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ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Visa Bonus 60K Qantas Points (Spend $2,500 in 3 Months) ($0 Annual Fee for 1st Year, $295 after)


60K Qantas Points when you spend $2,500 in 3 Months
0.75 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $3,000 per statement period
0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $3,000 per statement period
Interest rate: 20.24% p.a.
$6,000 minimum credit limit
Interest free up to 55 days
Extended Warranty Insurance
Guaranteed Pricing Scheme
Purchase Protection Insurance
International Travel Insurance
Interstate Flight Inconvenience Insurance
Transit Accident Insurance
Rental Vehicle Excess in Australia Insurance

Not available where you currently hold an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Qantas Points on any of those ANZ Frequent Flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months

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  • Application time for me:
    Applied 10am 11/6/20.
    Submitted 1 payslip straight after application.
    Approval email received same day.

  • the eligible purchase seems quite limited, must expense be spent at below places?

    • Those are places (in your link) you can earn QFF points for shopping there and works similarly to CR or SB cos you have to click through QFF last To earn points (as opposed to cash back).

      Eligible credit card purchases is pretty much anything you buy and excludes interest charges, fees, cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers and transactions for gambling or gaming purposes and reversed or refunded transactions. There are probably other exclusions that I’ve missed so read the T&C booklet here.

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    Applied for blackcard last night, got the email to submit doc - submitted today at 3pm got the call at 545pm and approval over the phone and got the email and sms.

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    Just a warning to those that apply for a supplementary card: the $55 rewards (points) fee applies to BOTH cards as well as the $10 additional card fee. I thought I read the fine print pretty well but somehow missed the second $55 fee. I have the frequent flyer black card but this fee might also apply to the card in this deal. i.e if the fee waiver is only $295 and doesn’t cover the supplementary card. It definitely applies to the frequent flyer platinum cards for the second year if you chose to keep the card.

    Also, I didn’t get my physical card until June 2, and letter of offer was dated May 25 but I got my first statement already for 14 May to 14 June. Yes it was forward dated probably because it lands on a Sunday and they don’t process charges on Sundays. I thought it was very sneaky to do since I have until July 9 to pay.

    The card fees were charged on the last day of the first statement period for those that were wondering.

    • You don’t really need Visa/MC supplementaries, just add the main card into your partners phone and use tapngo.

      • Except so many places still don’t take Apple Pay and there are times it’s more convenient just giving them the second card in their name. Also easier to track purchases since the statement will list which card bought what.

        • Any store that has tap and pay should be able to take Apple Pay. What places still have a machine where you have to insert your card?

          • @kerfuffle: I can tap and pay with card at my local butcher but they won’t accept Apple Pay. There are quite a few small businesses like that in Toowoomba QLD (and in similarly sized and smaller towns).

  • Thanks OP. Received the card on Friday, is there anything suppose to be in the welcome letter regarding the offer? Seems there’s nothing to say that I clicked on the offer

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      can always confirm with customer care. i didn't apply for this offer unfortunately.

    • Yes I am curious about this as well.

      • confirmed with customer care, they can see the offer on their end but wasn't included in the welcome letter

  • Hi,

    I currently own this card and have received the FF points, at what stage can I cancel the card and keep the points? can you cancel before the 1st Paid annual fee?

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      if you have finished doing the 3k spend and received the points in your qantas account, you can cancel it if you like or keep it for now to keep earning qantas
      points for daily spends until another deal comes along.

  • Got my card today. Timely cause I need to pay a 3k bill. Hopefully will get the points quickly!

  • Anyone know when this deal ends?

    • I just had a look through the fine print, it doesn’t say when, just says could be at any time:

      This is a limited time only offer which may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice.

