Anyone Had Fat Dissolving Injections in Double Chin?

I need to get my double chin Removed and thinking of the Fat dissolving injections.

1- is it true that minimum the clinics charge is $1200 ??

2- How many injections do I need ??

3- Are there any clinics in Melbourne that do this under $800 ??

4- My double chin is Fairly Large- how many injections would I need ??

5- I checked some melbourne websites- they do not mention how many injection I need - are there any that give Free quote when they see you first ??


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    Word of warning. The injection will temporarily make your double chin bigger.

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      Triple chin

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        Double chin-> triple chin-> mono chin.

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          Not my chiny chin chin!!

          • @Kangal: I had a friend in high school whose nickname was "the chinless wonder". He went on to have a chin implant. Just goes to show that too much is as bad as too little.

        • i just came here to add: Lee Lin Chin

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    Probably wrong forum - but exercise gealthy eating and all that?

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      Honestly I think the health advice we get in Aus is unhelpful. It's all about whether food is "healthy" or not, and how much exercise you do. We learn that food is all about nutrients, and exercise is about burning calories.
      It makes weight loss seems like this immense undertaking requiring extreme amounts of exercise and a complete upheaval in diet. It's very daunting.

      The real problem is simply that we eat too much. Large portions of anything will make you fat, even if it's fairly "healthy". Ultimately your weight will stabilise to your calorie balance, and gyms barely make a dent in that. Overeating makes you fatter, and doing it often increases your appetite so you keep eating more.

      Luckily the opposite is also true. Regular undereating (calorie deficit) will shed weight, and reduce appetite which makes it easier to sustain in the long term. Even if you eat some junk food.
      I lost 10kg in 2 months simply by eating small, and doing very light exercise (ie 20min walk 3x a day, never even worked up a sweat).

      • This is also my experience.

      • (calorie deficit) will shed weight

        AKA the physics diet. Sciense, biatches, it works!

        I remeber th last thread where all the usual but but but keto / carbs / high fat / paleo etc folk bleated out their usual rubbish.

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        To be fair, the goal of health advice is to make the person/population healthier and losing weight does not necessarily mean its healthy.

        The problem with the modern diet to my understanding, is not that we are eating in large portions but eating food that is too energy-dense. The amount we eat (by volume) doesn't really matter if the energy density is low.

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          To be fair, the goal of health advice is to make the person/population healthier and losing weight does not necessarily mean its healthy.

          Maybe, but given the tight connection between obesity and a whole mess of other problems, maybe there should be more focus on weight loss, before balanced meals. Because it's super easy to eat a more healthy meal, you just have some veges. Doesn't do much if

          The problem with the modern diet to my understanding, is not that we are eating in large portions but eating food that is too energy-dense. The amount we eat (by volume) doesn't really matter if the energy density is low.

          But this goes both ways. High energy density doesn't matter if you don't eat much of it.
          And diets have ALWAYS depended on high calorie density, we wouldn't have civilization without it. That's why we have rice and bread. The trouble is that now we ALSO have abundance, to stuff ourselves with.

          To illustrate this, a kfc zinger stacker burger has 220cal/100gram (my preferred measurement) and their chips have 240.
          These numbers are less than steak (271) and wholemeal bread (247), and about half the density of kinda premium [muesli (450)](].

          But the burger is kinda big, with a total 700cal, about 1/3 of the average daily intake. The real problem is that they sell it in a meal that adds up to over 1kg (might include a drink can) and doubles the total energy. And that messes you up

          My POV comes from living in Japan for a few years. People think they eat healthy food, but there's plenty of junk. It's just all small portions and good eating habits. Many places offer free upsizes because people won't go for the large, unless they are very hungry.
          And now a regular steak at Woolies looks absolutely massive to me.

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      You can be at a healthy BMI and still have double chins. The way your body store fat is determined by your genes. How do you exercise your chin?

