Valuing Qantas points @ 1.9c is only if you're using it for flights, and even then you only usually get that value if you're upgrading to Business / First Class.

        If you accrue FF points and you're not flying (ie pretty much everyone right now), you can only sell your points for 1c/pt - using your points on gift cards or other purchases normally nets you < 1c/pt. (I've heard that right now points sellers are even willing to accept less than 1c/pt just to offload their points).

  • Any advice/experiences on how long to wait to apply for a CC after getting a mortgage approved and finalised (coincidentally with ANZ too)?

    • +1

      probably call ANZ directly and check

    • Might take a while, you better call them, they mucked up our application during the long wait too

      • Why do you need to wait ? The bank will take the loan commitment into their servicing model to assess your application

    • +2

      I got a new home loan with ANZ - could've applied with the home loan app but decided not to. 6 weeks after settlement I applied for ANZ Black (after lowering my other credit cards to their min credit limit) and was approved. I got my new card last week :) I'm on the breakfree package and it also includes waiving the card fee - I called up planning on doing it but found out I lose my sign up bonus points and cash back and was told I can apply the waiver to the second year if I plan to keep the card.

      • +1

        Thanks for sharing! I am also on the BF package but opted out of the card initially. Glad to know I'll be able to get a few waiver for the second year as well once I decide to pull the trigger.

  • Seeking some advice.
    I understand that when using the card to pay off council rates it doesn't accrue any points as it is affiliated with a government entity. Does anyone know if it still contributes towards the $2500 spend?

    • +1

      Most likely no as it has been the case in the past with similar deals on other banks

      • +1

        Agree. No for bank but yes with Amex.

    • +4

      If possible then use post Bill pay and pay with PayPal. Link card to PayPal. ANZ will just see a PayPal payment, not a council one.

      • It depends what it says on the statement. It's a grey area.

  • No black card deal for more points?

  • +1

    Is there credit card assess hotline back online? Tried to call them for 4 weeks and nobody answered.

  • My nab signature rewards card is about to renew at $395… I noticed this deal doesn’t seem to have the usual 18 month exclusion?

    • 12 months exclusion if you have held ANZ frequent flyer card in the past

  • +2

    whats the best way to get a clean credit report? I'm getting rejected for applying every year,I'm scared to apply to this one. 🤔

    • same here. i have been rejected twice in different years. haven't applied this one yet.

      credit report is available from creditsavvy, illion, experian

      • ive been getting rejected after writing my home loan in online application.I wonder if that's the reason or is it because of applying for many cards…

        • With which back do you have home loan?

        • as long as you keep your credit limit to each card the lowest in order to stretch as many cards as possible.
          This is what I did.
          Other than signature from citibank i got rejected, and refer for platinum which i refused.
          I still got many loves from other merchants.
          FYI, I hold 2 signatures card from different merchants.

  • Black card with $275 waived, ends up being 120k points for $150 https://www.anz.com.au/personal/credit-cards/frequent-flyer/...

    However, I'm not sure I can spend that amount in 3 months, still deciding which one to get.

    • Would Utility bills count towards the spending?

      • if you're able to pay them using your credit card I would say yes

      • Need to check T&Cs. Different banks have different rules, but my experience is that electricity and gas bills normally count, but water and rates bills are considered "government" and are excluded. YMMV.

        • My recent statement had car rego & council rates. All counted(total $ spent = points).

          • @timhn: Definitely possible.

            Again, just in my experience, most cards will include something like the following in the T&Cs:

            "Eligible Transaction means any purchase excluding (but not limited to) Cash Advances, Balance Transfers and government related transactions. Government related transactions include transactions with government or semi-government entities, or relating to services provided by or in connection with government (for example but not limited to transactions made at Australia Post, payments to the Australian Taxation Office, council rates, motor registries, tolls, parking stations and meters, fares on public transport, fines and court related costs)."

            So for me, it's safer not to count that spend towards the minimum, and then if it does, it's a bonus. Obviously it means that you need to manage things a bit more, and potentially "overspend" more than you might otherwise have on a particular card to hit the threshold. However, it beats the dejection of going through the hassle of signing up, logging a credit enquiry, potentially paying a small annual fee, and then missing out on the sign up bonus - waste of time and money.

    • Ended up applying for the black card, hope all goes alright

    • noob here - isn't it $150 back, making it $275 for 100k points? maybe the deal changed since posting your link?

  • +8

    Applied to the black card deal earlier this year, terrible experience.

    Exceeded all requirements and supplied documents from the start.

    No news for a month, when asked, they scheduled a call, some Indian(ish, possibly Pakistan too) call center. Barely spoke English, could not understand basic math, call quality was like talking to a gameboy, but I worked with him politely and supplied further documents.

    No news for another month, I called them up, local lady picked up but told me they couldn't help and I HAD to e-mail them to schedule another call back. 2 weeks later it was the same guy repeating the same gibberish, asking for the same documents all over again. They somehow don't even have a system to keep notes on applicants.

    Over 2.5 months wasted and they really don't give 2 shits about applicants, I e-mailed them to cancel the application altogether. Imagine trying to get customer support in the future? Local support won't even talk to you. So much for "Australia and New Zealand" bank.

    Not a company I would trust with my finances.

    • +1

      Applied the black card earlier this year.
      Also had to give them a call to follow-up, after submitting payslip
      But experience was smooth, pleasant, and they were happy to answer any questions I had (also Indian-ish person who spoke excellent English and was very helpful). Subsequently approved while I was still on the phone with them.

      ANZ is probably one of the best banks out of the big 4 in terms of credit card “deals” and mortgage rates at the moment

    • +1

      I applied for the black card earlier. My experience with ANZ was much more positive. I would have contacted ANZ multiple times throughout the process and they were always helpful and would schedule follow up calls to assist with my inquiries, if they did have an answer during the conversation (sometimes called after business hours).