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    I just ran out of patience after multiple harassing calls with repeated requirements from their lovely overseas 'assessment' team - have provided all required documents (ANZ statement with income, payslips, tax returns, notice of assessment etc) - zero result so far. Their consultant can not speak English and can't understand financial basics (asking for everyday expenses in tax return) - just went to AFCA website and fired a complaint asking for financial compensation. If anyone is in the same boat and wants to join, happy to provide details. The situation is really disgusting and those idiots should be financially responsible for their actions

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      Couldn't agree more. Requested more info which I uploaded the same day. Got a call a week later asking if I was going to send it. They then sent me an email that I could just reply to, to re-up the docs again. They then didn't even look at them and I received a call today to "clarify" things, and was told I was being rejected. When pushed as to why, he went through the list as to why, which my documents refuted (3 closed credit cards still showing as open on my credit rating- thanks Amex). Hadn't even looked at the docs. It then took him 10 minuted to download a 782 KB PDF He then asked me if I can check for a message which I open on my phone and says that I'm rejected! I ask why he just couldn't say that and he goes " Oh no, ignore that message there is another one coming say that you have been approved. Why have these donkeys making financial decisions for me when they don't even understand how a Line of Credit works or what a Family Trust is.
      Rant over….I feel better now.

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          Hey everyone remember to follow ANZ complaint resolution process before raising complaint with AFCA.

          AFCA won't accept your complaint until you have raised it directly with ANZ in the first instance.

          I know the process can be frustrating but you have to give them an opportunity to "try and fix the problem".

          Please keep the complaint short and to the point. Remember to make it clear what you expect in return.

          Raise a dispute with ANZ Complaint Resolution Centre
          Phone: 1800 805 154 (8am – 7pm AEST weekdays)
          Mail: ANZ Customer Response Centre
          Locked Bag 4050
          South Melbourne VIC 3205
          Fax: 1800 269 030
          E-mail: [email protected]

          If this fails then you can raise the complaint with ANZ Customer Advocate or the CEO of ANZ directly.

          Then I would recommend raising this complaint AFCA and attached all relevant documentation and emails.

          • @pandadude: I already raised a complaint directly with ANZ, they are useless as well. AFCA is the oly option now

            • @Lado: I feel your pain. ANZ complaints were useless. They rejected me for the Pointhacks deal because I started a new job in February and I was told on the phone that as you have not been at your current employer for 3 months you will get rejected. Was told this by 3 ANZ staff now.

              However on ANZ's website after you submit the application. it says if you have recently started a new job its fine to send them your signed contract (which is pointless, because they will reject you on the basis you haven't been there 3 months).

              I don't think you will have much with AFCA though, as ANZ can pick and choose who they want to lend to and legally don't have to lend you anything. They will just fall back on their terms and say they don't disclose the criteria for assessing applications.

              • -1

                @JHoliday: ANZ should follow their own terms and conditions clearly specified at their own web site. I am currently holding the ANZ Platinum Card (not Frequent Flyer) meeting all criteria, my application was supposed to be pretty straightforward - it was confirmed by local Australian consultant when I spoke to him before applying. ANZ will pay me the hourly rate for the time I spent with their clueless idiots from 'overseas team' on phone instead of doing my job. I've got all written evidences and already succeeded in similar cases with AFCA. We just don't need to tolerate such disgraceful conduct, otherwise we will be living in a third-world country very soon where 'assesment team' can legally ask to provide evidences of everyday expenses in tax return

    • +2

      Agreed. Terrible service.

  • Hi all - they rejected me on the basis my employer is receiving Jobkeeper even though my income isn't affected. Did anyone else have this issue?

    • Yep. I decided to cancel application, they were asking to prove not getting government support.

  • +1

    To all those negs, I applied last week. Got the card in my mail this week and activated. Super fast!

  • Anyone been rejected for the Pointhacks deal but approved for this one if you have only recently started a new job this year?

    Also did anyone put their total credit limit for all credit cards over $15,000 and get approved?

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      I was rejected for point hacks deal, approved for this. Started new job in Feb.

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        Also started a new job in Feb and just got approved today, yay!

  • Will Home insurance count as purchase ?