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        Chin-ups?? :p bada boom thish …. I'll go sit back in my corner now

  • This is like an episode of High Maintenance, seeing into a world I never knew existed.

  • Any risks?

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    1. Refer to point 3.
    2. 199.5 times.
    3. Refer to point 1.
    4. MS paint or real photo, and back to point 2.
    5. Best ask Whirlpool forum for free quote.
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    You could try eating healthily and exercising? Otherwise probably better to just call the butcher surgeon who would do the work, I'm sure they have better answers than Australia's top non-insured crash advice forum.

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    Talk to actual medical professional not online cheapasses?

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    ms paint diagram of chin pls

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    Just grow a beard, the double chin gets hidden..

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      Hhmmm, nice looking on a fat chick !

      • Let's not be judgemental now.

        • Even if it's a positive judgement?

      • How do you know the OP is a chick?

  • how the hell does the fat just dissove? and how does the fat not go back to that region?

    Sounds risky

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      how the hell does the fat just dissove?

      I'm guessing the active ingredient in those injections are an acid , possibly a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which is found in bile. It breaks down the fat , the same way bile in your digestive system breaks down the fat in your food.

      how does the fat not go back to that region?

      It does. You'll probably need more than one injection to maintain the result.

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    Why not suck the fat out of the surplus chin? (Liposuction).

    Seems counterintuitive to shove more stuff in….

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    I highly recommend the Victoria Cosmetic Institute, they have several branches, highly trained and professional in all aspects of cosmetic work.

    Here is a link to their thorough write up on chin fat dissolving injections and pricing ($500 per session, 2-3 recommended for optimal results.

    Hope this helps.

    • Be careful going to a cosmetic Doctor rather than a Plastic Surgeon. Do your research into how they were trained etc.

    • Quoting from your link ….

      "Despite the advent of non-surgical methods for fat removal, liposuction still remains the gold standard treatment. The fat is more definitely removed rather than relying on the slower process of fat cell destruction with injections. It is also possible with liposuction to measure the exact amount of fat removed. Also, during the procedure, the thickness of the skin and fat can be assessed to see if enough has been removed. With fat-dissolving injections, it is not possible to predetermine the amount of fat that will be removed in each case"

      • Yes your post & Gordons have a point - I actually tried Lipo- more than 10 years ago - unfortunately half way through the procedure the Local Anesthetic stopped working - either because he used Not enough or a cheap one.
        At that time was about $2600 maybe 12 years + ago- at the time I had quotes from cosmetic Doctors who quoted - the Lipo at $9000 for being under general Anesthetic( asleep) - reason being they would have to pay a Professional Anesthetist through the procedure. Im just seeking any alternatives to the Lipo.
        It appears it is almost Impossible to find anyone here to find someone thats had either one of these procedures - Unless all or some Melbourne TV celebrities get on here.

        Good luck trying to tell apart cosmetic Doctor from a Plastic Surgeon. In Melbourne we have had alot of Fraudsters from Medical Professions claiming to be anything they want with Fake or forged Diplomas.

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          It’s not hard to check AHPRA. It’ll tell you if they have specialist qualifications.

        • "Good luck trying to tell apart cosmetic Doctor from a Plastic Surgeon"

          No luck required ….

          FYI: We have professional associations in Australia. One is "Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons" who will provide you with a list of recommended surgeons.

        • "half way through the procedure the Local Anesthetic stopped working"

          Did you ask for more anaesthetic to compensate?

          If not why not?

          I would have screamed out the request.

          Maybe you're more pain tolerant than I am …..

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    I don't understand, stop eating junk food, replace it with meat and veges, and lose all your weight! Don't even bother with gyms, maybe a few walks a weeks and bam, problem solved.

    It's not rocket science, or just carry on with your garbage lifestyle and get used to your double chin and die young, sad but it's your choice

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    A double chin isn't something you can fix with healthy eating and exercise. It's mostly genetic and age. You might be able to reduce the appearance of it by losing some weight but it'll always be there, albeit a little smaller. They're like man boobs. At my healthiest I was 5'10 and 72kg and I still had an annoying double chin that showed itself with the slightest downward tilt of my chin.