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    I earn over 6 figures, plenty of cash, shares and property/equity, but got declined for the platinum.
    I had about 6 calls and had to submit so many documents. What a waste of time.

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      Maybe you have a lot of loans?

      • I have 11k credit limit across two cards with nothing owing. 175 k owing on the mortgage. Pretty frustrating as I eeded this card to get a new fridge and washing machine (for the points). First world problems I guess.

        • +1

          I think the problem is the 11k with nothing owing. They don’t look at the balance, but rather look at the limits you have. I always cancel my credit card, then get a closure letter and attach it with my application.

          • @TomGum: I’m waiting for my points to drop on the coles MasterCard before I cancel.

    • One stage of my life, I was earning $80k but I have 4 credit cards with total limit of $68k. Life is weird.

    • I have a mortgage of $800,000 with $795,000 in the offset and yet they still calculated this as me carrying an $800,000 loan. This held up my application for weeks but thankfully I got the all clear today. Next time, I'll just say I have $795,000 in a separate bank account then try to explain what an offset account is to these guys. It was like talking to a three year old.

      • +1

        You should have stated $795k as your savings.

        • Indeed. I know for next time instead of saying I had a $5000 mortgage which they didn’t accept.

          • @Lunarboogie: And make sure you still put $800k as mortgage. Most of financial institutions are now doing monthly credit reporting and they appear on your credit file. If the bank checks the credit file and they find discrepancy in your application, it's an excuse for them to reject the application as you were not being honest in your declaration.

  • Is this the first 3 months or any 3 months?

    • First 3. These introductory bonus offers always start from when you first have the card. The countdown starts ticking when you get approved.

      • @peedee spending at least that limits on or spread across 1st 3 mths

  • -1

    Anyone know when this offer ends?

    • click on the link and read in anz terms. Don't be a lazy ass and start do some reading.

    • ANZ don't specify end date. So can be anytime.

  • Good experience with application process, 3 days for approval 👍

  • With the extended warranty scheme, would it still be valid if I cancel the credit card after the first year? Or would I need to hold the card for the duration of the warranty?

    For example, if I purchase something with 3 years warranty, my understanding is ANZ would extend that for another year. If I were to make a warranty claim in the 4th year, would I still need to have my credit card then?

    • havent held card for that long so cant say. Best to ask bank

    • +1

      The card will need to be active at the time of claiming the warranty.

  • Thanks OP. I am an existing QFF member.
    Applied on 29th June.
    Approved on 30th June.

    Received card on 7th July.

  • Anyone knows when will the bonus points credited and the partial fees refunded upon hitting the spending limit?


    • +1

      Usually credited after 3rd statement. Amex is the only one which credits it immediately on meeting the spend requirement.

      • I've got the bonus points on my 2nd statement - qualified during that month.

        • I qualified during 2nd month, but didn't receive the bonus points as yet.

  • Which of the following deals would be best?

    1. The one OP posted (60k points with no annual fee)
    2. 120k points with $150 net annual fee

    3. 130k points (100k + 30k from Qantas) for $275 net annual fee

    • 3rd one gives you 75 bonus Status Credits if that is something you find useful.
      Remaining 30k points is after you pay 2nd year annual fee.

    • +2

      I'll take 2nd one.
      You basically pay $150 for extra 60k. Not too bad if you just want to cashout by getting $300 WW giftcard. Note this is the worst option compare to exchange for flight/upgrade.

  • has anyone received the bonus points yet? Still yet to receive them after the 2nd statement.

    • you will receive it on 3rd statement

    • got my 120k points on my 2nd statement

  • I received 30K points after my first statement and before my second. Hoping I get the rest of it after the next statement.

  • Does paying for council rates or water bills count towards the expenditure required for the bonus points?

  • Hey guys,

    Just called ANZ about this deal. Looks like they are back to charging Annual fees of $295 again now.
    Giving this card a miss now :(

    • Its $150 AF now after $150 cashback for 75k Qantas points