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      What's the double chin made up of? If it's excess skin then you need surgery, if you haven't been 200kg's previously then it's just fat, lose a few more kg's. Of all the diseases of the world, obesity is most laughable, genetics are irrelevant, stop eating like a hippo

  • HUH? Injections?

    Why not just suck out the fat with a liposuction procedure for instant results?

    Any plastic surgeion can do it for you.

  • Here is a liposuction clinic in Sydney (One of many)

    By the way it's a minor porocedure done with local anaesthetic and no hospitalisation, so you can get up and leave straight away.

    Don't do the injections, the chemicals could be harmful long term.

  • Here's a video of a liposuction procedure … trust me, I'd rather have fat sucked out than have some chemical injected.

    I actually had liposuction on my tummy under local anaesthetic, and the results were outstanding & long lasting.

    • do you remember how much you paid ??

      • "do you remember how much you paid ??"

        Not exactly, probably about $1000 or less, probably less, but I went to a cheap weekend surgeon working from a home surgery in Sydney.

        I also paid about $1000 or less for a chin liposuction in Hawaii many years ago and the excellent results are still obvious.
        The procedure was relatively short and painless under a local anaesthetic.
        I was up and about straight after with no serious after effects.

  • And here is a video of chin liposuction before and after ….

  • This plastic surgeon advises against injections and explains why …

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    You do it by diet and exercise.
    The amount you save in food will enable you to see the world.
    By exercise, you gain the power of self worth and sense of achievement.

    chin up

  • Please let me know how you go, I've been looking at the procedures for a while but not yet committed as unsure what is the best option. I am a petite person (BMI of 21) but have a stubborn pad of fat under the chin that I think would respond well to the treatment, it persists despite being slim otherwise. The people with naturally defined jawlines don't know how good they have it!

    The dissolving one (called kybella in the USA) via injection is a few thousand per treatment and you need a few treatments, but is very targeted. Each procedure makes you puff up and is meant to be quite painful. Belkyra is the aussie name and apparently it comes up on groupon sometimes.

    Cryolyposis (or freezing it - my spelling is off) is the cheapest option but your neck/chin fat has to fit into their particularly shaped freezing device, not everyone is a good candidate. It can also go wrong and you have to get it fixed (it turns the fat into like a stick of butter under your skin,

    Liposuction scares people off as it is perceived as more invasive but is very targeted. Pricier option but gets it done in one hit, unlike the needles which are months apart.

    There are some great before and after photos online but from what I can tell, not all procedures suit all neck types. As other posters have mentioned, you want someone appropriately qualified doing any sort of procedure.

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      Surgery to remove fat seems a bit unnecessary, losing weight with minor diet changes will save you money, time, improve your lifestyle and avoid silly surgeries

  • Please STAY on the Topic - I had to delete & Block more than 30 comments !!
    If U change the subject I will delete it !!!

  • My sister had hers done in November 2020 and its still at large no offence to her but spending $2.2k on this to have no change was a bust for her and set her into a really bad mood

    • Baemigo - if it was removed surgically it take 3 months minimum to go down- but with injections I do not believe that there would be any swelling !!!

      Are u in the U.S or Australia ?? I see on the U.S shows alot more professionalism for these type of cosmetics. As one of the posts said - we need to be careful - which Person you go to - Most Doctors in Australia would be against such procedure .

      • I'm in NSW Australia. Injections had crazy swelling like it looked like double or triple the size and my sister was told that was normal. I'm trying Cryolipolysis (cool sculpting) tomorrow and if that can help me I'll pass it onto my sister to try. I got mine for a third of the price using cash rewards and groupon. I'll be doing the lower abdomen and love handles which have always been a problem for me

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